Ostwalds process reactions.wmv

Boswell's process

okay this is used for manufacture of

nitric acid that is a chino 3 now

starting system a substance that is used

in osmosis process is ammonia that is

nh3 now this is oxidized under special

conditions with platinum used as a

catalyst the temperature that is

maintained is 800 degree Celsius in

these conditions it forms in oh that's

nitric oxide plus water okay we will see

the balancing of equation later

now the nitric acid in the next step

will be oxidized using oxygen the

temperature maintained is 50 degree

Celsius will be oxidized to no.2 that's

nitrogen dioxides now in the last step

nitrogen dioxides along with one more

oxygen molecule plus water molecules

will give us nitric acid that is hno3

okay now we will just take the balancing

of this equations now first of all we

start hydrogen over here is 3 and on the

right side hydrogen is 2 so I multiply

this by 3 I multiply this by 2 in order

to balance hydrogen to 3s are six and

three twos are six but now over here the

oxygen atom that is there becomes an odd

number so which has to be converted into

even number so I make this 6 so 6 2 is a

12 hydrogen and here I make four threes

a 12 hydrogen for nitrogen are there

make this 4 so now we can count oxygen

atoms 4 over here and 6 over here that

is 10

I multiply this by 5 and oxygen is also

balanced second equation is very easy to

balance you just multiply this by 2 and

2 now the last equation we start with

hydrogen here two hydrogen's are there

multiply this by two okay

now this makes oxygen six now here again

same thing is there oxygen on the left

side is an odd number at h2 so I

multiply this by two and make hydrogen

for simultaneously making oxygen into an

even number so now four hydrogen's are

there so make this four hydrogen for

nitrogen are there make four nitrogen

count oxygen atoms this is 4 to the

eighth two oxygen over here and two

oxygen over here that is 12 and four

threes are 12 so all the steps of the

oswald's process in order to manufacture

nitric acids in the first step ammonia

is oxidized in presence of platinum at

800 degree Celsius this is catalytic

oxidation it produces nitric oxide and

porter nitric oxide is further oxidized

to nitrogen dioxide and in the last step

okay along with presence of oxygen

molecule with water molecule it combines

to produce nitric