hi everyone welcome back to my channel

in today's video I am going to be

talking about a skincare brand called

the ordinary these are an affordable

brand which have recently come to light

they've been around for a while the bio

company DCM and I want to investigate

them because they're so cheap I have

been using

escape artists I've been using a number

of their skincare products for a couple

of months now and I love them so I asked

them simply why are they so cheap I also

did some research online to help you

understand why they're so cheap and for

my understanding too because I want this

video to be accurate and down to the

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videos I'm going to get straight into it

so yesterday I sent DCM a message on

Instagram to ask them the simple

question of why they are so cheap and

I'm going to talk through their message

and kind of explain each point okay so

I'll put the message up on the screen

this is what I said to them I said hey

I'm curious as I've been using the

ordinary products for a few months now

and I love them why are they so cheap

their response was very complex I think

I understand what they mean by their

response some of the words I'm not going

to be able to actually pronounce but

from what I understand is their main

focus on each of their products is the

chemicals inside the products a lot of

companies spend thousands and thousands

and millions on branding marketing

packaging and the ordinary do not for

example if you see this right here

it's very simple and plain which makes

the product a lot cheaper to make and

sell so they used one of the products as

an example I cannot pronounce this right

I've been trying all afternoon so I'm

just going to say a product example of

this cost under $10 per kilogram and to

the cost of materials for this product

is under $1 per item so they focus in on

the ingredients inside the product which

makes it a lot cheaper to put together

and sell to us on to the packaging and

branding they keep everything very

simplistic it's very plain and simple it

has how to use and the ingredients on

and that is it even when it comes to

their glass bottle products with

it's very simple and put together

because all it has is how to use and the

ingredients and a simple branding on the

front and the back they range from

skincare to they range from different

things such as skincare solutions serums

and even things like foundation so they

don't stop at just one product but

although their main most famous product

is the peeling solution this is what

brought my attention to the brand

because I heard it's really good for

acne scarring and clearing up any dead

skin on your face so when I went to buy

this I saw how cheap this was which made

me buy a lot more they they don't put

thousands of pounds into marketing which

costs a lot of companies millions every

year as I just said earlier such as

billboards brand campaigns and that kind

of thing obviously no brand can start

with zero money they are a off chain

brown from the company DCM so when I did

some research online to see if there's

any more points I could make because

else this video would be so sure and I

really wanted to get right in there and

find out why this company is so cheap

had a look on many forums I watched

other YouTube videos just just kind of

get an understanding on what is one

what's going on so so the first point

that was made on a lot of the forums was

that the ordinary focus their products

on active ingredients only I had to look

into this as I wasn't sure what that

meant so for example the active

ingredient in this product would be the

retinol and in this is retinol and then

a couple of an ingredients and that is

it so what I assume they do is buy the

product active ingredients in bulk and

then it costs a lot less to put out and

to sell and then other items like that

oils literally have the oil and then one

of our ingredient in so it's really

cheap to combine and sell because there

are literally no other ingredients in

their items whereas a lot of like brands

do just chuck together a lot of things

in one item even though they don't need

it so by focusing in simply on what the

brand needs in each item it makes it a

lot cheaper for the company itself and

then on again to marketing a lot of big

selling skincare and makeup brands but

lot of money into marketing brand

campaigns on Instagram and things like


advertisements and all of that costs

brands and companies a lot of money too

out there because that is the whole

point they want to reach thousands of

people so that people come and buy the

products whereas the ordinary do not do

that they have literally no marketing

when it comes to their company it's all

just based off the fact that they

already have one big company and then

it's quite of mouth from there they also

don't do things like anti-aging and

things that like market to singular

people so all their products are for

anyone and everyone and they don't have

any selling points which makes the brand

are really different I think because a

lot of things say like anti-aging or

like dry skin or combination skin

whereas these legit just say what they

are on the front of the item and that is


so where do all the costs go literally

all of the costs for the brand and the

company goes into the item itself the

ingredient testing and product testing

for the companies in their factories and

cosmetic labs this also includes

producing the items - I have to say one

thing I really like about this brand is

how simple it is so the fact that this

is one of the reasons why they are so

affordable it's actually quite like

funny to me because I think the simple

packaging drew me and more because it

looked more it looks more professional

in like clinical which is literally a

reason I started buying their items so

if you're wondering what items I use to

keep my skin clear and ready for


I'm going to talk through now each item

that I use how often I use it and my

skincare routine so every morning

without fail I will use their

moisturiser and their Buffett

I call it Buffett but it is spelt like

Buffet but I'm not sure what like is

going on with that

so this is a serum and then this is just

the book standard moisturizer but it is

the best it sinks into the skin it's not

Joey and you can buy makeup on top of it

which is something that I think is

really important when it comes to

moisturizer and then the serum it's also

really good I use both of these before

and after makeup and makeup removal

after those have dried and if I'm

wearing makeup that day I will use their

primer which is really good again sinks

into the skin but doesn't make your

makeup run or make it feel like it's

gonna fall off your face because they

aren't for

any type of skin they're just for anyone

and everyone they don't actually have a

specific like this is for this type of

person skin which i think is really good

because they've marketed their product

for everybody it is the high adherence

blurring surface smoother and primer and

it is really good it does blur the pores

and I love using it coming now into my

evening routine some of these products I

use every day and some of them I use

once a week so the one I use every day

is the vitamin C suspension this is

really good for uneven skin and then

signs of aging so it's really good for

like wrinkles and kind of like slowing

that down making you feel a little bit

younger making your skin feel a lot

healthier because it gets rid of all

that dead crap off your face I found

this item was really good for like my

city skincare routine because it got rid

of all the dead rubbish in my pores and

it feels amazing after you've had this

on the next day I remember the first

time I used it thinking and then my

wants a weekers so I've got the peeling

solution and the retinol this is the 5%

one so it's quite strong if you are new

to the ordinary I would suggest the one

that's a little bit lower than this I

think it's either the 2.5 or 3% I can't

quite remember but I will link every

product that I talked about today down

below I've also got lots of skincare

routines on my youtube channel before

and on my Instagram too so this one here

I use once a week because it targets

dead skin again and it's kind of like

gets rid of everything that is not meant

to be there so this is for like textural

issues so I have quite blotchy patchy

skin and this really helps even that

back out as you can see I mean natural

lighting right now no lights above me or

anything like that so you can see my

skin I'll also do a close-up of my face

for you in a second and then onto the

peeling solution this is the bright red

famous product that I think everybody

knows about it is incredible it's

something that like when you first put

on you do not expect it to do what it


so you apply to your face like a face

mask and leave it off up to 15 minutes

the first time you use it they do

recommend you only apply it for 10

minutes I just went for wammy I don't

know why it didn't do anything to my

skin but if you have sensitive skin I

would be careful when using

their chemical solutions because they

are quite strong and new to the face but

if you're young you should be okay but I

don't want to put things out there in

case anyone gets hurt or anything like


so this came up not professional so this

is the peeling solution I use this once

a week in fact I'm going to be using it

this evening some of the products you

should only use in the evening because

it protects your skin from the vitamin D

the Sun if anyone didn't get that so it

can make you get sunburned quite easily

so some of them do have on the side

preferably use in the PM so you have an

AM and PM routine and it says it on the

box is to help you with that

so this targets luck buster tune and I

will put what that means here because I

need to do some research on that and

that is my whole skincare routine and

that is why DCM and the ordinary are so

cheap and affordable if you want to buy

the items I spoke about today I'll link

them down below I hope you enjoyed

today's video and if you did give it a

thumbs up and I'll see you again soon