Florida State Flower – The Orange Blossom.


botanical name citrus sciences year

adopted 1909 big blue April to June

history because of the orange blossoms

ability to both fare flowers and produce

fruit they were popular with Victorian

era brides as a symbol of fertility fun


orange oil is an effective grease cutter

and has become popular as an ingredient

in some popular commercial cleaners

Florida State flower the orange blossoms

when people think of Florida they

conjure up images of sunshine beaches

and Florida oranges so it may come as no

surprise that the state flower of

Florida is none other than the orange

blossom the flower of the orange fruit

tree Florida is the largest producer of

oranges in the United States each spring


countless flowering orange blossoms

fills the air in parts of central and

southern Florida the orange tree is an

evergreen that reaches heights of 20 30

feet and grows in full Sun and sandy

soil it drives in Florida thanks to its

climate and typically abundant rainfall

the tree flowers in spring producing

white orange blossoms that are made up

of five lakh sea petals and give off a

sweet fragrant scent months after the

arrival of explosives the orange tree

bears its fruit which is commonly called

the sweet or navel orange the arrival of

the orange blossom symbolizes a cause

for Floridians to celebrate in Davie a

small town north of Miami flower lovers

celebrate the arrival of the Florida

State flower with the orange blossom

festival the three-day rodeo and music

event celebrates Florida's agricultural

history orange blossom sea

has long been associated with good times

from 1925 to 1953

a passenger train named the orange

blossom special brought well-to-do

vacationers to sunny Florida from New

York winding its way from Jacksonville

to Miami in the wintertime only a

section of the Train direct to Tampa and

st. Petersburg dropping winter weary

passengers off at resorts for

restorative vacations beyond its

attractiveness and romantic image

Florida's state flower is also

commercially valuable products made from

the flowers include an essential oil

that is sometimes used in natural skin

care products and in aromatherapy

honeybees make a favorite product from

the flower orange blossom honey it's

orange flavor and mild taste make it a

popular treat tree