DNM Cheap Dropper post unboxing and review

Today we're reviewing the D&M dropper post. You've probably been looking to get one and

this is going to be an endorsement. I was very impressed with the build quality

from the very start

I am when I got the box in the mail I couldn't believe how lightweight it was

and the I thought they might have even shipped me the wrong thing

The packaging and the instructions were not

really the best in the world, but I mean we're talking about

an entry-level dropper post here so I wasn't surprised. For instance, it doesn't tell you

how to mount the switch.

If you're installing this yourself you'll need a suspension-specific pump

to set the pressure. If you try to use a normal pump

then.. you know... good luck with that.

Like I said it doesn't show how to mount the switch, but I mounted mine like this

If it turns out out to be wrong I'll be embarrassed at the trails and just

flip it back around the right way.

I routed the cables

inside the frame because I have a spot for internal cable routing, but you can just

tape it to the side or whatever.

When you're choosing the length of the cable housing make sure you have the seat up.

Here. I'm using a cable housing cutter, but

you'll probably use scissors or a knife or something because you don't have any tools.

But that's okay. They give you little guide

to run be cable housing up the

seat post. just

feed the cable through

They give you this little tiny allen bolt

to secure the cable in at the end

then you want to cut the cable to size you know with your scissors or your teeth

or whatever you decide to use.

Here I'm using crimpers to put the end on there but

you'll probably end up using a channel lock or pliers or something. I should hope by now

you know how to install a saddle.

if you've gotten this far somehow and you don't know how to install a saddle


you know... I don't know what to tell you. You should probably

bring it to a bike shop right away. Looks pretty sweet right?

I tested it and it didn't really work right. It didn't go all the way

up smoothly.

What I found out is that when I filled it up with the suspension pump

a bunch of air burped out while removing it.

Like...really a LOT of air came out. So the next time I

pumped up a lot more, and took the thing off really quick and smoothly.

The next time it worked fine.

Let's take it for a ride.

Drop the post and do something erratic. Pop it back up.

Here's the drop...

There's the dick move... then it goes back up

So anyway the verdict is that I love this thing.

Super solid all around, super lightweight and didn't break the bank. I left the link in

the description below

where I got it at Amazon. Pretty much the cheapest place I could find.

You won't regret it!