World's HOTTEST One Chip - Challenge Part 2 (Severe)

what's up YouTube so death came to my

door the other day and surprised me with

a package package appreciate it see you

later Tracy yeah this is the package

here shadows the pock we this box

contains the hottest chip in the world

I've done this before it wasn't the

greatest thing in the world and I am

very scared to do this but let's check

out this package real quick so has a

very own letter here warning the reaper

has returned and has chosen you to feel

the wrath of the world's hottest chip

the world's hottest ship so let's open

some of these these are some blue things

so they gave me this hourglass I'm

assuming this hourglass is the time I

have to survive without drinking milk or

anything to calm down the spiciness I'm

gonna tell you this I'm gonna lose

already so I might as well try it out

and this is how much milk I have I guess

that's not a lot but I'm probably gonna

drink a lot of milk and it comes with a

special ball here let's see what it has

to say magic ball of death am I going to

be okay

it says outlook terrible do you dare

that's cool and all let's open this

little area here all right so we have

three bags of chips I guess we can work

our way to the spiciest chip ever as you

can see we have like little spice meters

this one's not spicy this one is super

hot super hot and this one is freaking

hot and I guess last but not least I'm

pretty sure this middle one contains the

spiciest chip ever and this is my trophy

if I win and if I beat the challenge

let's open this up

oh this is the spiciest trip in the

world so do me a favor give this video a

big thumbs up I need as many as possible

for me to survive this video also follow

me on instagram at guava just send your

condolences after this video please

that's it

is there anything else on this box all

right let's pretty much it now are you

ready for the one-chip challenge we're

gonna start from least by seat all the

way to spicy sauce st salsa verde damn

fiery chili and let moon haunted ghost

pepper and the one chip challenge let's

try this one first let's see if this is

good let's see if it's not good here we

go oh good hmm bears I'm a very zesty

okay spice level and adequate none

nothing boom moving on this one is a

super hot spicy one okay let's keep it

that - really spicy sorry guys I'm just

stalling because I don't want to do this

challenge at all it's been here for like

the past like two months so I mean

alright whatever here we go


oh just one good catches like Cheetara

it's like really like it's flavorful

which is really cool

spice level it's there but it's not

enough because I can handle it

I guess we're moving on we're moving on

really quickly and next up we have the

haunted ghost pepper bag okay it says

freaking hot this place is freaking hot

so let's do this thing

let's see if it's really hot ghost

peppers have the Scoville of like two

million or something like a

millionaire's on the I've out the higher

the Scoville the spice you're the food

this is really spicy


it's kind of weird but it's very spicy

do you feel all the spice but at the

same time is very flavorful which is

very confusing this video is not

sponsored by the way this is my critique

on all these things that's that's

surprisingly I can handle it

it's a little spicy but pretty good all

right now the moment you've all been

waiting for

the one ship challenge right over here

here's some cinematics

all right here we go let us unbox this

chip all right so it comes in this

little package here and I open it up for

you oh I can feel a heat it's gonna make

sure I don't touch my oh what the world

last time I tried this it wasn't this

color what is that

that's crazy yo oh I smell it all right

I already know I already know there's

like a lot of scorpion flakes and like

Carolina Reaper flakes and all those

good flakes and I just want frosted

flakes right now this is not with flakes

like water man man all right

the thing is I've done this before and I

know what it feels like let's try to

complete this challenge here's my milk

it's just a timer here we go this is the

one chip challenge

my name is guava juice and this is the

one chip challenge here we go 3 2 1

this thing is moving slow slow ma'am

I was bit uh it's now is just stuck in

my bum

I can't why is that moving so slow I


can't do it I can't do it


yo no joke bro this is no dope

this child is no joke man

it gets harder - harder


hmm get anybody really bad we're good


nothing is helping


nothing is helping I really


do we have lime


I can't bro the more I speak to our

heads so I'm trying to limit all my

words cuz it hurts okay


go walk outside


this is so bad dude

it's getting a little bitter but it

still hurts so bad



I think it's been about like seven


there's no about seven minutes it's a

little better but it's still like it's

still in my mouth

luckily we have these it's called

miracle berries it's supposed to turn

everything that spicy into a sweet

flavor so hopefully this will work

hopefully it works so it comes on these

little little tiny pills like that there

we go let's try out


come on miracle berries nope it's not

working at all


now work at all okay maybe these Isis

would help mmm



oh right so the ice is working a little



we're getting cold oh I could talk a

little bit now okay so as you can see as

you saw that was a really horrible

experience okay no none of it was

overdramatized romantic it's really that

painful y'all so would you do this I

suggest you not to do it


the best thing to do right now it's like

to rub your whole entire lips with ice

and your whole mouth code it would like

: this I think that's the best thing you

could do it or I could do right what am

I saying you yeah that one where it's

about uh like 30 minutes it takes 30

minutes to recovery so I'm feeling okay

now I don't need any ice or anything

really the best way to recover if you

want to do this challenge take some milk

and sniff it be crazy