Why is the NRA so powerful?

the surest way to stop a bad guy with a

gun is a good guy with a gun thank you

we will be judged not by what we say but

by what we do the truth is they want to

ban every gun in America it's just not

politically savvy to admit it


Hilary Clinton could take away her right

to self-defense

senator Rubio can you tell me right now

that you will not accept a single

donation from the NRA we will stand and

fight against any sure to fail form of

government gun control

their solution is to make you all of you

less free

as jefe you are so afraid of the NRA but

sometimes we're gonna have to be very

tough or we're gonna have to fight them

a very best strategy to harden their

schools including effective trained

armed security where a teacher would

have a concealed gun on them they go for

special training