How Did the Nobel Prize Become So Important? | Explainer


for some they are the pinnacle of

recognition for others the week of

Western bias and sexism so who will win

this year's awards and can serve as a

testament to a life's work as a trinket

given out at the wrong time how I

expected to wake up this morning so how

did the Nobel Prize become such an

important award Alfred Nobel against the

wishes of his family wanted to give the

largest share of his fortune to a series

of prizes for people who excelled in

physics chemistry medicine literature

and advocating peace so since 1901 the

prizes are given to people and

organizations whose work has led to

great advances for mankind as was the

wish of Nobel the Nobel Prize has been

awarded five hundred and ninety times to

more than 900 Nobel laureates in 27

organizations there have been multiple

winners - such as the two-time

co-winners American physicist John

Bardeen and Polish scientist Marie Curie

and organizations like the International

Committee of the Red Cross and the

United Nations High Commissioner for

Refugees some winners were in prison

like German pacifists and journalists

Karl von etske in 1935 Burmese

politician ansan su Chi in 1991 and

Chinese human rights activist Leo Chabot

in 2010 there's usually a delay between

a scientific discovery and the time of

receiving the award which varies from 20

to 30 years depending on the award

category winners get a diploma medal and

a cash award of over 1 million dollars

the youngest winner is Malala yousafzai

who was 17 when she won the Nobel Peace

Prize an American scientist Arthur

Ashkan is the oldest at 96

who are the judges and as well Nobel

nominated stall combs Karolinska

Institute for giving the Nobel Prize in

Physiology or medicine the Royal Swedish

Academy of Sciences for the Nobel Prize

in Chemistry and the Swedish Academy for

the Prize in Literature strangely he

nominated a panel selected by the

Parliament of neighboring Norway to give

away the Peace Prize and how do you win

a Nobel there's high-level secrecy

around the awarding of the prizes and

the judges are prohibited from

discussing any nominations who didn't

win for 50 years however many winners

and Parliament's Lobby the Nobel

Committee on behalf of their favorites

but nominations do not ensure success as

leaves a Meitner who split the atom

knows she was nominated 29 times but

never won once or India's Mahatma Gandhi

who was nominated five times but never

won the award the Nobel Committee later

admitted that was the greatest omission

in our hundred and six year history the

Peace Prize is the most political one

when the then US Secretary of State

Henry Kissinger was awarded the prize in

1973 to committee members resigned in

protest as Kissinger famously ordered a

bombing raid in Vietnam while

negotiating a ceasefire and recently the

Nobel Committee came under fire for not

rescinding sue Chi's noble after her

failure to stop the genocide of Rohingya

Muslims by Myanmar's military