Here's Why Nintendo Switch Cost $500 Right Now

hey folks uh this is an interesting

video because I don't know a way to

approach this that makes people look a

little not scummy those who don't know

at least in the United States this isn't

legal in every contribution in the

United States it is illegal to buy a

product and resell a product so as an

example I could buy this our family

sparkling mix very water and assuming it

was sealed or whatever I could resell it

and that it being in the state it is now

I technically could resell it if someone

was willing to buy it and that's the

case with technology I could I could buy

this phone resell it even if for effort

it's used all that jazz is perfectly

legal in the United States and what

happens in a time like we are facing

today where there's a worldwide pandemic

and there's shortages on a lot of things

is that people take advantage of the

situation to buy out the already limited

available stock of things to resell them

for a higher value and this is happening

with the Nintendo switch in particular

it's not as prevalent with the

PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one because

there seemed to be more stock of that

because I guess most people that want

one usually have one at this point

whereas there is still high demand for

switch especially a wake of animal

crossing coming out so we're sitting

here wondering what is exactly happening

now there was a man a while ago I don't

know how many people saw the story there

was a guy who bought up all the hand

sanitizer in a given area and then tried

to resell it and then was shut down

because well I mean that's just a really

scummy thing to do and hand sanitizers

obviously considered a much bigger

essential then say the switch but what's

happening is there's a free app or a

free program you can download on your

computer that when you run it it all

just check the internet for available

switches at various retailers and buy it

assuming that you have you know credit

card information or whatever entered in

and then yeah there you go you have a

switch this sounds like a great tool for

those of us that want to get a legit

switch but it actually was created as

kind of a byproduct of the group of

friends that wanted to make it easier to

buy and lease

sell switches and now that app is freely

available basically scalpers are using

it like crazy to buy up all the

available stock of switch and resell it

and the sad thing is it's working so

here's the original story as I have seen

it at Nintendo life so it says you know

there's a new open-source tool in the

market this is partly responsible for

the current antenna switch shortages

when you get down to it this person said

I decided to make it as a joke but I

quickly realized just how powerful it

could be me and my friends were talking

about reselling intend to switches and

at one point my friend named nickname

bird told me I should make a bot in here

we are today and so it's at least

partially responsible and making it much

easier to sculpt but the crazy thing is

that people are buying these sculpts

switches and buying them at insane

markups so let's just take a look at

what's actually selling on eBay not just

what things are listed for what they're

selling at because this is insane and

it's easy to track on eBay because it

does tell you how many of this item has

sold if a person selling more than one

so as you can see here this this

particular user is selling the Nintendo

switch light grey yellow turquoise etc

and they're selling it at about an 80 to

90 dollar markup depending on the color

and he sold 78 of them at that price the

switch light actually has the smallest

markup because the demand for the switch

light in the United States is not as

strong as it is for the normal switch

but still that is a markup for at least

it's a brand new unit you'll see later

the used units are selling for the same

prices here is a new this is supposedly

based on the picture the original you

know joy conker a Gamestop certified so

this is essentially refurbished switches

that people are buying from Gamestop

like literally buying from Gamestop and

selling at 429 dollars plus 14 dollars

and 40 cents in shipping they've sold 16

of those so far at that price that is

insane moving on down you're seen a

completely used switch here selling at

41521 people watching it no one's

actually bought it yet here you see the

switch light again with the various

colors selling at 280

$4.99 with 460 plus of them sold that's

a lot we're seeing a switch light it has

a bid right now that's basically already

up to what retail pricing is so the bids

probably gonna be going higher than that

it just started it's the six days left

so yeah that's gonna sell for much more

than 200 you're seeing here a bundle

which might be worth 700 I don't know

probably not probably you switch that

someone's trying to resell for quite a

chunk of money use another one you know

400 that's a use which it comes with

Odyssey at least but people are trying

to get that at a much higher rating 265

on this switch light or best offer so

it's it's out of the box usually if a

products out of the box it's considered

used that lowers the value a little bit

but still selling it higher than retail

value you know 380 this is maybe one of

the better things I've seen however you

know again it's used so it is what it is

you have seven people watching this 480

dollar one this is the new model with a

better battery life for 25 down here 459

with 26 of them sold and almost gone so

he probably only has a couple left in

the stock at that price which is just

insane to me you know this one's still

getting bids it has eight bids and it

took the 340 bucks already on the bids

so again $40.00 I had a retail value

this one's you know $70 I had a retail

value you you no more switch lights 8

sold it just goes on and on and on like

this most of the switches selling the

normal switches selling you know between

400 and 500 dollars switch lights is

between 250 and 300 you'll see some that

that are that are quite a bit higher I

believe if the animal crossing bundle

pops up here I think that's going for

like 700 I don't know how many are

actually selling at that price but

obviously that's an even harder unique

system to get in fact let's just

actually look up the animal crossing

switch here and just just take a glance

if any of actually sold at that price

and you know which would require a

seller having more

one I mean 760 dollars 776 of them sold

this is the last one he has he has sold

76 of these animal crossing bundles

which were $300 by the way they don't

even come with the game there's $300 76

of them and he sold them at seven

hundred and fifty nine dollars that is

what what like in that's more than

double what he paid that's an insane

profit margin and people are buying it

people are spending this kind of money

on this and it's a sweet system and it

might never come back in stock again and

that's it's insane to me like here's one

that's at least it's on a bidding system

though so it's at five twenty right now

but you know who knows where it's gonna

end up at this one's new 650 last one he

has you know I guess it's a little bit

cheaper but not much 700 you know 17

bits on this one for 540 you kind of you

kind of get the point it's going for an

insane amount of money

I mean 29er this one so this one's a

little bit cheaper twenty-nine at this

one sold at 620 just insane what what is

happening with the Nintendo switch in

the current marketplace and I point all

this out because I don't know what we as

consumers are really gonna be able to do

about it right now when Nintendo's not

able to make enough switches to satisfy

demand this is gonna open up things to

the scalping market and it's just an

unfortunate reality of being in kind of

a capitalist country in a capitalist

society in general for a large part of

the world is that people are gonna take

advantage of these pandemics and people

are gonna be willing to spend the money

they're giving their stimulus checks

here in the US it might be like oh

whatever this is free money I might as

well just go buy one of these switches

off of ebay cuz I really want one I

really want to start playing switch

games and then I know there's some

people out there that also have the

opposing attitude that if you wanted to

switch you should have got one you know

a year ago or two years ago and I I

think that's an invalid argument because

you don't know people's financial

situations you don't know the personal

desires maybe there weren't games out

they wanted to play but now there are

games they want to play and obviously

we're dealing with a situation where

people didn't have to

necessarily to game that they do now

with so many people out of work I think

unemployment rates are over 11 million

people in the u.s. now maybe it's up to

15 I'm not sure it seems to be rising

every single day and even the people

that are working a lot of them are

working from home only able to work part

time they can't do their full job so

they have even more time to waste and

you know it's a lockdown and everything

people have time to game now that the

normally one and so it would make sense

it right now they're kind of looking at

hey what are our gaming options and

what's the hot system the hot system is

switch you know why pick up a

PlayStation 4 and Xbox one right now

when you know PlayStation 5 and the Xbox

Series X are coming like why not just

wait on that and instead by a current

system that's still getting new games

just had a hot release I'd argue another

big you know free-to-play release coming

out in Java it's coming as well and

consumers are just kind of left sitting

there what are we gonna do I know my

local stores are sold out my local

gamestop all three local Walmart's let

me see here I'm trying to think of all

the best buys Target and you don't have

a shop go anymore close so all of those

local retailers are sold out even

refurbished units sold out um you might

get lucky at a pawn shop but almost all

the pawn shops have been shut down

because they're not essential retail so

you're at this point now where the only

viable option for a lot of us is to

either travel store to store to store to

store at a time when we're not supposed

to be traveling not supposed to be doing

that and maybe getting lucky a few

counties over in the middle of nowhere

and finding one unit available or you

just go online

don't leave your home in order off eBay

off Amazon etc and just pay the premium

that scalpers are putting on it right

now knowing that it's a hot commodity

and that's just an unfortunate reality

of the world we're in right now and you

know if you're a prospective you know

switch buyer who's trying to or would

like a switch but you don't want to pay

these prices obviously wait you know if

you wait like a month two months I'm

sure things will settle down

manufacturing we ramp

back up and they'll be able to meet

supply and demand right now they're

failing these even meet it in Japan the

home country so you know it's something

that maybe can be dealt with by Nintendo

but it's gonna be you know two three

months before we finally have regular

stock of the system and are you willing

to wait is the two hundred fifty four

hundred dollars you could save by

waiting worth it to you you know or

would you rather have it now one of the

quarantine is going on because in two

three months it's possible we might all

be able to go back to our regular lives

and maybe we don't have as much time to

game so you want it now and I get that

people want it now and I don't really

have an easy answer for you beyond pain

scalpers which kind of rewards them

again for taking advantage of the supply

and demand market and using these

applications now obviously one thing I

will say is that you know maybe you guys

should go check out the app I'll put a

link to Nintendo lights article down in

the description if your switch buyer it

could work for you too it could work for

someone who legitimately wants to get a

switch at retail pricing but good luck

because a ton of scalpers ease in the

app as well might swoop in and purchase

all the products before you've gotten

over scalpers are very keen on the

market when you're seeing you know

systems going for four four hundred and

sixty dollars you know to over a two

hundred dollar markup and you know

they're selling you know dozens of them

it's to a point where these are these

scalpers are making a lot of money doing

this and so there's no reason for them

to stop and they are they have people

going you know sometimes 24 hours a day

running these kind of applications to

really snatch up all of the stock you

know they'll rotate family members in

the house keeping things running or

whatever and I know this because I've

seen some people in real life who

basically make a living off buying

things and selling them at a premium by

looking at the market and what's what's

in short demand and right now with the

pandemic there's a lot of things in high

demand that are under supplied in fact

it's actually kind of weird my local

Walmart there's like hardly any vacuum

cleaners left we we happen to get a

really nice one because we needed a new

one that's one thing we use our stimulus

check for but it's it's one of those

situations where they're sold out and

when we talk to them there's no stock

coming because they're not being

made by a lot of companies because

they're not essential so it's just it's

crazy I don't know what's happening out

in the world beyond my own little bubble

in in Chippewa Falls and oh Claire

Wisconsin which we're already kind of in

the middle of nowhere and we're

struggling so I can't imagine what

people that live in more high populated

areas are going through but good luck on

buying a switch I feel I feel for you I

really do

hopefully if you're someone who's trying

to get a hold of a switch and you've

been watching this and you see some

switch gameplay of stuff it's not making

you too jealous because times are hard

right now and I feel it I feel you

you know I'm fortunate to be in the

position I am I got multiple switches

you know there's one in the background

but like directly behind me you can't

even see I got one upstairs there's one

actually right here that's my daughter's

switch that doesn't have joy Kahn's

right now but that's here that's working

so like multiple switches in my house I

got old switch games you know back over

here PlayStation 3 up there had an Xbox

one excited eight I'm a fortunate person

in life when it comes to gaming and I

feel for you people that right now

really need the distraction and maybe

Netflix isn't enough for you or you're

bored and you want to do something more

interactive anyways I think you and I'm

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stay tuned I have another video in the

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be all about ninjalah I am pretty

excited for ninjalah a free-to-play game

coming to switch next but I'm gonna tell

you all about my hands-on experience

with the game I'm gonna tell you why you

should be excited yourself maybe some of

the new features that I didn't get to

try out that we now know are happening

about a special event happening for an

Angela on the 28th also there's a

prologue video out there we're gonna

kind of go through all the ninjalock

goodness tomorrow but for today I just


talk about scalpers and what's happening

why it's happening and how we're kind of

powerless to stop it thank you guys so

much for tuning in and I'll catch you in

the next video