Is Nightmare before Christmas a Halloween movie? Or a Christmas movie?




and so here we can see a little bit of

you know the compact in you they put

these rocks on there after the fact to

make it look like it's you know that's

why you can't put a train on there

anymore because the rocks fell on it I

guess and it turns right around that

corner goes to the tunnel and you're

into what do they call it the UH the

rainbow caverns or whatever rainbow

Calvert's yeah here you go you're good

to this channel go to America and then

you go into the web browser it's a

living desert yeah and you would go into

the freedom of the ramos have rogues

come back out at the town of rainbow

ridge which for the longest time they

had exported the rainbow rich buildings

to Big Thunder but the recent refurb

when they replace the track there we did

the donation same they look the same but

they're actually new yeah soldered I

don't know if they just was just like

they've replaced the park the wood or

they just took it out the new engine I

think they just replaced them with new

can because they probably were aged or

whatever but they made it look just the

same so they're trained to trains on one

island trip in let's go home and play

the lotto

I mean that doesn't seem all that we

know it's magic it's magic I know what

happens every 15 minutes but I don't

want to hear it

hey that's the same canoe driver we just

saw I really love this view right here

I'm really really digging this view it

wasn't long ago but you couldn't see

nothing from here oh it look what else

we found in our view hi Sara

we saw you start to leave yep we are

ready to go fresh-baked we're gonna

leave this island right now I hope you

enjoyed our visit here but we've got a

date with Jack Skellington at the

haunted mansion because it's gonna be

Ian's first time right here right here

first time yep first time nope first

time what's there happens on camera yet

either what time do they start that the

Fastpass distribution of it starts I

believe at 3:00 or 3:30 yeah yeah sure

right it starts about 5:00 I was

thinking about maybe trying to do that



it's like it's like like what do you

call it uh previous exact metal or


it was good Metalocalypse

turns out a slightly bottom line

what is wrong with this picture freshmen

they're going the wrong way what are

they doing they're not going supposed to

go that way you're on the river no how's

he know in which way

they're going upriver but they didn't

have paddles yeah so they're not going

here without topic without a

it was me milk the river without a

paddle is a Dax Shepard flick isn't it

it's just without a population before

without a paddle yes with Seth Green

yeah yeah you know what I saw the other


no airborne not familiar right because

nobody saw yeah it's a movie about a kid

who's from California who likes to surf

and do rollerblading and his cousin is

Seth great news like similar to Joanie's

yes go say this sounds like Johnny

tsunami but not snow but like

skateboarding Cessna that's terrible

it's part of the how did this get made

list of movies that I have to watch I've

never seen Johnny Suzuki oh that's why I

need to see more decomps the channel

didn't exist when I was a teenager so I

have an excuse why does everybody like

all the weight on because through I was

I was dirty

I'm more of a yeah I would I would I

would watch Charlie Brown before I watch

that Great Pumpkin yeah

oh look Jack's back


I know jack is reading what we got here

about scuzzy different charities getting

here overleaping that's not right

okay we're going to go so let's say it's

pretty jacked up it is jacked up

it's just getting started fresh baby

just got off the boat oh my gosh this is

it's not even new it's not even new is

that Savitch been working the Haunted


savage bed of ability



all right

prepare to get smoked fresh baked with

seasoned Nightmare Before Christmas over



by the way that sign right there says it

all not every for Christmas is a

Christmas movie because it's counting

down the days till Christmas it's not

counting the other dates till Halloween

Nightmare Before Christmas

it says Christmas in the title you guys

come on



gentleman to see you help Jack inspect

our halls what are the judgment bodies

away from the walls


was The Nightmare Before Christmas







on the ninth day of christmas my Google

love me






well I got a present



and Richard


ready to resume your visits








Christmas present


that's us leave and isn't that

fresh-baked we are making our way down

Main Street and heading over to DCA for

some lunch

and I don't know what else actually I

don't know what else so we got that at

least lunch at Paradise Garden I think

it's the plan on our way down Main

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and thanks Ness and then we'll see in a

minute as we make our way down to make

everybody down Main Street on our way to

be ca for some lunch and other stuff

in fact freakin bats everywhere that's

the best part of the you see a lot of

frickin bats DCA Halloween

such a win


I think I want to do Monsters Inc today

I think we got to put that on the list

I've done that a long time

is there any place in Disneyland as wide

as this walkway

I don't think there is right except for

maybe the Bigfoot of trail

it's not a desk you open because it is

plus there's fewer people

I'm still I'm okay though that it's

narrow I don't mind it I want to I want

to be really close to all the people

here yes yes I do

I love all these people I love it it's

my favorite thing I want to hug them all

come here you all come here hug me oh

that's me Cory and I'm sure he's a good

at math too

okay we got this map sweet fresh bacon

science segment of our show there's lots

of some math and science same thing

totally the same thing I'm talking about

math science core you just said it math

science / I think it was a slash or a

hyphen for sure sounded like a slash to



worth the math as Acura delis I think

this is a trick we're buying ice cream


how much other each oh you can't just

buy one okay but he doesn't think that

it's a deal to buy the the 995 half

pound bag like to have pounds in like it

was like fine so oh you gotta wait right

always always the prepackaged stuff is

always gonna be more per pound than this

kind of thing would be at worst it works

that if there if there is a difference

that would be nominal so much so that it

doesn't matter the only exceptions like

you're going sure that sounds like cool

candy yeah but I would say if you're

getting a prepackaged bag it's gonna

cost more per piece than this week sir I

for sure thought you were tricking us

into getting some chocolate or ice cream

just now there's no math at gira delis


I'm still gonna stand and say that the

smaller individually drop squares would

be more expensive in like say a larger

bars well if you know that's true yeah

that is true her like that she's talking

about it's filled with the same thing

that you guys do we just saw in there

then then that way it's cheaper than the

prepackaged bag but if there's something

different in that bag or if you're

buying a bigger chunk yeah if it's an

assorted variety yeah right

it has graduated to Fast Pass

photographer meeting coat I always do

that photo pass photographer you know

just the white balance check your ISO

rating how's the ISO


let's go get a taco time to play

fresh-baked is it closed or just not

happening today


there's a cat there's a it's downright

yeah Ian what's correct it is closed it

was kind of obvious actually because

it's kind of a busy day for to have

nobody on it so hard to play that game

today so la da de la familia featuring

Coco you know I learned a lot about the

idea de les what at those holiday that's

one of the most important takeaways I

took from this little thing here as they

discuss that specifically not yeah no

it's the day after but yeah I learned

that I learned what an oaf Linda was and

I forgot what they call the skeleton

things yeah there you go

I was very grateful to have read that

because now I understand a little better

but Brenda put on alter yeah yeah