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what's up guys my name is Kenji welcome

back to my channel I'm here again with

NASA aka coma medic what's up guys this

is second part to our mini series of MMI

interviews so we'll be making those

videos to try and help you guys to

answer different questions that might

come up in the interview yeah

today we'll be talking about

privatisation of the NHS you know what

the pros what are the cons because NHS

is such a huge topic like it comes up

every single year yeah it came up in my

interview Birmingham you know huge part

to the interview barium actually leaded

my worst so if I could go back time I

deftly spent a lot more time you know

working on the NHS questions so yeah

guys the NHS is very likely to come up

on your interview so before your

interviews you know in the months before

I do Google NHS BBC NHS whatever and

just see what recent news is surrounding

the NHS that's like for us really hot

topic last year was like the doctor

strikes or a year and a half ago was the

strikes that doctors were having and

things like that so do be aware of

what's going on with NHS in your time

yeah and I talked to doctor as well I

think what I did as well is I found a

doctor who I could chat to ask him like

you know what's going on in hospital or

so on NHS because they're you know don't

know more than anyone else really so

yeah so the question is what are the

pros and cons of privatizing the NHS yes

are some of the pros I mean first point

I can say is the government can spend

money elsewhere

so obviously the NHS is self-funded it's

funded by taxation

yeah but if there is a small you know

fee being charged like a 10 pound fee to

see a GP a doctor the money could be

spent elsewhere to improve health care

yeah so you know it could be used in

you know reduce wasting times yeah the

de Jennifer different aspects of

medicine that is receiving not much

funding yeah

for example mental health as well it's

actually is currently getting increases

in funding but you know it was lacking

before and that's where that money could

go so another good Pro of privatizing

the NHS is that you will have increased

competition between the different

companies that will provide the services

so in the past there was a trial of

privatizing or outsourcing some of the

NHS services very different companies

and you know just like in a normal free

market economy when there are different

companies providing a service you get

competition between them yeah and what I

usually ends up doing is driving prices

down and increasing the quality of the

service provided so something like that

could be beneficial in that patients

will be getting better healthcare and

prices will be lower for patients the

Amazon America as well a lot of

companies are always you know looking to

be the best lowest cost yeah exactly if

you have that England you know obviously

England all we have really is NHS yeah

but that does happen in private

hospitals not to be something that could

add to the quality of care within the

NHS another thing is that it could

reduce the waiting time as well so

obviously right now within the A&E

there's a huge huge pressure on their


Amy to you know when you go to see a

doctor sometimes it could take six seven

eight hours over the target is four

hours so knowing that you'd need to pay

a fee to stop people from going to the

Amy for example different reasons they

don't really have to I could always wait

to see the GP they're always you think

twice about going to see a doctor

yeah and then of course the it's the

cons that we'll talk about later for

example you know not being able to go to

the a knee because you can't afford it

but we'll get into that in the second

half of this video yeah and so yeah so a

reduction in wait times is going to be

good for the people who can afford to

pay and go to the ami and have those

reduce wait times but of course that

reduce wait times coming at the cost of

people who aren't being there because

they're unable to afford that care

definitely cuz 10 pound to someone who's

very rich could be nothing and could

make no difference told ya but no time

for someone who comes from a lower

socioeconomic background it could be a

huge thing and it's good you know could

separate you know didn't apply to health

again I thought that at the end we're

going to talk about in connectives in a

second yeah so another Pro if people

knew that the NHS was privatizing you

had to pay to go use the NHS

then it would encourage people to have a

more active lifestyle right so if help

was something that wasn't a almost

guaranteed or given you would want to

make sure that you're eating healthy

that you're exercising and that you're

doing all these things to prevent your

risk of complications prevent your risk

of diseases so that you wouldn't have to

go visit NHS and pay for it one thing

you could say is that having the option

to pay for the drugs could actually

improve the patient's choice so on the

NHS a lot of drugs are fun and competing

by the NHS and you have no choice in

what you get for example if cancer

there's a lot of cancer drugs that have

the potential to increase the survival

of types of cancer but obviously being

funded being publicly funded you can't

have that so if you have money to choose

what you want you might have the option

that getting the best quality of care

that that could be possible yeah that's

really fair point and in addition to

patients having choice linking back to

what we talked about earlier with

increased competition between companies

if there's multiple companies providing

the same service the patient can choose

which service they want you know based

on cost reputation quality things like

that so you know instead of being forced

to do whatever then HS has you can have

more choice definitely obviously a

constitute as well because the richest

will you know have the best choice but

we'll come on to talk about that in a

second so one massive con - having

private health care is it can become

commercialized so it could be more about

you know selling the best drug you know

sending its patients and become a

completely commercial market rather than

actually looking out for what's best for

the patient yeah and that's very

dangerous if you know prospects to have

really yeah so I actually I don't know

in the UK if companies are allowed to

advertise drugs on TV and in newspapers

are they yeah you see it there's a law

in the United States where companies can

advertise medicines on the TV and in

magazines and billboards and things like

that and it becomes really really

commercialized like Kenji said it's all

about how you can sell something to the

patient yeah and you know a lot of

people can become tricked by those

things and they can not be able to make

the best decision about it yeah it kinda

goes away from like what medicine is bad

no medicine should have nothing

money they should be always about

providing the best quality of care for

the patients and you know having the

best choice that possibly have

so having a commercial market will be

like Christmas really like you'll never

really be like an actual health care

system right yeah yeah you can always

mention that as well it's a good point

you can say that you know in an ideal

world medicine is about just treating

the patient no matter who the patient is

what their background how much money

they have but you know the real world

the real world is the real world and

that's why something like the NHS is

really struggling you know there's so

many people and so much demand and not

enough they can do to provide everything

they want to definitely so another kind

of privatizing the NHS is probably one

of the more obvious ones that you know

health care won't be available to


it'll only be available to those people

who can afford it and like Kenji said to

me earlier it's gonna divide the

population you're gonna have the people

who can't afford healthcare and are

happy with the system and how it

currently works and then you'll have you

know the homeless people for example

let's say or people who are from a lower

socioeconomic status how are they gonna

be able to afford health care if it's


yeah we could you completely unequal you

know like like you just said all the

richest people have the best health care

in the world so like in Kenya you know

if you are born a rich family you do

have you know the best health care you

live a lot longer than people who were

born in Louis ocean on their backgrounds

yeah it's come like a lease even if you

watch the film release you know okay so

basically that's Matt Damon it's very

good film okay but Alicia so basically

all the richest people live on like a

fake planet okay like a man-made planet

and have this machine which can heal it

commission heal anything your body right

it's all the richest people like live

forever and everyone you know who don't

have the morning to go city smoothly

struggle they look kind of tennis that

world chess analysis check check that

feel about these massive like yet

another thing is that if the NHS is

privatized it kind of goes against the

principles of what a doctor is you know

so doctors should always be someone who

wants to catch the person no matter

where they come from no matter how much

money they have in their bank on yeah

but if you do you know if they do

privatize NHS and

she comes up the doctor can't afford it

those leads doctors actually turn away

patients so that happens a lot in Kenya

you know like a exam from Kenya and you

can you know if you don't have the money

to pay the healthcare yeah the first

thing they do is they ask you like do

you have money can you pay for it right

and then if you don't have money you

just can't receive the healthcare you

know he says completely goes against

what doctors are supposed to do right

and so the final con that we have is

that privatizing the NHS would lead

companies to have incentive to make it

all about profitability so companies

would be incentivized to try and

maximize their profits over providing

good patient care and of course that's

not going to be good for the patient

especially if they don't have enough of

an informed opinion they don't have

enough information to choose between

different companies yeah and it could

become about which company can market to

the most patients which one markets most

effectively and of course that's not

gonna be good for the patients yeah and

it cause like a lot of pressure to be on

doctors to prescribe the best treatment

so it happens a lot like in a bar for

example where there's a new product

which would sell the most you know the

manager will always tell the doctor tell

the bartender is to push this product

because it will sell the most and they

might have Commission and the market

commission exactly so doctors might have

another incentive you know it won't be

they won't put the you know the care of

the patient at the heart of the decision

making process it'll be what will sell

the most and you know what will be most

profitable and that is definitely what

you wouldn't want in a health care

system yeah yeah that's pretty much it

guys my hope this video has been

somewhat informative to you guys like I

said the NHS is a huge topic I hate

talking about it I think when it came on

my TV I was like yeah but it is a

massive topic that you have to fully

cover so I hope it's giving you guys a

bit of an idea of what you should say an

interview of what you should do let us

know in the comments about any

suggestions that you'd like us to do

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much watching guys and we'll see you in

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