Are Mexico NFL Games Better Than London NFL Games?

I love the the atmosphere in Mexico

though it feels great it feels much

better than London games it feels like

there's much more of a buzz and

excitement yeah see for me I think my

biggest takeaway we lost so that might

have muddied my memories of the game

there because we lost the Blake bortles

and the Jaguars which we shouldn't we

should have won that game and we did on

had expectations of winning that's why I

had celebratory vitamin isn't it a plus

that it's a later game though because

Mexico is always gonna be at a late game

England's always like morning well yeah

yeah but like when you play in England

what time is it actually Flint why are

you playing it depends on what time zone

you're from right so for the Eastern

sailor time zone the world is much

different than if you're in the Pacific

even in America that's the case so when

it comes to timing I'm not sure that's

really cuz anytime you get off of your

normal routine like the Chargers went to

Denver and trading that for Colorado

they went to Colorado and drink so they

spent time away from their families to

go train for this time that they lost I

mean that's tough that's a done boom

that's a oh so I'll say more like fan

wise though like more in-game start at

9:30 here some started one here which is

7 o'clock over there but in London

though but I thought it had good energy

and that might strictly be because the

most memorable thing for me over there

was that Gregor that was during the

national anthem Cromartie came out our

national anthem thing was happening and

when they sing the American national

anthem this guy saying it he was an

opera singer sang very well but we there

was still drama right Antonio Cromartie

was taking a knee it was like it was

almost like in the NFL we wanted to move

past like it's like I hope this just

kind of and then whenever they sang god

save the queen' or whatever it is that

entire place was wide open as if they

were screaming it and I remember

thinking like oh this is awesome

like and I think that kind of clouds my

judgment on how I feel about their

energy because the game literally

started off with them all screaming at

the top of their lungs the national

anthem and then they would whistle and

they they cheered differently I think

then American fans

yeah right like clapping and whistling

mean two different things I think over

there for soccer players as it does for

us so I think they had pretty good

energy when I was there now it might not

be every game they have some stink games

and go over there before I get it felt

good but last night down there

that felt like an Olympic app but like

that felt like a that felt like a real

atmosphere now and I think that's just a

part of the culture like I think it's

just a part of the culture to lose their

minds in a lot of football fans that

felt like down there - also one of the

cooler things I saw last night I don't

know if they sell popcorn or not but

instead of walking around with like

popcorn the one vendor was walking

around with ramen noodle you want to get

people back in your stadiums here in

America you want you can do those

noodles out there for a dollar feels


think about that you want a beer for

seven bucks you want this hotdog for six

bucks or do you want these oodles and

noodles for a taller 50 noodles please

and can I get a the chicken seasoning

yeah yeah and then can I get a

loose-leaf piece of American cheese

that's genius every that giant sports -

and I made sports that big I was amazed

for who doesn't know yeah you have to

that's hilarious good for them that

field though a lot of ire from folks

they said it's a soccer stadium

obviously no concerts which they said

was the problem last year they've

nobody's been on it for two weeks so

that is the best that field was ever

gonna look and I thought it looked

beautiful at the beginning in the game I

mean it looks but it it was coming up

though I think there's there's different

styles of grass which is something

there's like the bluegrass the Kentucky

bluegrass and then there's like Bermuda

grass and then there's all these other

types of grass that are good for

different things by the way like one's

good for soccer one's good for golf some

are good for football

you got like that basic ass yeah

mid-level grass that is just good for

like junior High's and stuff like like

there's different levels of grass and I

think I mean I'm no botanist and I'm not

sure if the botanist is right answer for

this but their roots are different - I

think so some come up a little bit

easier or in different fashions I think

that grass last night was a particular

grass that might come up in chunks a

much easier which by the way soccer the

only time you're really sliding is

during a slide tackle which is in

regular football you're on the field a

lot so if that's like good soccer grass

might not be great football grass which

we saw last night there was people that

it look like they're on slipping slides

they're a couple

that was a that's a game-changer by the

way especially if you're playing against

a fast team like it's a shame tyree kill

couldn't stick around because he could

have weaponized yeah that grass for sure

imagine him just hitting the scoots and

person might ducks out I think that

grass is more used to 130 to 150 pound

players yes yeah that's what I'm saying

like I think there is different because

if you're 100 the players who said that

they didn't have a problem with it we're

all the wide receivers because I assume

they're just if they know when they're

stopping so they can put the brakes on a

little bit more the other people have to

be able to cut on a dime and ever slip

into sliding all over the place