Why Roger Goodell is the Most HATED Commissioner in Sports

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right he'd be coming Wow even the

virtual boos are good this man who

appears to be doing an impression of a

Disneyland animatronic is Roger Goodell

the NFL Commissioner if you've heard of

him you've probably also heard about how

hated he is I mean as the facto super

villain of the league any mention of his

name seems to unite all people behind a

common visceral anger Roger Goodell

everybody hates the commissioner but

sometimes it's also important to stop

and reflect on why everybody hates the

commissioner because while the NFL might

try hard to spin things and seem like

booing the Commish is just this

light-hearted tradition that even he

loves the track record Roger Goodell has

built himself is deserving of a lot

worse than booing that's letting him off

easy so today we're gonna take a look at

Goodell and his effects on the NFL as

its commissioner for almost a decade and

a half now from the good to the bad to

be very very ugly but before we enter

into the darkest timeline since there's

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the channel and again a huge thank you

to manscaped being a good Commissioner

of a multi-billion dollar sports league

is a difficult task nobody is going to

deny you that it's a tightrope act of

balancing public image player demands

and most

important to keeping your job making

sure that the owners are funneled enough

money to remain satisfied but while

Goodell might have been training for his

role as commissioner his entire career

starting all the way as an NFL intern

back in 1982 he is an absolutely abysmal

tightrope walker

the thing is though he doesn't really

care Roger Goodell doesn't work for the

interests of the NFL itself he works for

the NFL's team owners the Court of

billionaires who ultimately pay his

eight-figure salary which can get close

to forty five million dollars per year

with incentives so the reason his job is

intact today despite one of the worst

rap sheets ever for a commissioner is

because he functions perfectly as both a

puppet and a shield for the interests of

the owners making the league money

hand-over-fist and also acting as the

fall guy whenever a controversy bubbles

up that might risk the owners having to

take a shred of accountability if you're

solely interested in judging a

commissioner on their financial growth

then Goodell is absolutely your guy

having balloon the NFL into an empire

that generates upwards of 16 billion

dollars annually and is on pace to break

twenty five billion dollars in annual

revenue by 2025 those are massive

numbers and with lucrative TV and

streaming deals team relocations and

collective bargaining agreements that

are favorable to these profitability

those figures are only getting bigger

now making the most money possible is

the name of the game for businesses so

I'm not gonna take issue with Goodell

for that necessarily even if all it ends

up doing beyond the owners is making the

same product cost more for your average

fan but you know with that said what so

many fans take issue with Goodell on

year after year isn't really his

disposition to side with cash flow

it's the lengths to which he will go to

secure that cash flow which more often

than not are absolutely shameless a lot

like a chameleon Goodell has always been

able to morph from public position to

public position without any consistency

strictly in order to appease the level

of outrage at the time all at once he

simultaneously zero tolerance or

complete tolerance of different conduct

depending on whoever's watching and at

the end of the day while revenue may

skyrocket having an authoritarian with a

spine that's actually

made of jelly in charge of the integrity

of football itself is probably a net

negative for the sport that's a pretty

bold statement so let's go ahead and see

how roger has wielded the massive amount

of power he was handed after taking over

for Paul Tagliabue way back in the

prehistoric year of 2006 Janelle's

predecessor was often hesitant to enact

harsh suspensions on players without due

process a stance that garnered criticism

that the NFL didn't really care all that

much about its players accountability

Goodell clearly did not like that look

and decided instead he was going to be

an arbiter of swift and unforgiving

justices Commissioner and made his

mission to protect the shield or avoid

tarnishing the NFL's brand with negative

press immediately after sitting down in

the commissioners chair he instituted a

brand new personal conduct policy that

handed out some of the longest

suspensions in NFL history eight games

an entire season these were serious

punitive measures but they were praised

by the media at the time they were

announced it was clear that Goodell

wanted the fear of God and his players

and you know that's perfectly fine in

all honesty if you want to be the no

compromise dictator to maintain order

and that's valid as long as players can

clearly see where the boundary lines are

but you know that's where the problem is

lied article 46 of the NFL CBA states

the Commissioner has sole authority to

punish players whose conduct is deemed

quote detrimental to the integrity of or

public confidence in the game of

professional football the NFL and

Goodell don't operate by way of

consistent guidelines or principles they

operate in a system that sees Goodell at

the very top all by himself unchallenged

as he gets to play mafia boss with some

very sensitive conflicts it's a monster

that the NFL Players Association in part

created with that article and continued

by keeping it in the 2020 agreement but

just because Goodell has been granted

that power doesn't mean he's absolved in

all of his sins in wielding it so let's

go ahead and compare and contrast a few

different issues that the NFL has come

up against in be Goodell era first the

perpetual boogeyman of pro football the

devil's lettuce

the burning weed with its roots

inhale marijuana has long been a

controversial part of the NFL substance

abuse policy as the cultural

conversation around it has slowly

shifted into essentially a non-issue

before the most recent CBA was agreed to

in 2020 weed was something that

destroyed players careers or sorry

getting caught using it was what

destroyed players careers countless

players in retirement have come out and

discussed the prevalence of using

marijuana for pain management in the

league with estimates from unnamed

sources ranging from over half of the

players to as high as almost 90% and the

main reason for that is that pain

management is a crucial part of staying

healthy through a 16 plus game season

soon to be seventeen by the way and the

main alternative is opioids meanwhile

opioid addiction has become such a

massive problem that it's not only been

an issue for the NFL but in America as a

whole despite that fact the NFL's policy

was still one of the most stringent in

sports until just now

dishing out four game suspensions six

game suspensions entire season

suspensions all to crack down on a drug

used medicinally in the vast majority of

cases you know rules are rules so I

guess that's the league's prerogative to

over police but you'll want to remember

some of these more stringent suspensions

for later when we talk about some of the

other things that Goodell has had to

cast his judgment on so Rodgers always

been a man of the law and that didn't

stop when it came to on-field rules

either I'm sure many of you remember the

no-fun League that condemned almost all

forms of touchdown celebrations and any

real form of player individuality with

fines and penalties all over the place

not to mention the league's incredible

double standard in preaching player

safety and cracking down hard on players

like James Harrison to make an example

all the while with Roger Goodell and the

owners simultaneously advocating for an

18-game season sorry had something to

might prove but while all this brings a

negative tint so far to Roger Goodell

run we still have not covered the most

terrible and damaging actions he's taken

as commissioner so let's start talking

about the other suspensions and

controversies that the NFL has faced

Ravens running back Ray Rice appeared in

front of a New Jersey judge today he

pleaded not guilty to the charge of

assaulting the woman who is now his wife

and then made a move to avoid

prosecution 11 News i-team lead

investigative reporter Jayne Miller was

in that New Jersey courtroom she has

more on Ray Rice's day in court

Ray Rice was a star running back for the

Baltimore Ravens who thrust himself into

the public eye when he was arrested for

assaulting his then fiancee in a casino

elevator back in 2014

certainly the kind of situation you

don't want to take lightly especially

since video released at the time showed

rice dragging his fiancee through the

elevator door unconscious so now let's

play a game

following an investigation how long did

Roger Goodell who handed out all those

crazy weed suspensions and five games to

terrelle pryor for violating some NCAA

rules in college that guy how long did

he suspend Ray Rice for this domestic

violence case two games one two this was

not met with positive reactions for

obvious reasons but Goodell almost got

away with it like he did in most cases

except this video would leak a few weeks

later showing the exact extent of what

happened two games very quickly went

from tacit acceptance to grounds for

Goodell to literally lose his job

Goodell then panicked quickly suspending

rice indefinitely in the midst of all

the outrage engaging in an act of double

jeopardy that would eventually get that

suspension overturned but while Ray Rice

would never play it down a football

again the damage was already long done

people were rightfully asking questions

about whether or not the NFL cared at

all about domestic abuse

considering how wholly incompetent and

complicit the NFL's investigation was

either Goodell his team was too awful to

obtain footage from a hotel's security

camera or they did which there was

evidence of and instead pretended it

didn't exist neither of those are a good

look and if there's one thing that

Goodell really won't stand for its

getting some negative press I got it

wrong in the handling of the Ray Rice


and I'm sorry for that apology tours

promises of reforming the investigative

process a new six-game minimum for

first-time domestic violence offenses

Goodell tried to say all the right

things to get himself out of hot water

but when cameras and microphones aren't

pointed to him anymore his actions speak

far louder than his words do that same


Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was

convicted of serious domestic abuse

charges but had them dropped as his

victim didn't show up to court following

an appeal Hardy was reinstated the next

season despite photo evidence of his

crimes and had a 10-game suspension

reduced to only four games following an

appeal during the entirety of that

process ending in just a slap on the

wrist Goodell was spending his days

attempting to prove that another player

in the NFL was aware of footballs being

deflated a crime that would also result

in a four-game suspension so I'm sure

with all of that you can only imagine

the public surprise in 2016 when the NFL

botched yet another domestic violence

case with Giants kicker Josh Brown who

had a history of decades of abuse known

to his employer and thereby the NFL

itself but was still only suspended for

a single game circumventing the league's

own six-game minimum this lets

accusations that not only did Goodell

not care about domestic violence but

that he was also playing favorites with

NFL owners as if the optics weren't

somehow awful enough already of course

once the public got wind of this the

suspension was extended and ties were

cut between the Giants and brown but

that's kind of the point isn't it

Goodell is always perfectly fine with

sweeping things under the rug

until someone shines a light on it and

then of course he's got a scramble like

a cockroach and overcorrect in the other

direction despite the damage already

being done to the league but of course

suspensions and sensitive criminal

matters aren't the only thing the league

has to police there's also the internal

controversies Goodell has been involved

in so many blank gates that he could

probably build a fence for his mansion

with them but of course the amount of

scandals isn't directly on him it's the

investigations and consequences that

he's in charge of as we've learned

Goodell is neither a detective nor a

competent judge but he certainly does

believe that he is

like most of roger goodell actions for

better or worse the decisions he makes

in the present are informed by whatever

mistakes he's made in the past so with

that said let's begin with one of his

biggest it was one of the biggest

stories in sports the New England

Patriots caught videotaping arrival

teams coaches as they sent signals to

their players a former team employee

said this week the Pats had been doing

it for years in hopes of completing a

perfect season back in 2007 the New

England Patriots were caught illegally

videotaping the New York Jets defensive

signals from their own sideline during a

game violating long-standing regulations

on when and where filming of opponents

can take place immediately

Goodell smacked head coach Bill

Belichick with the maximum fine of

$500,000 he also find the Patriots

organization 250 grand and stripped the

team of a first-round pick even prior to

an investigation being launched when NFL

investigators actually looked through

Patriots headquarters in Foxborough

things got even worse they found damning

evidence going back seven seasons of

diagrammed hand signals and

corresponding videotapes but on order

from the commissioner

they weren't confiscated they were

destroyed on the spot smashed to pieces

this decision raised a lot of questions

as you can imagine

plenty suspected that there was a

cover-up that led all the way up to the

top and that Goodell was allowing the

integrity of football to take the fall

in order to preserve its profitability

after all if fans knew about a history

of New England cheating their teams out

of huge games how would they respond

well I think Adele knew and he responded

in a way that made him appear at once

sympathetic to cheaters and also willing

to not only give them a slap on the

wrist but even protect them not a great

start for a commissioner who at the time

was the tough on any and all infractions

guy so with the miss handling of Spygate

fresh in his mind the next huge scandal

involving the NFL in 2011 was prime real

estate to have an example made out of it

as one of the more malicious

controversies in the league's history

bounding gate was an in-house scheme

organized by defensive coordinator of

the New Orleans Saints Gregg Williams

from 2009 to 2011 in order to

pay out bonuses in exchange for

intentionally injuring opposing players

Goodell already needed to come down

pretty hard on this one and he

absolutely did suspending Gregg Williams

indefinitely Saints head coach Sean

Payton for the entire 2012 season

assistant coach Joe Vitt for six games

GM Mickey Loomis for eight games for

different Saints players ranging from 3

to 16 game suspensions and finding the

Saints $500,000 and stripping two

second-round draft picks from in

comparison with the punishments of


it makes one thing very clear Roger

Goodell does not like to appear weak the

aggressive punishments were accepted but

questioned by many who asked questions

about whether Goodell was really in the

right to dish out such draconian

punishments to players who weren't

directly incriminated in the

investigation giving out lengthy

suspensions up to the length of a full

season pretty much based on hearsay one

such person was Paul Tagliabue former

commissioner and hand-picked arbitrator

for the appeals of those suspensions by

Goodell himself in return taglio

overturned all four players suspensions

issuing a 22-page paper that detailed

exactly where Goodell had overstepped

his boundaries as commissioner and not

that Goodell is you know sensitive about

having his power checked or anything

like that but reportedly they haven't

been on good terms since so keep that

thought fresh in your mind because it is

time to talk about and that squeezing

the balls I'm not you know I don't

that's not part of my process after the

2014 AFC Championship game Indianapolis

Colts GM Ryan Grigson levied an

accusation against the New England

Patriots that they had intentionally

deflated footballs to gain an edge over

the Colts in a game that the Pats 145 to

7 soon after that the conversation

shifted to Tom Brady in particular who

was speculated to have known if any

intentional under inflating took place

since any deliberate act would have

likely been done to benefit him so yes

there was now a professional debate

taking place as to precisely how soft

Tom Brady prefers his balls

considering the Patriots history with

scandal and suspicions of cheating this

thing got picked up and blown out of the

water by the media in a heartbeat months

of investigating scientific reports

involving the ideal gas law and millions

of dollars were funneled into the

scandal but at the end of all of it the

evidence incriminating Tom Brady just

wasn't there even without concrete

anything and the Patriots fighting back

harder against the allegations than they

ever even attempted with Spygate Roger

Goodell still issued a four-game

suspension against Tom Brady for being

quote generally aware that deflating was

taking place the Patriots were also

fined $1,000,000 and were stripped of

one first and one second-round pick a

very serious punishment based out of the

report's findings that were questionable

at best but knowing what we know about

how Goodell has always handled these

matters it's really unlikely that the

findings of the report would have

mattered much to him one way or another


in retrospect deflategate was merely the

next stop on Rodgers revenge tour for

Spygate in 2007 and it's clear that in

knowing he'd never get a chance to right

the wrongs of that investigation

he threw everything into bringing

justice down on the Patriots it took him

two years nearly 20 million dollars and

just about all of the remaining respect

that the public had for him but hey Tom

Brady sat out for four games in 2016 I

mean New England would go on to win the

Superbowl but uh it's the small

victories I suppose sure it might have

felt cathartic at the time with

everything that occurred with Spygate

but when you end up grasping at straws

so hard you end up making Tom effing

Brady look like an underdog then you

have failed at delivering justice to

football even if an article in the rule

says you get to do whatever you want

there are a vast number of other

controversies and scandals that the NFL

has gotten themselves stuck in during

the Goodell era that I had originally

put into this video such as Goodell s

history with silencing concussions

organelles part in silencing peaceful

protests of his players until it

recently became financially safe to

condone them but after a lot of thought

I don't think I could do those topics

justice without potentially giving them

their own dedicated videos especially

since there are a lot more pieces to

those puzzles than Roger Goodell alone

and in the end that's partially why


is so maligned by the vast majority of

NFL fans the owners shell out 45 million

dollars on an annual basis to have him

bear the full force of every ugly flaw

that's part of the NFL and you know he's

happy to do it

Goodell is an extremely highly paid

errand boy and he runs errands very well

for the owners but he also plays his

role of commissioner in a way that would

bring him under fire even without the

owners pulling his strings

make no mistake on his own he's still

arrogant uncompromising and will power

trip with any given opportunity because

in the end it's not really about making

the NFL a better place for Roger Goodell

and it never has been protect the shield

really means maintained order in the way

that he alone sees fit and more often

than not if you catch him on a bad day

where the media is breathing down his


you'll definitely receive a harsher

punishment than someone who even

committed a worse offense you can say

that's a smart public relations strategy

but ultimately in my opinion I think the

Goodell era is going to be remembered as

really an era of band-aids saying do

whatever is needed in the moment to take

the public heat off and then when no

one's looking return to the exact same

way of handling things until the next

issue comes up once you've continued

that whole cycle for over a decade

you've got a fan base that becomes

apathetic to controversies being

blundered over and over and over again

even in the richest sports league on

planet Earth when it all boils down as

long as the owners stay happy with how

much money they're making Goodell is a

winning man through and through and time

and time again he's chosen to win over

everything else

even if that means that the NFL itself

and all of its fans have to lose so if

for no other reason that my friends is

why we boo