WHY IS the NEWS so DEPRESSING? #katiFAQ | Kati Morton

hey everybody today I am sitting down

with Jade from psych you to talk about

the news and the science behind why we

can feel so crappy after we watch it so

stay tuned so like i said i'm here with

jade from psych you and as you can tell

i'm not in my apartment where am i I'm

at a collaboration camp and so you'll

hear other noise going on in the

background but that doesn't mean that

this isn't serious a lot of creation

happening people are filming all over

it's very exciting so tell my viewers a

little bit about what they'll find if

they go to your channel which you can

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what is it you do on psych you yeah we

part of the young turks network so we

cover the news and we in Psych you

trying to explain the science behind the

news so like the science of why I don't

on Trump is so popular or the science of

climate change and why we need policies

around that so interesting yeah so today

we're going to talk a little bit about

the science behind why after watching

the news for so long if it's a negative

image or negative issues why do we feel

so bad so what is it that causes yeah I

noticed recently because we're in an

election period right now we're talking

a lot about problems everyone's like

these are the problems and I want to

solve them and so we're hearing a lot of

more negative stories of the world and

the thing is when we watch the news that

it's basically a hundred percent

negative it's primarily negative stories

there's in shootings and there's

systemic problems its corruption and all

this is getting a lot of coverage our

brains recalibrate to feel like that is

the norm that the world out there is

scary and bad and it's all bad news and

so we get used to hearing that news and

feeling like that is the world that we

live in almost like we're so adaptable

yeah as creatures that our brain is like

well that's just the way it is yeah well

have brains of plastic yeah we

plasticity means that when we hear

inputs we can change the way our brain

is structured so we start to build up

this dislike threat threats as normal so

I ranged us to adapt to feeling like

it's in it we're in a scary place we

feel more stress and so the watching the

news can actually make us feel not so

great yeah which makes sense I've even

heard from a lot of you that

having the recent shootings and whether

it's in Paris or in San Bernardino those

of you with PTSD you've been in

situations that were already scary felt

like it exacerbated that issue almost

like it's a trigger and our brain

remembers and it's like whoa

hyper-vigilance yeah frightens us even

more and ultimately that like the news

is what's happening in the world but

it's not everything in the world is

negative know when we get that constant

input your negativity it's it's not a

real view of reality exactly i think

that's an important thing to remember

because we can always just like i talk

about our negative thoughts we have to

combat negative images and like jada

saying if our brain is going to be like

well that's just reality and that's just

the way it is we're gonna have to combat

that so what do we do I just have to

quick tips to offer to help you out

number one limit the amount of time you

spend reading watching whatever news

articles or the news itself because I

find personally if I just watch it all

the time I do feel worse and a lot of is

just speculation yeah just so

frustrating it's important to stay

informed but sometimes what we're seeing

isn't really the information its

people's speculation exactly and so I

oftentimes will watch let's say 30

minutes in the morning and then I'll

wait a couple of days to catch back up

on that issue later when they have all

the facts so then I know exactly what's

going on and I can feel informed because

we know that disengaging like we'll just

don't watch the news isn't good we can't

not be informed but that's a way just by

limiting the amount of time you spend

you'll find that you get a little

reprieve and you feel a little better

and the second thing as always is fine

someone doesn't have to be a

professional but find a friend you can

talk to about it because a lot of us I

know hold that worry and that fear and

all of that inside and that only makes

it worse and then we can spin and kind

of turn you know a molehill into a

mountain of an issue and so if we have

someone that we can spit ball with like

a jade and I could be like yeah that was

really terrible I can't believe that

happened and I'm really frightened and

that was really close to where I live

and I can express that to her and get

some empathy and understanding back my

burden feels less so I would encourage

you if you are feeling frightened if

you're feeling scared it's very normal

jade is telling us that's what our brain

does that's how we are that very

work but make sure that you limit your

time and speak to someone thank you so

much for being on except sharing your

expertise yeah other edge you tubers

hanging out us nerds together you know

nerd power see you next time bye so if

you are interested as I am inside cute I

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you can find Jake here J because she has

so many cool things to say and you're

gonna want to check that out and catch

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