Apple October 2020 Event – Buy Apple Stock!? (New iPhone)

what's up you guys it's henry welcome

back to the channel we have to have a

discussion about

apple stock because the iphone 12 a

virtual event is in a week and this is

going to have a

huge impact on apple stock just a few

weeks after apple launched its new smart

watches and tablets the tech giant sent

out an invitation

to another virtual product event the

invitation includes the cryptic phrase

high speed likely a nod to 5g


that could debut on the iphone 12. the

virtual events will be held on tuesday

october 13th the event is expected to

focus on

new iphone models but other products

including apple branded over ear


and smaller home pod could also be

revealed here's an overview of what

investors should expect from the event


why apple's new iphone lineup could be a

key catalyst for the technology


sales growth lighting the stock on fire


apple disappointed many in september

after coming in at an all-time highs

riding a surge at the end of august

after announcing a four for one stock


however the split driven pop quickly

evaporated as savvy investors seemed to

realize that it didn't actually

add any value even though the stock

gained 21

in august in anticipation of the split

if you want a video of my explanation

and correct prediction that a stock

split doesn't add any value

then this right here is a phenomenal

video explaining exactly

why split doesn't add any value anyways

let's get into discussing the rumors

and apple events since this is our

immediate foresight

but first let's discuss the rumors and

apple events since this is our

immediate foresight future and that's

going to be happening in about a week

apple seems to unanimously agree on one

thing the tech giant's rumored iphone 12

lineup will be launched during the


big event next week the new smartphones

are expected to have flat edges similar

to those featured in recently launched

ipad pro and ipad air devices

the smartphones are rumored to support

5g connectivity

so i'm betting people are going to go

mad over this event

in addition to launching the devices in

a newly styled form factor

apple will also reportedly debut three


sizes the company is expected to launch

its smallest iphone since the iphone

se in 2016 as well as an iphone with its

largest display yet

the iphone will come in at 5.4 inches

6.1 inches and a 6.7

inch height according to rumors this

compares to 5.8 inches and 6.5 inch

display options for the iphone 11 pro

and 6.1 inches on the iphone 11. so it

looks like they're coming in with a

wider range and i personally believe

they want to capture more of the

market's preferences for different

iphone sizes

of course the new models are expected to

boast apple's

new 5 nanometer a14 processors

that first found its way to the

company's new ipad air

just a few weeks ago the processors


40 cpu speed improvements and 30

graphic boosts and this is an absolute

game changer since mobile usage is


i mean take a look at this mobile usage

chart compared to

desktops mobile is skyrocketing not only

is the usage higher but people

are addicted to their phones and the

iphone in my opinion has become a staple

currently there are more than 100

million iphone users in the united


accounting for about 45 of all

smartphone users in the united states

i can see this metric going higher

towards 50

if iphone keeps improving in taking

market share in addition to new iphone

sales apple is expected to launch the


apple branded over ear headphones the

headphones will attempt to build on a


momentum that the tech company has seen

with its airpods

other potential product launches include

a smaller smart speaker

new macs and tile-like bluetooth

trackers that can be attached to items

and tracked

with apple's find my app and potentially

other apps that apple might reveal or

other products that apple might reveal


this big event next week the reason this

video is so important is that the iphone

remains the company's most important

product by a long shot with a smartphone

segment accounting for more

than half of its trailing 12 month

revenue and likely impacting profits


more now apple doesn't really break out

the gross profits derived from the

iphone but most analysts believe it's

one of the company's most profitable

products that wouldn't really surprise

me since regarding the apple's

q1 2020 holiday performance tim cook the

ceo said

we are thrilled to report apple's

highest quarterly revenue

ever fueled by strong demand for our

iphone 11 and

iphone 11 pro models and all-time

records for services and wearables

so we have some proof there that this is

going to be a very important reveal for

apple and the iphone is going to make a

significant difference amongst

investors some analysts are betting that

a combination of 5g connectivity

a new form factor and new display sizes


fuel and significantly add demand for

the new iphone

based on how customers responded to the

last time there was a major change to

the iphone display size

the iphone 6 these analysts could be

very right

since september 1st apple stock has seen

a decline of 14

the company is now valid at exactly 2

trillion dollars as i'm making this


so now what what is happening next henry

apple shares

could be volatile again this month the

company's fourth quarter

earnings report is also due out at the

end of this month

so analysts see revenue falling about

0.3 percent

to about 63 billion and earnings per


might slip from 76 cents to about 70


however the most important quarter

especially for a consumer and technology

company like apple

is q4 so i think we will see more price

action from apple event

rather than the earnings since the event

itself will really

impact the holiday sales in quarter four

however here's a different account that

i have on

thinkorswim and the options are applying

about an 11

up or down move from now until the end

of this month

the volatility for the options are 48

basically the implied move is saying

that apple should be between

105 on the low end and 125

this month i see apple picking up

towards 125 dollars

as we approach into the holiday season

and earnings report implied moves are

interesting to study since they tell you

a lot about volatility and this is one

of the things i will be teaching in my

options course

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i will be sending a second email to

everyone in about a week from today to

conclude this video i see a lot of

strength in apple and i'm going to give

you guys another update very soon i

think the price momentum

will continue and we're gonna see some

more skyrocketing because we have


pulled back the stock has hit the low

hundred tens and even lower

so it's currently at 115 dollars i see

between now in the event

some more pent up demand for the stock

since there might be a big reveal

and investors know this so i'll be

watching the stock very closely

and i'll give you an update in about a

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anyways i'll start working on the next

video which is probably going to be plug


next because a lot of you guys have

commented that you want to see that

video and i do read your comments so i

do appreciate that

and i will make that video probably

tomorrow or the next day

as always be aggressive in learning but

be safe and investing i'll see you back

on the channel very soon