How to update fortnite faster on PS4 2019!!

what is everybody welcome back to new

video guys today I'm showing you how to

update your phone a faster and make it

faster you know tomorrow we have a 8.3

update and we need to make our game fast

enough so we can play it right when we

come back from school I know everybody

is like that you can't sky like can't

lie you know so right now guys what are

we gonna do is I'm gonna be teaching you

guys how to make your for night update

really really faster now this is not a

new way people been using this but

nobody know about it like only people

that are like that are like good with

computers and ps4's know about this so

imma be teaching you guys this trick and

if you guys gonna ask if it doesn't hurt

your internet it would not hurt your

internet and before anything I'm gonna

show you how to reset it to normal if

you do this and it don't work for you

because this don't work for everybody

but it's really good to try because it

works for most people well now you go

ahead as go to settings and then go to

network then go to setup interconnection

use Wi-Fi or LAN cable really don't

matter but if you have a LAN cable you

lose it but if you don't you only use


I mean you either have one about one of

them not both and if you want to reset

it this is where it gets tricky if you

want to reset it cook on easy if you

want to do it which we're gonna be doing

it this video he's gonna click custom

now easy you only click on easy then

I'll show your internet name and you

click on it and that's it for here

you're gonna click on custom and then

after that we're gonna go ahead click on

internet name and then put the password

up with the password and be right back

alright so once you put the password in

we're gonna get this loading screen for

a couple of seconds and I should say IP

address settings and she says IP address

setting now we got automatic manual and

pppoe now get a click on automatic cuz

we don't need to do high Piedra settings

and then we got dhcp hostname and you

just click there not specified then

after that the dns that's what we need

click on manual and then you take

whatever is in there is probably zero

zero zero zero for me I was using

another one so yeah that's why I had

numbers now we're gonna write this down

on primary DNS primary DNS guys this top

one is primary you gotta click this what

I gotta put the number in the I put so

yeah to eight point two six point five

six and then point to six again so eight

point two six point five six point two

successful primary for secondary this is

for secondary guys I'm gonna put 8.20

point two four seven

dew point seven point twenty again

now that's the primary secondary in this

if you can't stop the video right here

just take a screenshot or whatever you

do it in a click 'next an empty you

setting you prefer I'll get clicking on

manual and put it on one four seventy

three that will help make it faster your

internet connection or your your form a

faster you know do not use and then test

internet connection now normally people

will be having five megabytes per second

mostly ten megabytes per seconds now

we're gonna see what our connection

speed download that's what we got to

worry about that's the one we uploaded

we update with now the upload speed is

like when you upload to YouTube or

twitch like that now as you see our

NAT type is two and I don't know my my

top was three couple days ago with a

different DNS yeah guys I'll make a

video how to get my type three when a

type through is honestly not type two

and three is better now connection speed

we got twelve point nine megabytes per

second it's probably where I live we

can't use this DNS I mean it's good

because it has twelve point nine

megabytes but for you it might be

different comment down below this helped

you I know this will help a lot of

people because every time I use a DNS

and it works for me people like it and

even some of the answers don't work for

me you work for other people I don't

want to not post this video because it

didn't work for me cuz it did kind of

because I have like seven megabytes per

second download and now it's at twelve

so I went from seven to twelve not a big

deal what you think it of not a big deal

but this can change like from two hours

to one hour and thirty minutes something

like that because it will be faster so

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