Chasing Wildlife in the New Forest

the new forest is an area of large open

and forested land in the South of

England the lowland environments here

being home to some of the few remaining

habitats of the region the wildlife here

is extremely diverse and includes the

iconic new forest pony since there's so

much animal life in the reason we

thought we'd take a field trip here and

see what we can find the first thing we

came across on our wildlife expedition

was some horse droppings so something

about it

this is horse poo and you can tell that

we've got like five flies on it in some

hay and only horses eat hey cows

actually and flyers apparently from this

scat you can tell a great deal about the

animals diet obviously a lot of grass


after having some problems crossing a

large puddle


we found an animal we'd all been hoping

to see the new forest ponies these are

some of the new forest ponies and

they've lived in this region for

hundreds of thousands of years they feed

of grass very small insects

Doug then tried out his David

Attenborough impression they likely

drast and hey small mammals such as

rabbits and sometimes small children

this one here was born four seconds ago

as you can see famous and neck collar is

always starting to develop reaching the

floor another aim we had on this trip

was to set up our motion sensing game

camera somewhere so he spent a while

looking for a suitable location to leave




pretty cool hungry huh plates call is

that yeah you can chip away in it and

make up and few chips out of it

eventually we found a good place to put

the camera all right so we got this game

camera here we'll just set it up around

this tree and we're gonna leave it for a

couple of hours come back and hug feels

still be here now we'll see what it's

called maybe some deer some rabbits or

something yeah in mountain lion come

over sometimes and yeah totally fries

they're quite common yeah

we also came across some more droppings

after setting up the camera this is some

feces here it's fully rabbit or hare we

can actually see if we look inside none


but yeah Berrien hair quite cold around

here can see around nearby rabbit hair

quite common across the whole of South

of England so not a big surprise if it's

significantly bigger like this but Pooh

and lonely be surprised but there isn't

so we then had some more problems

crossing some streams but fortunately we

all made it alright got yet another

river crossing is actually the same



here we see a log spider's web in it

which means there are Lions nearby

because the spiders are eaten by a

massive or sort of small birds and the

smaller birds are eaten by massive birds

and then the camera won't focus but in

those bigger birds and then eaten by

deer and antelope which is then in turn

eaten by mountain lions a mountain lions

are indigenous to the new forest

hopefully we'll get a view of them today

actually and that's how food chains work

in the mountain lion gets eaten by the

human and then the human gets eaten by

the spider so I've got to be really

careful actually there's an actually

spider there no it's just a web these

rhododendron are an invasive species to

the UK they originated in the Himalayas

they're particularly bad in the new

forests because believes the poisonous

to the native ponies they're also very

bad because of how dense they are it

means that other plants can't grow where

they are a very interesting fence then

got our attention this bit of wood here

is put in to makes your heads and foxes

and rabbits can crawl underneath and get

where they want to in the new forest the

fence is of course primarily here to

stop humans getting the other side of

the fence because they're not really

allowed the other side

how do you manage that

okay well as you can see this bit of

wood here doesn't work for humans as

well so quite function actually later on

we again came across some more droppings

but excitingly we think it may have

belonged to a badger it's bit of poo

here is probably badger poo usually

found in this kind of shallow pit that

we see here looks like it contains some

kind of bugs and beetles which is of

course the diet of the badger Badgers

you don't normally see them out in the

day you can in the night if you're

careful but they're generally quite shy

of humans so seeing some badger poo it's

quite treat in a weird way yeah if you

zoom in close on that bit there that's a

bit of beetle so if you eat beetle

that's what your peas gonna go right if

any of you guys think it's anything else

let us know after that we headed back to

pick up the game camera and see if it

had caught anything interesting

unfortunately it had not I think images


out here in the British countryside

we're on the lookout for one main thing

British big cats and there's a potential

future video

after braving food yet more large

puddles we found our way to a deer

sanctuary where there was more of a

guarantee to actually see some animals

we've come to this viewing area to try

and have a look at some deer that lives

in the new forest

these animals are fallow dead and most

of the individuals here seem to still be

in their darker winter coats fallow deer

are not native to southern Britain but

were in fact brought here either by the

Romans or Normans and are now present

across much of Britain amongst this

population you can also see what appear

to be white variations

these are leucistic individuals a

condition this is actually not that

uncommon in fallow der leucism is the

loss of several different types of

pigments that then causes the code to be

white but it's different from albinism

thank you very much for watching this

little documentary on the new forest and

we'll see you next week hopefully you

enjoyed this different style of video

and maybe learn something new if you

want us to do more videos like this in

the future please let us know also let

us know if you absolutely hated this and

don't want us to do anything like it

ever again anyway if you would like to

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