hello everyone its forked here and in

this video I'm gonna cover the new

monster in the game now I'm not sure

what he's referred to as I've heard that

he's mentioned as a worm in the game

files though people are calling him the

sausage and all sorts of other things

either way he is intense he's gonna

completely change the game once he

starts coming into your world what it is

is to be a group of sausage links and

they form together to attack when

they're separated they can't do anything

from what I can see though once they

join together they can really mess you

up I've noticed it's actually not very

effective against the player what it's

effective against is your buildings now

it took me a while to get them to come

so what I did is I built a little

platform using the farc method - I

haven't done a video on it but it's

floating structures figured if I do a

video on it before they update they'll

fix it bastards but in this case I can

get away with it so what I did is I turn

the speed of tile up using console

commands and just messed around shooting

the crossbow and then I started shooting

things at the flare was funny how fast

he reloads that thing at the time sped

up I'm not fast-forwarding the footage

this is actually how the game's playing

right now anyway I was shooting away

waiting for this thing to come and all

of a sudden I started getting swapped

and he showed up so I had to turn the

speed down very quickly because I was

good even Esther his first attack I

noticed is he does this flying thing

where he joins together and fires up in

the air and it will either belly flop or

he will dive at you now depending how

far away you are if you're quite close

he won't dive at you

he'll just belly flop I don't know how

realistic it is but it's cool I don't

care it's awesome yeah my floating

structure he completely destroyed so

maybe all these floating structures I've

been creating of course entities it's

quite buggy I've noticed especially when

there's a lot of structures and again

that aren't built by you they get

caught on them a lot so it is actually a

tactic I've learned already to build

around obstacles that it could get

caught it

especially the cannibal huts now I

turned off god mode and put creepy armor

on because I really didn't know how much

damage this thing was going to do and I

was just running around killing

cannibals trying to clear up the

situation so I could focus on the new

monster see right there it swooped at me

but it hit the cannibal heart and

couldn't move so once a sweep set balls

in the little pieces and I stood in the

middle of it though sometimes it can't

hit you I don't know how that happens

this started forming the circle thing I

think it was trying to form to walk but

some of its our pieces were stuck in the

cannibal heart over there so must need

all its pieces to form its structure as

you can see it can't form a full shape

so it kind of just sits there and then

it will break apart it's weird and yes

it kept getting caught on the cannibal

hut when it went to fly though when it

forms this tower it does land on you it

doesn't do that much damage surprisingly

so I think your structures are the

things you got to look out for but yeah

I didn't think I was taking any damage

so what I did is I actually little rock

on fire I thought I might have still

been and varner about having God mode on

a little rock on fire to take damage and

it hurt me more than this SIG did though

I built a log cabin to test it and it

destroyed it in one hit though log

cabins aren't very strong so I wouldn't

be too concerned about your defensive

structures like your walls in it now

this was freaking hilarious as forms

into its walking form it stood on the

cat already exploded it's great of all

this is awesome I've noticed all the

pieces done attached it's like there's a

few spares you know when you buy

furniture sometimes it will come with

spare parts that sort of thing if it's

in its walking form you'll know it's

coming they hold ground shakes when it's

coming for you more so than the cow man

when he's charging area you can hear big

loud footsteps

he destroyed my deadfall traps in one

stop he does a lot of damage he doesn't

move too fast in particular what I

noticed is I shot him with a slingshot

and he fell to pieces so it might be a

way to take about or disable them from

temporarily now I'm calling them he

because he's made up of sausages and I

think the phallic nature of this new

enemy makes sense he's not that

aggressive in he'll get sidetracked very

easy he walked away into the forest and

just started clearing heaps of trees so

if you horned her new lumberjack scrap

the armsie and get this same walk

through the forest near base just don't

lead him to your base of course although

this was cool he formed the flying

ability and flew at me through the

forest and looked really cool

now I thought there's got to be an easy

way to kill him I'll go into the river

or lake and this will scroll did the

flying thing landed in the water I

thought yeah this is gonna kill him

there's no way he's gonna survive a

lower able to hit me Wallace Daniel

he formed the pillar Foss in the water I

guess what anyway I thought it's just

taken a long time to damage him he

disappeared under water I thought that's

it he's dead but no the water doesn't

kill this thing

so your bases aren't Islands are no

longer completely safe I don't know how

this affects the lore of the game

considering this seed can walk through

water now the way the game setups on a

peninsula they can't escape I don't know

maybe this affects the lore of the game

a bit so yeah he kept getting sidetrack

and walking away and I had to keep

following him I noticed a little piece

of him died didn't seem to affect him

though he would just go walking around

and I think if he spots you he'll come

after you I don't know if the little

things worker Scouts not sure I built a

wall and him walking over the top was

really intimidating it was really scary

it's very cinematic this enemy I like

him a lot he's my new favorite nummy by


though I'm probably saying that now

until he destroys my base and I'll have

the shits and I'll probably not say so

much though your defensive wall takes

quite a few hits from him to stop him

though I'm pretty sure you can just walk

straight over the defensive walls I'm

not sure if he cared or not he can't

walk over the cannibal huts made

I don't know if he patrols with other

enemies I haven't seen that yet I've

only seen him once and this is a time I

was on day 104 and he wasn't showing up

so I skipped it today 200 and then he

spawned I don't know what day he spawns

it might be after a hundred or something

I don't know I got on a small raft to

see if I could escape by boat that

didn't turn out to work too well he came

straight in the water after me he

knocked my boat up and I launched into

the air like that I could land in the


he used to houseboat to see if that was

a bit more durable and he is sitting

there knocking it up it kind of reminds

me of those tripod things from War of

the Worlds we call it beta noise I shot

him with a slingshot from the houseboat

and he fell to pieces so I decided to

try and figure out how to kill the sink

and you pretty much just go around

killing all its worms

I'd imagine if it's in its form a fully

formed being a sticky bomb might be a

way to take it out I didn't set it on

fire either on hard and hard survival

mutants take 66% less fire damage so far

not going to be very effective against

these things when you're hitting them

and killing them they actually drop

bones as well as once they drop onto the

ground if you keep hitting them you get

bones out of them I don't know what

happens if you take out some of the

pieces they can't form anything or if

new parts start coming along what I do

know is that if you die you actually die

for real onion shows you as part of one

of the worms they convert you into one

of these one things so you actually

become part of the creature I think

that's how it forms its pieces so yeah

don't die to this I'm just kidding that

doesn't really happen but I thought it

would be cool anyway let me know what

your thoughts are in this new enemy and

what names you've come up for it I'm

gonna start a new playthrough and I'll

be taking him into account I wanted to

wait to this update drops until I did

another playthrough because that way I

can naturally explore the content anyway

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