New Nintendo 3DS Production Discontinued - Level 1 Sword Podcast 57

there's been a report from Nintendo of

Japan stating that the new Nintendo 3ds

so this is not the new Nintendo 3ds XL

which is not the new Nintendo 2ds XL

it's not yeah any of those other ones

it's just the standard size new Nintendo

3ds they have stopped producing it in

Japan and I believe I saw another report

stating that it's actually the

production has stopped worldwide for it

and this was a pretty interesting model

3ds because it never really launched

here in the US I believe the only time I

ever saw it on sale was during the

Christmas Black Friday Cyber Monday I

think that Amazon was doing where you

could buy either a white one or a black

one for $100 it was ruined the Pokemon

one or it was Mario themed that's right

and I think that was the really unique

feature of this model 3d s was the place

you could actually take the back plate

off and the front plate off and put on

new ones and kind of make your own kind

of like Gameboy micro did with the face

plates you can swap those so this

particular model is going to be out of

production in the UK they've said that

they have just limited stock that

they're selling off

I assume probably Japan's going to be

doing the same thing with limited stock

so my question to you is does this seem

like it's going to be something serious

for the 3ds like they're they're

limiting how many models are going to

have available because they're starting

to slowly kill it off or does it just

mean that they're using those

manufacturing resources

to make things like the new to TS Excel

my bad always forget to mute my computer

always um I think could possibly be a

potential of a combination of the two

possibilities just because like you said

the word not like what we've mentioned

it before the switch is both a home

console and portable console and it's

possible but because of that Nintendo

might be thinking about stopping the DS

line entirely because they've already

created this new portable home console

that you can take anywhere it's much

better than a 3ds but right now there's

not a lot of games for it in the new 2d

s XL is coming out looks like 3ds um

with any shell design is this is cool I

think it's cool that they're doing that

because like just going back to the

original is like I did like the original

the way one of it just because I felt

like it fit in my hand better and that's

what a lot of people have said about it

like it looks dumb it looks like a kid's

toy looks like a big fat piece of

plastic but once you get it in your

hands and I think I even played on yours

yeah it feels it feels great it feels

much better it doesn't look like it

should but it does it looks weird

and no one's wrong and saying that it's

definitely an awkward thing to look at

she's like you're a 20 year old man

playing with a Ledge I don't think it

helped either when they came out with

like the translucent colored ones and

then it really looks cheap when you

could like see through it no but

yes it's the same reason why I like Xbox

because their controllers are just

bigger because I got I got the cans so I

like the way that Li it feels good gotta

get your meat hooks on it exactly but

the original design does look better and

it it also feels good you're talking

about the cellular shell yeah the clam

yeah it it looks good

I've played it before so it's not it's

not going to be an awkward experience if

I do end up getting another one it also

feels comfortable so they could be doing

that also I have been seeing a lot of

games that have been coming up for the

switch that look very 3ds apparent yeah

very like not exactly what you would buy

for a home console but you know if you

want to play something on the go like I

think it's got a version of it's like a

32-bit version of like kind of like

Grand Theft Auto but it's not coming out

but it's not Grand Theft Auto it's

something else that I think the trailer

just released today and then they've got

another game that they really say with

like it's kind of funny it's like a mix

between tingles like rupee adventure or

something like that there's like a game

based on like tingle and your the whole

premise is getting groupies that should

never exist if it should not exist it

looks like such a weird game but it

looks like the type of game that you

could like play and be like this is the

strangest thing I've ever played and I'm

okay with it

it is it almost looks better I never was

into like WarioWare earning listeners

like Wario games started turning into

like mini games like now mmm I liked it

better when you micro games big dude but

I curved games that looks good and then

this is there's a new game coming up but

also Heather trailer I think released

today or yesterday um your this princess

and you're going around and your be

people up to collect their money so that

you can build your empire the name of it

is I love the name of it and you've got

like your like I think like the DIA the

artwork that they have for right now is

like she's punching someone and got like

a calculator on the other hand like

adding up how much money she could oh my

goodness it is great but yeah like I

think now there's a bit more of a sign

it's like hey these aren't going to be

around forever and I think they might

start to slowly kill it off well and I

think I do think we're probably getting

into the last year of three yes games

and having you know normal games come

out I just found out two either today or

yet today actually that the fire emblems

Warriors game that's coming to the

switch that's kind of like the fire

emblem take on Hyrule warriors they're

going to actually make a 3d sport of

that game it's only going to be on the

new 3ds hardware it will not be

compatible with the old 3ds models and

I'm pretty sure that both the standard

3ds and the 3ds XL non new models I

guess we could just call those the old

3ds models to differentiate I don't

think those are in production anymore I

think they're they're done as well it

looks like the with the with this

ceasing of the new Nintendo 3ds standard

size we're just going to have new 2d s

wood you could buy a new one for like

$80 and it comes with Mario Kart 7

pre-installed the new Nintendo 2ds excel

for 150 and then the new Nintendo 3ds XL

for 200 and I think that's going to be


their pricing model you can get you know

standard 3ds with no 2d 480 then you

have a high-end new Nintendo 3ds it has

3d full-size full-featured everything

that three discs can offer and then you

have the middle-of-the-road option new

Nintendo 2ds 6l and it's interesting

that the two models that they're they

have two models of non-3d 3ds a--'s that

they're going to have with this like

three-pronged sales strategy what I

didn't really care for with this

particular model is it still had a lot

of the same problems that the original

3ds model have had namely that you have

this huge bezel around that top screen

where you have like an inch on either

side where you have those speakers that

didn't really get very loud but they're

huge and then you have all of this top

panel that you're not using for screen

and then you have the Excel models which

use a lot more of that space just for

the screen and it just makes more sense

to do it that way that's what I couldn't

stand about the original 3ds here you're

looking at a very small screen compared

to the size of the unit and in 20 you

know even even when it came out in 2011

gosh 2011 that's crazy

even then it still kind of looked a

little a little dated as far as

comparing it to other electronics so

while I do think we are getting really

close to a point where I think we've

probably heard you know the last of new

Nintendo 3ds games I don't think we're

going to have probably I would say

there's a good chance this fire emblems

Warriors games game could be the last

announced game that we get as

Alys from nintendo because third parties

still have stuff in development and

they'll continue releasing for the 3ds

for probably another another year maybe

even two years before just cutting

production altogether and going

exclusively with switch games so I don't

think it's a bad it's a bad move

especially with people increasingly not

having any interest at all in 3d it

makes sense that two of your products

that you're still producing for this

line of 3ds don't even have 3d I think

that's actually why is it saving

Nintendo money and it's giving consumers

what they actually want I mean think

about the switch doesn't even have 3d

that's kind of a telling sign that

Nintendo is pretty much done with 3d and

any of their video game consoles so sign

of the times