Trump threatens to deploy military to end protests

yeah what a difference a day makes

compared to this time last night a

couple of blocks north of the White

House you got National Guard down the

next block all kinds of Washington metro

police here I've seen Humvees down the

end I think of this street and the next

street we've had Blackhawk helicopters

flying literally just above rooftop

level of these low-rise office buildings

and not a demonstrator in sight at least

not in the vicinity of the White House

they are marching and other streets of

the capital all of that punctuated by a

forceful move from Donald Trump

late this afternoon it was a remarkable

moment symbolic defiance to back up what

Donald Trump had just announced the

president walking out the front gate of

the White House grounds crossing

Pennsylvania Avenue and into Lafayette

Park where last night demonstrators had

battled with police and security forces

and where all day today protesters had

gathered again to continue their message

aimed at Trump to say something to do

something about the death of George

Floyd and the racial divide in this

country Trump walked through the park

past giant graffiti walls with messages

slamming the president he walked all the

way to a small church across the park

vandalized last night he held up a Bible

and then walked back to the White House

not 15 minutes earlier Trump had been in

the Rose Garden with an extraordinary

announcement opening with comments aimed

at the Floyd family it was the kind of

thing demonstrators had wanted for

George and his family justice will be

served he will not have died in vain

but Trump was only just getting started

he then turned to the demonstrations he

reiterated comments made earlier today

to state governor's calling them week

urging aggression against violent

protesters today I have strongly

recommended to every governor to deploy

the National Guard in sufficient numbers

that we dominate the streets mayors and

governors must establish an over

law enforcement presents effectively

saying he'll do what it takes if states

can't put down the demonstrations on

their own including he said calling in

the full power of the US military

I am mobilizing all available federal

resources civilian and military to stop

the rioting and looting to end the

destruction and arson and to protect the

rights of law-abiding Americans it's a

stunning thing for any president to say

said Trump law and order is the

foundation of the u.s. way of life

without it he said there is no justice

no Liberty as he spoke

police were moving demonstrators away

from the White House area where Trump

would soon walk over to that church

Bible in hand teargas lingering in the

air and some strong reaction quickly

tonight from the Bishop of that church

Andrew in a quote I don't want president

Trump speaking for the church I am

outraged I was not given even a courtesy

call that they would be clearing with

tear gas so they could use one of our

churches as a prop holding a Bible when

everything he has said and done is to

inflame violence and the bishop went on

from there meanwhile demonstrators are

marching the streets of Washington

tonight Andrew but not in the vicinity

of the White House mmm

Paul unser in Washington thanks very