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hi everybody welcome back to Chris drama

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we watched The Nanny Diaries from 2007

it was directed by Robert pulcini and

Shari Springer Berman they are married

and they both wrote the movie together

and all of their projects they've done

together as a couple

so Nanny Diaries is about this girl

named Annie who gets out of college and

she has an existential crisis could you

Billy doesn't know who she is as a

person and then happens to get a nanny

job and Chris Evans just happens to be a

really hot neighbor upstairs so it's

pretty much about her experience as a

nanny one may even call it a critique on

the upper-middle class of New York Sam

yeah also I appreciate the fact that

they did not have to take Christmas

shirt off to prove that he's hot so you

know thanks for that the Keene is gonna

read our pros today fact okay so the pro

that we have is Alicia Keys and Paul

Giamatti because casting I think we

should say that the movie was a

production from Harvey Weinstein's

company um I really feel like the

directors made one of their characters a

based on him and could not have picked a

better man to play such as nothing


sorry Paul Giamatti no good suspects

look Alicia Keys hair in the entire just

her whole outfits everything whoever was

dressing Alicia Keys was definitely a

fan of hers and was like she's gonna

look beautiful in every seat existential

crisis was a pro as well because really

yeah yeah who exactly is Annie Braddock

Annie Braddock is a kind

the four of us were like oh man she's

studying anthropology and they do

flashbacks or examples of the characters

that their top spot in the movie and

it's like a nice little shout-out to the

Natural History Museum the Mary Poppins

references they're pretty cool

yeah work so many ridiculous

of elite roles rules rules I told you my

handwriting no it's good rule number one

graer and his playmates are never

allowed in the master bedroom rule

number two rule number three rule number

four rule number five we do not take the

subway because of germs rule number six

rule number seven rule number eight

Pedro oh no Chris is cute rode the

elevator to the 12th floor thank you if

that doesn't just scream like hate I

don't know what doesn't scream Chris

knows driving ganz ax I don't know what

it does there is a part where Chris

laughs and we had to mark it down for

scientific Commission I am it is like

wow that was excellent

yeah in this movie at the 4th of July

party where one of the nannies is

dressed as Condoleezza Rice and she is

carrying a baby crying and he has a

George W Bush mask on and it is it's so

great we also wrote the goobie hi there

is a scene where they have a nanny and

mother panel it's pretty much just an

imbalance of power between rich moms and

the nannies because it is the moms are

speaking their minds and just saying

literally whatever problem they have

with their nanny my nanny keeps on

singing religious songs to Parker even

though I've told her time and time again

that we're agnostic and the moderator

turns to the nanny hasn't asked them

what their gripes with their employers

are and none of the nannies speak up

yeah because of the imbalance of power

like I want to keep it it's very and if


when I saw this movie when it came out

in theaters and as a child I was like 10

or 11 even I was pissed off and I didn't

have a job yet Alicia Keys is a good one

woman wing woman

oh we I'm sorry there's a point in the

movie where Annie is talking to her and

she's like telling her about Chris Evans

character calls him Harvard hottie and

then they turn around and he's at the

same bar back and she's like oh girl go

get it yeah Harvard hottie is a good boy

actually I'm a nanny that is so Alicia

Keys character's name is Lynette she

moves in with a with a with that guy

he's gay and they have the whole Will

and Grace experience and he's just like

ooh craziness I mean yeah I wanted more

from that yeah yeah what's their

backstory how do they mean yeah Harvard

hotties date idea I love it Scott

Johansson's characters extremely late

because of actions out of her control

and instead of being a total jerk he's

like whatever kitchen club let's go eat

pizza 2:00 a.m. that's my kind of date

they sound almost up so yeah it was very

bouncy yes

Harvard hottie encouraging her to quit

her job because of how miserable she

sounded was near and dear to my heart

hopefully he was this is not a con I

promise it's gonna sound like it is but

it's not he was getting into like sugar

daddy might go to my father's house in

Southampton for a month not to join me

we'll walk on the beach

and I was like leave her job go with him

I know you love the boy but like I heard

hottie mentions the Betsy Ross katha

from the fourth of July the two blocks

from your building and once we get any

closer I won't want to go near you which

to tell you the truth is all I've been

you thought about since that day I saw

you and that Betsy Ross get up also

we're not just calling him Harvard

hottie to like be funny

like humanize him or anything like

that's his name for most of the movie by

the way my name's I think it's good to

clarify that us about Johansson kind of

uses these nicknames in her field

Journal I also wrote as a probe the

stairway kiss and hookup which I really


I just love it because the captions were

like loud thumping in the stairs wait to

mention home okay slowly she's running

she also break something in his

apartment and oh like she doesn't know

what your house looks like she's

breaking things the mom necklace scene

which I thought that was sweet news sad

but sweet because I kind of see like a

little glimpse that this woman has lived

like this Upper East Side life her whole

life because the mom looks at this

little necklace that says mom on it and

rejects it essentially good not only mom

it says number one gift but it was

rejected got mad at me refused to wear

it she said it was common that's how

women like mrs. X are made and probably

you know that's just it's all right it's

all that kind of woman goes to such

lengths as she does to garner the

approval and the attention and desire of

her husband you know completely neglects

her throughout the entire movie but she

still looks at him as if like the steady

yeah I like getting that attention and

desire and like want out of him is like

a prize to her but it's not and I also

to the scene because there are some

aspects in the relationship between

Annie and the mother where they there

are like little signs of a friendship

and a little little science of what

could be what could stem into something

greater well you look amazing

but at the same time this woman is so

guarded that she rejects any type of

relationship with another woman because

I also noticed that she rejects that you

know that other woman that came in in

the beginning of the movie and talks

about yeah fitzy fitzy fitzy there's a

little scene where Alicia Keys has a

date he is just fine

I put Alicia Keys Bey a plus with a

check mark yeah there's another thing we

didn't mention but Annie has been lying

to her mother this whole time about what

she's actually doing in New York

there's a point where you know she can't

hide it anymore

and needs her mom's guidance because her

mother's a nurse and helps with the kid

so I put that as a pro because it was

about time that they had that that talk

thank you for coming here and helping

why'd you lie to me Annie I have never

lied to you ever they make it pretty

clear that her mom is very like

overbearing yeah and when you finally

have that taste of freedom you don't

want anything to do with the kind that

that overbearing like yeah shadow she

does make like comments about her job as

a nanny just like being a phase I I just

I just I got I had to get away and do

this for most women in that movie they

explained like that's pretty much their

whole life I left my country because I

thought I could give my boy and my sick

mother that's a life and while I've been

raising these strangers children my own

child has grown up without a mother I


yeah beyond their own children her mom

says pretty derogatory things about

being a nanny without actually thinking

about the things that she's saying about

other Mannie

yeah she really doesn't think like what

she says will affect Annie - because

obviously Annie is upset that her mother

pretty much tells her like call me when

this is all done and it's like don't

woman and it could be with that child

for like five years

he decided to so yeah he's a great nanny

she struggles at first she really is and

over ahead but as a deal yeah she she

pulls through and she has a lot of

integrity and a lot of compassion for

that kid and it shows and it shows later

on as as their relationship progresses

because grit grayer eventually you know

he realizes that Annie is his friends


this one is mine yeah you see the kid

acting out you know that that comes from

somewhere sometimes kids do have you

know hyperactivity and they can't always

control the way they have and that's

that's another deal entirely yeah but

like when kids are acting out the way

that gray or does yes more than likely

because the parents are neglecting or

abusing in any case that's like

perfectly summed up in the car scene

like when they're going right fourth of

July thing and you can just tell that

he's throwing a tantrum because both of

his parents are neglecting yeah and then

I underline this one a Harvard hotties

offer because he once again interjects

and he's like girl it's like baby girl

this job is terrible

I can people are terrible come live with

me in upstairs we were all mad that she

wasn't taking this offer and it's

because she cares about the kid and you

shouldn't just take in the kid right you

wanted to walk on the beach and drink

red wine what about my heart do I count

for anything but the soundtrack is a

[ __ ] Lily Allen is played blondie

blondie is played there's a puppy

waiting for you right up in the carport

that was the first sight Annie

confronting mrs. X about her marriage

problems races X fires Annie because mr.

X decides to get a little frisky and

fresh with Annie and it's not

appropriate and the wife walks in and

blames Annie for it which is totally

wrong like it was your greasy nasty-ass

husband we had already at this point

said that mr. X was based on Harvey

Weinstein but at that point we were like

Ruben definitely not my chiny I was like

I just got goosebumps like yeah I was so

great yeah

Annie rightfully takes a stand she's

being accused of being the perpetrator

in this and it really is her husband and

she's like please don't do this not not

for me but for grayer until you and your

husband work your problems don't you

dare to some extent it's Annie doing

what she should have done at that like

mommy and Danny class yeah yeah and like

knowing that that's what she should have

done yeah she was the only or one of the

only white nannies and like had that

privilege yes yeah over the other

nannies especially given the fact that

one of the mothers is like none of them

speak English yet if you really have a

problem with that why did you hire her

if that's like a thing in your house you

literally only hired her to complain

about it and then I put Annie dragging

the exes okay this is X now it's time

for a few simple childcare rolls up all

right - calling mr. X out telling him

how much of a scumbag he is I know

you've noticed my ass but you probably

don't recognize my face and then also I

put a nice whole speech about grayer

because he really is just like a kid a

sweet kid essentially that just wants to

be with his parents yeah here's the care

what you're wearing or what you buy him

or what school he gets into he just

wants you there it's sad to just see

that this person that is completely

outside of their family sees the real

problem and it's that the parents don't

pay attention to their child at all and

essentially that's all the mothers and

all the dies yeah

for Eastside elite group I mean mrs. X

takes it hard yes it has to be the first

time that anybody has really ever told

her like hey your husband isn't pulling

as much weight as you are he's not worth

jack yeah yeah I loved that like she

tells her time's running out he won't

love you unconditionally that much

longer yeah that kid is going to grow up

to resent you I'm like yeah because when

you're a kid your family is your family

you don't see the the faults you're like

I have to love them no matter what you

grow up and you're like I don't want

anything to do with you there are

definitely early signs of that as it is

because when he's upset about his

birthday party he doesn't run to his mom

he runs to Andy yeah and Annie just sees

how conflicted the mom is because the

mom is like well I gave birth to this

kid I am biologically this kid's mother

the land yeah he's my run a mile his age

just nothing yeah yeah he doesn't that's

why I like she got that wake-up call

it's like yeah just because you're the

biological mother that doesn't mean


yeah I actually love your child Annie

and judy judy is Annie's mother they

reconcile and Judy realizes that what

she said was pretty harsh to Annie and

also realizes you know you are an adult

you're allowed to make these decisions

and allowed to make these mistakes in

life I say mistakes and quotation marks

because I really don't feel like it

wasn't a stake on anyway her and all

using to be a nanny yeah even if it was

miserable like she loved the kid she

grew from an undergrad school and I did

like the little the little bit it's a

much tougher game out there for women a

chip deal system

trinket cards women just have like this

strange role we're supposed to just be

mothers and just be like the wife and

we're hard-working we have our own voice

for a lot I'm now a one thing I did we

did not write about was all the

cinematography of New York that they

show just nice little shout-out to New

York City yes I heard hotties return we

learned his name is Hayden I forgot to

mention his name is Hayden

I like the alliteration like he was the

harbour body yeah but they kept it was

Hayden yeah mrs. exes Alexandra yeah

please know that I wish you all the best

in life

sincerely Alexandra it all started cause

like the Fanny said her name was Annie

and the woman just heard you're a nanny

no thought I said that's how the whole

thing started Sheena just heard her name

bulldozes through every conversation

that they have that definitely speaks to

a very rich woman who has no job other

than to just go to these weird child

classes tell people what to do yeah she

well she tells people what to do because

she has no power otherwise yeah however

her husband she has no power over her

child because she hasn't put that effort

into place yet so the only way that she

has any power in her life is over the

nannies that she employs yeah and so she

bulldozes over every conversation with

them because she knows that their job is

in her hands and it's a mystery every

single time

yeah mrs. X apology and you're a new

beginning you know when she loved her

husband yes we didn't write it down but

I just want to mentioned the one F word

in this pg-13 is being used beautifully

you want to know about the dads I'll

tell you about the dad it's all of you

in about five years so take it from you

guys enjoy tonight because your future

looks pretty bleak believes your kids

does a little snap oh yeah she's like

say anything she's like my girl set it

by oh I also put the puppy finds a new

home and then at the very end I put that

you know Annie applies to grad school do

a holiday that's what she wants to do we

are now going into the cons okay so the

first time we've kind of already talked

about The Weinstein Company she dresses

like a 12 year old

businesswoman the whole thing that

starts everything is there's a very

Purdy guy in Central Park riding his

bike and is watching a woman do yoga it

almost like kills the little boy Gray's

name that was your car I just heard

things I'm not a man it's my gray as a

colored rich mom problem she doesn't

take care of her child she complains

that she has to be in the park with her

kid because she just fired her nanny for

going off to get married totally I just

lost my nanny hurting it's why I'm out

of this godforsaken park myself thank

you enjoyed play err sorry which is no

party lamb and yeah it just broke the

one rule about going on a single date

and they marry her yeah the mom trusts

Annie with her kid like automatically

like doesn't even know her name and it's

like here here's my child yes nanny yeah

cool because that's what we named our

children these days you're just meeting

some random stranger in Central Park and

then immediately handing the power over

your child to them they're gonna steal

everything not getting robbed right

right right

once Annie gets like picked up by this

one mom all the other moms want her so

she goes on a bunch of interviews and

one of them uses that

as a pro and I'm like okay here's my


you're from New Jersey hmm unfortunately

New Jersey is not a bad place yes newark

is shady don't go to Elizabeth but New

Jersey's very nice and this movie stop

trash-talking New Jersey please New

Jersey gave us the Jonas Brothers they

did show New Jersey some rock Peter

Dinklage so like yeah okay this movie

really doesn't like lesbians like at all

I went to Smith and don't believe the

rumors we weren't all lesbians the women

of color in this movie are only the

maids the house or Alicia Keys yeah

because she's like my best friend

character so the thing about movies that

take place in New York is that most of

the time they're like the cast's are

completely white and that's not the case

yeah but all of the women of color are

either Alicia Keys or in a surface

position there's no men of color at all

in this movie except for Emmys boyfriend

the scene where they're talking about

like what type of nanny are ya and she

talks about like oh this job chose me

and about the Jamaican woman yeah it

does the head yeah anything like again

just straight up a stereo only there to

be like the angry sassy black woman yeah

like come on like you could have done

more with that it was like a pro and con

all in one because obviously we don't

like the stereotyping but those types of

stories are very real and that's why a

lot of people a lot of low-income people

have to take these jobs yeah I provide

for their own family that they never get

to see these moments are infuriating but

it's the movie bringing attention to it

yeah you know like with the rich white

moms they're not just condoning this

behavior they're like no this is wrong

the moon is saying something rather than

just like bringing it up it's like yes

it's it makes your blood boil but

they're doing so like it's used about

where it landed on the pro/con scale

because it's a comedy yes a movie that

is written as a rom-com sometimes you

kind of forget it yeah they're like

Matt it along so Gary but it's also

written partially written and directed

by a woman so you know I'm just saying

let them do it

this child is awful in the beginning he

is a demon like he literally closes the

door and is like can we talk about

before that he pulls Scarlett Johansson

yeah he like kicks here and that's the

first time we get Chris Evans because

she's like fence over whether likes but

out I feel like how about that when we

were watching it but that is kind of

creepy on the part of the movie so I

even said that I was like why isn't she

pulling her pants up and all that it was

the movie trying to use like the comedy

is really Oh your pants are down and

you're gonna introduce him now the rich

moms not raising their kids

that's just like a overarching yeah

themes no I don't think you have to go

through that again overworked [ __ ]

rich dad it's exactly what picture he's

not really overworked you think he is

yeah you think he is but it's he uses

work as an excuse yeah to not have to

like identify with his wife he a child

or the hare the lion thirty ho in

Chicago is where his sleek mistress is

so first he's always gonna be at work

she's also a partner to these women

could do better why are you with this

guy this one was Paige's little deer


please remember that today is the 4th of

July family party multiple times two

times actually


she cringed the whole time they benefit

in the hula hoop song so at least it

wasn't this is kind of a pro and a con

because the American costumes you know

like they're kind of over the top this

is all from the party that's where we

find out the husband is cheating then we

get into the parent society which we've

also talked about where they claim

they're in a parrot society but all of

them suck at being parrots so like what

are you doing I really just think it's

like an excuse for the woman to drink

during the daytime okay this is my

personal nightmare Breyers birthday

party for somebody that had French mind

slash clowns and I did not almost like

obsessed with like yeah like brunch yeah

yeah Oh to get him into that collegiate

row of that birthday party though is in

the background you hear grace laughing

one of the minds the mom literally does

this a month before the kids actual

actual birthday right has the dads in

town and she wants to appease him but

she's not even appeasing if they're

fighting about what is his birthday

oh yeah his a big giant birthday bash is

a month later because she couldn't get

the party plan oh yeah that party that

private party is so the dad can come

home for those two days from Chicago to

see his son and he doesn't even see his

son he's arguing with the mom the whole

time during the mine party

oh the day ever showed the big eyed

elaborate now at a party at the party

glitter for when greater six she calls

her mom and then mrs. X comes home and

it's like very rude Annie's mom my name

is Judy and she's like okay bye Julie

yeah also Annie is like grayer's been

very very very sick sleeping yeah then

it can't be that sick now Kenny I'm like

that's not have you ever been you ever

heard of the term bed rest

that also leads into where we get

Annie's mom's like negative reaction to

her job and I feel like as a mom you'd

be like you you deserve better

right call me when this is over you're

like no one wants to see their kid

belittle she seen that the problem is

Miss X and their daughter yeah not that

this has anything to do with it but her

mom is played by Donna Murphy a gay

mother Gothel did not know best the next

one is again Annie not taking Harvard

hotties option of going with Hampton

because that was clearly the batch and

take the kid and go there and they'd

have a pleasant life like yeah it's

technically kidnapping but a Harvard

hottie is talking about going to law

school I gotta take some time thinking

like philosophy what he might for me so

like you know we could find a loophole

here at the fat phobic moment mother

nah you've gotten importantly like shut

up it's like you're drinking yourself to

death ladies yeah I guess he needs to be

put in his place but you don't have to

bring like weight into it it's he's got

so many other qualities to be checked on

yeah personality into it yeah he's not

an [ __ ] because of me [ __ ] well like

he's just an ass like that they got him

a puppy just because their marriage is

complete shambles yeah it's just a mess

and they're trying to placate hens

listen do puppies are forever bye see ya


okay I'm gonna let that time I got she

died she would have found crying in the

corner and there an electronic dog that

I can't take care of your life he's with

Will and Grace now the next con which

we've talked about but it deserves to be

mentioned twice is this drugs being a

disgusting perv with an E and then then

blaming Annie for it because

victim-blaming is just a thing now

it's just a power move on mrs. X part

because like her admitting that her

husband is cheating on her is a loss of

power yeah

so the only way to maintain the power at

the very little power

is gaslighting Annie and probably me and

they did it earlier in the movie which I

forgot just until now when she finds

that like black leg lace oh yeah

basically makes any kinky things and it

slurs even though she knows it's not for

the Paul Giamatti like groping part I

always suppress if they like actually

went there I thought maybe it was just

gonna be he was getting too close and

then she got uncomfortable but he like

he's yeah they went push down and I was

like really uncomfortable as soon as I

saw him come in with his open robe when

you seen it before in meiosis about

fresh oj concentrate you have got to be

kidding me all my money and I can't get

fresh-squeezed come on get out like I

don't only see his face when he's about

to do something fired they like

awkwardly switch between like Annie's

face and grayer's face and it scared the

crap out of me and I love horror movies

I was just part of the issue is that the

sound cuts out - yeah they cut your air

space a set you can hear a sound cut off

yeah and that's like part of the

atmosphere at the horror film cuz

usually when they do cuts and movies

it's either like a song playing in the

background or like you're saying they'd

be quiet because natalie where if I

think that I usually feel like montages

yes so like if it was just

Annie's like the sound of her in the car

it wouldn't have been so freaking creepy

yeah it was straight creepy the next con

is after everything I fire her she hands

her her last paycheck envelope and he

opens it and there is $40 inside of it

that she literally lets fly away on the

ferry because it doesn't mean [ __ ] it's

two $20 bills like after everything

that's your average

talk about that again either knowing why

my $40

it's language is acting like that's your

worth oh yeah it was a slap in the face

to Annie it was like here especially

after her blaming her for like the

husband being curvy

yeah you know it's just you know they're

like here here's your money in the lost

con that we have written down was Chris

Evans and flip flops because walk

yay presently Khan's our arbitrary rank

is was it based on anything I don't

think in general it was I would just

like to interject and say that somehow

we all missed this based on the number

one best-selling novel good going guys

but there were definitely like

references to different nods yeah Mary

Poppins really great yeah so the IMDB

score was a six point two the Rotten

Tomatoes score is a four point nine

seven okay

yes that's rude yeah you know what I

liked it as much I would say as much as

I liked sunshine which I gave an eight

I'm gonna be generous because I loved

every single second that Chris was on

screen they opened the elevator and I

melted that was it for me I was firm I

think I'd also say eight yeah I enjoyed

it me too like I said it was infuriating

at heart all right we're getting that

technical the guests average is seven

point nine three basically but I'm

putting down seven point nine three so

the total points for The Nanny Diaries

is twenty seven point one out of forty

so that's like on the higher end yeah

that's the key you're the only one that

had seen this movie before

yep I did not even know it existed my

mom when I was 12 years old things

it was later for some reason way cheaper

to buy this movie from eBay than it was

to rent it I think it was like $9 -

right under the goal the next movie is a

battle for Guerra that should be fun

I could do the outro all right well you

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