"Ink" - an original horror film - Rated PG-13

being you know

the circulatory system contains several

very different

components including the heart a hollow

muscular pump

that stands at the operational center of

the system

that pumps liquid blood throughout the

body through three types of flexible

tubes the blood vessels the arteries

channel blood from the heart to all

parts of the body needing

service once there the blood passes

through narrow arteries and enter the


hey parker you couldn't just say hi

you're on mute hello

what's up hi uh okay um

just a quick question what are you what

are you wearing

on your face what are you wearing my


why we have a presentation to work on

we're gonna get to it okay all right

parker can you just

just between me and you you just

actually contribute today

yesterday you literally did nothing and

right now i'm like

really stressed i have so much homework

and i can't i can't like

we're really behind on this and like

you're really not helping

yes i guess that would be

possible get it

possible like possible

but possible

substances and some blood cells pass

into and out of the blood by moving

through the thin

porous capillary walls blood is then

carried throughout the veins

which returns the blood to the heart the


of blood through the vessels in the part

of the body

is called perfusion hey brother turn on

your camera

yeah can you take a camera today yeah

i'll just wait until everyone gets here

it's fine that's okay

oh hi guys hey hey yuna hey lily

hi wait wait you know

it's kind of suspicious that lily and

yoona are both late

and just happen to arrive at the same


so you're jealous nah

um i'm really tired you guys i didn't

get off until like

2 a.m doing you know french and

all of my other homework so i could like

finish by 10.

i did tell you to quit that job but you

didn't really want to listen to me

they are terrible i used to work there


no just quit whatever potty you know

we could finish early if you actually

helped with the research

you know i'm just tired of carrying this

team around parker

come on we literally just talked about


you have some sources prepared i've got

the best source

wikipedia isn't a valid source anyways

um so i've already shared this

presentation with you guys i don't know

if you can see it but i think today we

can start creating the outline

i don't know if we got enough

information yesterday but

i feel like we're ready i mean i don't

know what do you guys think i can't

believe you guys convinced me to do

anatomy my senior year

oh before we start you know i got you


no you didn't wait i did i got it from

that really

dirty thrift store across town it gave

me like old school vibes and a number

she loved pens so

i got it for you oh my god wait that's

so sweet of you lily

thanks uh but you know you didn't have

to do that with

you know sorry don't

worry about it we're doing fine um and

you always offer to pay for me whenever

we go out so

consider this a thank you you know i

wasn't informed this was

thanksgiving it wasn't either

uh can you not with the slurping yeah

it's it's

really gross yo lily what's up with your

finger though

oh um i opened the pen too fast and it

cut me

uh it's a fountain pen didn't you know

the tip

is super sharp hey it's a fountain pen


i never used a fountain pen before and

that is so cool

thanks again lily um i could pick it up

tomorrow during class

okay but like that's not the point

you're like sweating

really bad are you okay oh um i'm

fine it's just kind of hot uh maybe mom

dropped the ac again to

save some money um can we start on this

presentation now

bro brooke literally thank you okay

i mean that's why we're here right

yeah yeah all right so i've

already pictured names in the slides

uh i'll just slide number one parker two

uh lily three you know you can do

four and uh brooke you can do five

is that cool yeah

wait um lily

what are you doing we're supposed to be

writing on the

slideshow writing it lily that's really

unnecessary you're gonna waste time

hello what is she doing look

lily lily

maybe your speakers went i have stuff to

do i prefer being your pen yuna

hey whatever lily

what you kind of lost yourself a couple

seconds ago

okay pause everything right now lily

i know you're trying to be funny and all

but we really have to get started on

this presentation

so you know yeah are you sure you're


okay okay because what were you just

doing just now

oh um sorry uh

let's just get started um i'm doing the

what part am i doing again sorry


okay you're kind of worrying me maybe

you should get some rest

yeah you're going going overboard with


look whatever this is i'm not falling

for it that's all i know

hold on is this a prank bruh lily if

this is a prank

then we get it it's haha funny you're so

funny but

we have stuff to do speaking of which

um i know you forgot to hit record

yesterday fatima

sorry sorry okay sorry

okay everything's okay

lily hello whatever yuna

lily you do you let's get to work i want

to sleep sometime this century

okay oh my god what

okay i don't think she's okay is this

about the thanksgiving comment

what what the hell was that what was


lily someone's in your room uh

huh no there's not

no there was there was something there

was something right behind you

a second ago just there very funny you

guys you're freaking me out

right lily this isn't funny anymore yeah

what are we supposed to think

your house is haunted ooh spooky dog

stop please

guys i'm not feeling well can we please

just work on the outline

that's what i've been saying did you

guys see that

yo parker seriously what

i'm hungry

what the hell was that hold up um

did somebody get the door

mom dad

you know what i'll be back

we are not working on this outline


you know what parker you seem pretty

chill about this and

why are you eating

i'm hungry i am okay what you think i'm

behind this

do you guys really think i would joke

around to this extent


how did it get here wait who was it

lily how did you manage to get the pen

to my house i told you i would

tomorrow okay well

however you did it um thanks oh my god

it's really beautiful in person

okay okay pause what should i write with

it first

oh how about a letter to mr lambriola

explaining how everyone's thought except

mine that this outline didn't get done

on time what oh please

sure bambi will never blame his precious

foxy bear oh of course not parker

because he'll automatically assume it's

your fault

i wasn't going to say it but i was going

to bambi loves me

ah almost as much as he loves that super

cute nickname

do you like it you know i tried a few

others like lambo

lambriella lamb chop you know but it

doesn't feel quite as right as lambie

okay here

dear mr lambriolo we the students


go vascular group have not turned in


not with that seriously but wait

hold on did you guys see that is it too


what uh

there's someone in your room lily what

don't do that you guys scared the [ __ ]

out of me you know how easily i get


no no no seriously parker did you see

that too

huh nah man i was playing the mangas

of course you were bro it was like

lily are you sure you're oh bro there it

is again lily turn around i saw it

i saw it oh my god now i'm officially

freaked out oh my gosh

what's this oh my gosh what is that

what lily it's yo

why is her camera off lily

guys guys what

what what is this what is what

okay okay oh sorry what is this

wait wait can you bring it closer

okay i'm trying

uh i don't know what that is what the


lord the smart one figure it out oh

thank you parker

wait actually wait a second

i have this really old book that my

grandfather gave me this

a long time ago i usually just use it

for inspiration but uh

i think i've seen that before


inspiration for what hold on


wait can you bring it up to the camera

again yeah yeah yeah

okay uh oh right here

it says here that this

symbol was commonly used by sailors and

travelers out at sea

to ward off ships from

bad curses and omens wait

why did you draw that i

didn't i i guess i did i

i don't remember that's the problem

guys what if that weird shadow thing we

keep seeing is connected to all this

no man this is some scary movie [ __ ]

i need to go to bed i don't have time

for this bro you can't bail

this just got good oh

in what world is any of this good okay

this is gonna sound

really weird but the sigil that you just

showed us right

it's used to ward off curses so maybe

the pen that lily bought curser and now

the pen is trying to tell us how to stop

it and like

the weird shadow thingy is a part about

you're telling me

this pen is talking to me you know how

insane this sounds right now with this

whole situation

wait where is lily guys how long has she

been off this

he's been gone a long time ago okay you

know what i'm

i'm calling your mom okay i need to know

she need to know she's okay

gosh you know i think you need to draw

the sigil like right i don't

need to draw the stupid sigil hi yes you

hi hi mom um uh me

and lilz are working on a project today


she hasn't been back for a while so i

was wondering

you know what um never mind what's wrong

with you

lilz are you okay

hello okay please just get some rest


trusting me out lily stop what is going

on do not

okay i already sent a picture to your

phone did you get it

yeah yeah i just got it okay fatima how

do you know this

is gonna help better safe than sorry

look there's a goddamn shadow demon

walking around

holy crap oh my god fatima

what brook i i don't know i literally

don't know i'm trying my best guess

okay i i drew it up it's not working it


it's not working no of course it's not


why is it not working uh okay okay oh

i'm okay i'm gonna keep reading i'm

gonna keep reading

well just just tell me you're okay just

tell me something

please i need to know i don't know

you need to calm down a little bit

you're freaking no i don't know what's

wrong with her

tell me what's wrong it's okay guys

don't break it really

no oh my gosh

lily lily guys

guys do i just smell like metal

ink doesn't

oh my god oh my god

we need to go now

where's my phone