When Cartoon Network Parodied A Rated R Movie (Scooby Doo/Blair Witch Project) (Cartoon History)


in 1999 all anybody wanted to talk about

was the Blair Witch Project the Blair

Witch Project was a horror film about a

group of people who go to the woods can

basically all get killed by a witch the

movie was marketed as being found camera

footage from actual people who went to

the woods and were killed by witch so a

lot of people believe the film to be

real it wasn't they were all actors but

at the time people thought this was

actual footage of people getting haunted

by a witch so you can imagine people

were pretty scared it made it look super

real tube with clips from a fake news

show in fake press conferences making it

seem like a real story and it was a big

deal everyone was talking about it

some were terrified some were making fun

of it and people argued all day on the

internet about whether or not it was

real but regardless there was a huge

moment in pop culture and in film now

obviously it was an adult movie rated R

but that didn't stop Cartoon Network

from joining in on the fun on Halloween

1999 Cartoon Network ran a 24-hour

scooby-doo marathon but all the episodes

were from 30 years ago so how could they

get people to watch they had the perfect

idea they dressed up the reruns with an

ongoing storyline that took place during

the commercial breaks

with a scooby-doo project which was just

the Blair Witch Project

but for scooby-doo the scooby-doo

character is basically re-enacted the

entire Blair Witch movie beat by beat it

was filmed in live-action with the

scooby-doo characters overlaid on top of

the footage it actually looked pretty

good it opens up with a police officer

making the announcement that the

scooby-doo gang had gone missing so

right off the bat it was pretty dark

because you know they didn't make it

almost every major scene from the movie

was in the parody the carefree

introduction while they pack the

interviews in town with the angry

rednecks a character losing the map when

it's found useless and so much more

sometimes I had a comedic twist like

shaggy eating the map but sometimes

there was no comedic effect at all which

was kind of weird all the characters go

missing in mysterious ways just like in

the real Blair Witch Project movie and

it ends the exact same way the movie did

with Shaggy standing in a corner in

Velma getting attacked and dropping the

camera Wow

Cartoon Network was not messing around

all in all the special is actually

pretty creepy especially for Cartoon

Network it's not every day that a kids

network does a parody of a rated R movie

but they did and it was pretty great and

it was dark like really dark but



do you remember this do you think this

was weird

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