Peppermint Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

Who's my girl?

My girl has love in her heart,

and snow in her eyes,

and peppermint in her blood. Happy birthday kiddo!

Mrs. North,

I'm very sorry for your loss.

We have three suspects in custody, but they're all linked to the Garcia Cartel. No witnesses have been willing to step up.

These cartels are no joke. They've got everyone in there pockets. You've been through a terrible tragedy,

Maybe you didn't see what you think you saw?

That's him. Maybe you've made a mistake. Number three, number five, number four.

They did it! Is it possible that your recollection isn't what you thought it was?

The evidence is insufficient to hold the defendants over for trial.

You think that you're gonna have justice?

Make them all pay?

Five years ago, Riley North just disappeared, completely off the grid. So, she spends the last five years doing what? Training.

Well, that's new.

You honestly think Riley North did this? Today's the five year anniversary of her family's murder.

She's back.

Corrupt judges, dirty cops. Well I want, I want justice!

It's not a coincidence that makes this area low crime, it is low crime because of her.

Maybe somebody's doing something.

Find her. I don't care you have to burn this city down. Watching someone take everything from you.

They turned you into somebody else. Social media is lit up with support for her. She's a multiple homicide suspect.

Not to them she's not.

Out manned, and out gunned, how do you really think this is gonna go?

I will kill every one of you. And then I'll pretty much wing it from there.