Southpaw Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Movie HD

I expected a hard fight you know I put

my family to

or you get hit the harder you fight I

get it let's go

only now you taking way too many hits

before you get off you can't fight like

that anymore think about her I'll tell

you something mommy I love you

so predictive offered me the light

heavyweight champion I won't be here

without my wife Marie hey Billy why'd

you leave us also my keep watch baby you

ain't never been real real man

let go let's go home well I take your

belt who with not no no no no no no no


this Court is aware of the tragedy your

family has suffered mr. hope

nonetheless you have chosen to

demonstrate dangerous behaviors while

having custody of your daughter that you

need help really it'll be a year before

your suspension is up which means zero

income legal custody of the child shall

remain with Family Services until the

father can demonstrate the abilities of

a responsible parent

you want me come with you no I can't do

this alone so what brings Billy hope

DiMaggio I'm looking for a job maybe

place a trade you couldn't handle the

rules here but I can't lose my daughter

I'll give you my everything I know that

you're mad at me right now you don't

know anything she doesn't want to see

you today

tell her I love her got a little H so

she can get better

how'd you like to fight that time you

think that you could beat mention not

without you

fight again I'm gonna get my kid back

what chance is there that Pope could win

because a stick against hope he believed

okay me though this is your time show

Mom you can control your deceit