the song is called half-nelson for those

times when you're feeling kind of stuck

this machine is keeping me down what is

that what keeps us from being free miss

dre prisons absolutely it's home to

school exactly the whole education


aren't you the machine then oh no you

didn't a little elbow here and there

never killed anybody not in my house

you'll never worry about me who look at

you in this Twitter their tears their

Tina's also you grown-up what's new

hello if you need something let me know

write some goes up then it comes down

but every time that happens will you get

in your day so what's your need teach I

teamed up for the most part I do it now

to get by but I can handle it coach fine

how are you same old thing well I feel

good today anyone else feel good you

don't think about working easy right

show be flipping burgers I know that I'm

the last person that should be saying

sorry about me we are sinners but we can

strive to be good well because she is

Sancho's nacho cheese

is there something going on that I

should know that

some people change some people actually

change yeah not me

I'm one man what do I do

I need you to stay away from drugs scuse

me mr. model a16 I don't know - your

teacher tree is my fan bases don't have


we're always changing and there are some

changes you can't control but there are

others you can second chance is a rare

man you want to take better advantage of