Meteorologist Chris Still explains why the moon is orange in Augusta tonight - 07/01/2015

good evening and thanks for watching

this NBC 26 dot TV weather update I'm

chief meteorologist Chris still I've

been getting a lot of questions tonight

really last night - about why the moon

is so Orange out there and it turns out

there's a very good meteorological

reason take a look at this graphic

they've been having a lot of wildfires

in northern parts of Canada especially

in the Alberta province the jet stream

meanwhile is a ridge in the West and a

trough in the east and that has those

150 to 200 mile-per-hour winds located

about 30,000 feet up in the air blowing

all the way from Canada down into the

deep south and that thin layer of hazy

smoke has been causing the light rays

from the moon to be bent or refracted as

they pass through the upper atmosphere

and that makes the moon appear that

bright shade of orange especially when

it first comes up and is low on the

horizon now there has been a lot of talk

about the Star of Bethlehem conjunction

the past couple of nights

it peaked on Tuesday night June 30th but

the stars are still on the planets Xers

they are still very close together

tonight now here in Georgia where I am

there's a lot of smoke in the sky and

some cloud cover so the view is not very

good but in other parts of the country

it is a good view are very easy to see

all you have to do is look in the

western sky about 30 minutes after

sunset meanwhile a quick check of our

weather and we'll go ahead and do it all

around the country since I realize many

of you are watching from other locations

looks like a very hot pattern out in the

West and that's going to continue for a

few days

cooler than average across the east and

that means significant rainfall

especially across the Tennessee and Ohio

Valley a radar around the United States

tonight showing a pretty good coverage

of showers and thunderstorms and we'll

zoom in on the Southwest a few scattered

light rain showers here especially in

eastern parts of Colorado but some clear

skies splashed in there as well rough

weather across Missouri over into parts

of southern Indiana that's all along a

front that's going to sag to the south

over the last couple of days we'll

finish up where most of you are probably

watching from either Georgia or South

Carolina scattered showers and a few

thunderstorms are

through especially in the Birmingham

area those are headed toward Columbus

Georgia here in the CSRA where NBC 26 is

located a few scattered a light rain

showers we had a thunderstorm warning

about 9:30 tonight for Emanuel County

but that has expired and the

thunderstorm has moved over into the

Statesboro area where a thunderstorm

warning remains in effect for a few more

minutes that's it for now be sure to

check NBC 26 dot TV slash weather for

the weather in your area have a good