Why envious friends or fam and infantile trolls - NEVER win and YOU DO! Soul Food Family Motivation!


- father how are you doing my darlings

I couldn't resist just sharing a little

bit of my paradise with you in Altair

over here behind me just I feel like I'm

standing on water I'm walking on water

can you see the views Nick stunning and

it's just some of the Sun just went down

and it's kind of fitting because I was

thinking earlier I wanted to do a vlog

on this on this theme and not sure how I

wanted to address it really I think the

main thing is the main thing I really

want you to know and I maybe I've said

this elsewhere some of you may be a

followed me elsewhere like I don't know

LinkedIn or I don't know where you you

found me I'm out you might have heard me

so similar before it's just on this

theme of really success and or or just

even nice things happening to you and

other people's reactions to that so in

other words people's reaction to your

success and accomplishments or just good

luck just plain old good luck right and

when you get the envy when you get the

trolls when you get the mean-spirited

people I kind of just wanted to just do

some give you some pointers and thoughts

really on that and the main thing I

guess is that we're not you know I

wouldn't have a job as a psychotherapist

if everyone was well and I think I'm not

the only one saying this out here saying

this sort of thing you may have had this

before but the main thing to keep in

mind is that people who are disparaging

or kind of troll you online social media

they are not in a good place right and I

mean you just think about it in order to

kind of take the time to either consume

someone's content and just be mean about

it or to not even bother doing that and

just to throw shade sad is that this

really start it just says everything

just in it when you really think about

it but they're not in a good place and I

love I think it was a Shakespeare quote

and I might have got this wrong but I

believe it was Shakespeare said

something like whether you love me or

hate me you know I'm gonna paraphrase it

because I don't know the actual exact

words so whether you love me or hate me

I'm occupying space in your head so kind

of one really right and in a way that's

how marketing works right because it

doesn't matter really if you hate an

advert and the jingle literally drives

you mad and once you just don't you to

wanna throw yourself off a building you

we've all had those adverts haven't we

with the jingles do you even now I mean

just think of it like shaking back when

if you can if you're of a certain age

and you're British you grew up with that

advert there are so many iconic adverts

and whether you love them or hate them

they're in your head they've occupied

space they've done their job so I want

you to keep that in mind if ever you get

that kind of trolling and stuff online

when it's people offline and people

maybe it's someone close to you that you

actually you know their opinion matters

to you that's harder in a way isn't it I

think that's much harder but you can't

take everyone with you you know and I

think that's why this this beautiful

scenery seems so fitting to me because I

want you to as much as it's no perfect

as those insects right there's always

something it's always something you can

be the most successful person in the

world and there will always be something

because that is the nature of life right

it's the nature of life there is always

duality there is always something to

irritate you because you know this is

not a forever place okay getting a bit

spiritual on you now but there has to be

some grips in the honey otherwise we

would never stay still in fact that's

the story behind the stand size that we

have here it also toe the idea there was

a myth that to my knowledge was

something around the fact that everyone

would stand in wonder look at this

divine scenery and get no work done so

the gods send these sand flies which

everywhere here in our town are but who

cares we live in paradise were so

blessed we don't give a really but

yeah I think that's really what I wanted

to tell you my darling the

you know even if it's someone you love

just appreciate that you can't take

everyone with you but what you can do is

you can you can cross that bridge of

your spiritual growth your emotional

physical whatever the development is

that that someone is kind of you know

disparaging you on you can do it anyway

and still love the person and yet not

kind of feel like you can't actually

move forward sometimes we have to cross

that bridge we have to stay in our light

and from the other side we show them the

light they know if they're kind of in

their misery if they're busy kind of

sowing or whatever or you know leaving

shitty comments on your content or if

you're so annoying for example that's

their reality there's nothing you can do

for that person because they don't want

to do anything for themselves so in

other words you cross the bridge anyway

and you wave from your side and you

continue to shine your life okay my

darling even with wet thing the tide is

coming in so I guess that's my cue from

nature to wrap this up and really I

wanted to keep it short my love so I

hope this is useful maybe it's a really

good good timed well-timed reminder of

what we thought we all know this right

stay in your light stay in your truth

stay in your love keep your focus going

don't look back

okay and know that as you do that you

will meet the people who are worthy of

you and who deserve to be in your orbit

I've gotta go and on that note some good

news for me I mean this is just a bit

tangential but I am have you heard the

song I know you feel the line so baby

when you're ready

have you heard that song school vibe and

it's by cookie kawaii

so cookie kawaii is someone who has been

grinding at her craft for so many years

like many artists and only just now this

song gone viral

particularly on Tik Tok and she's doing

incredibly well so as soon as I heard

this song I fell in love with it and I

fell in love with her I followed her


now she's obviously becoming famous

dosha cat has famously made videos to

her song multiple videos that lots of

stalkers long-term excitement and buzz

around that for cookie kawaii and her

fans were known as the Cookie Monster's

but what's lovely for me is that I think

cookie and we're going to realize that

just like I'm saying the people who are

on her level the people who are and when

I said on her level I don't mean that

there's difference between us as humans

there's no difference it just depends on

us where we are in terms of our energy

if someone is throwing at your work

they're in a lower vibration but then

note they're no better or worse than any

of us right just to be clear but I feel

as though that appreciation that high

vibration that about gratitude and

what's the word it is it's when people

look knowledge and see you right

you know sometimes that comes back it

doesn't always come back but the point

is she swallowed me so now it's like

we're friends and that seems really

righteous she was in my thoughts I was

thinking about the song I love the song

I play as much as I can

everyone in my orbit you know knows that

I love the song but it's you know no

that's a still no one you know we're not

on that level we're at that with that

statement really means much but I'm

telling you this because it kind of

illustrates what I've just been saying

and I just hope it inspires you and it's

a small thing you know you could say

that's well that's very nice Gwendolyn

but doesn't mean much but I think it

does because I think it speaks to why

I'm saying really about our energy and

how that consistent it's not that being

perfect like you can have days and

stuff and feel like giving up and and

give up even you know you you just have

to be true and honest and real with

yourself but I think when you are a good


you have a good car and you do you work

at your craft or your job or your work

whatever it is you are doing in life

doesn't matter whether you are a

hairdresser a baker cleaner or a rock

star you're doing it with lovin with the

right tension I think you eventually

start to get that vibration and that

energy back and that's really all I'm

saying here in a way so my darling I

wanted to keep this short I don't take

up too much of your time with us because

it's not necessarily new but it just

felt like somehow I wanted to make this

point and maybe if even one of you hears

this and is encouraged and I am thrilled

with that

love you guys thank you for your support

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getting on and I'll see you in the next

one see all of my love