The Importance of the Mississippi River

what is it about south Louisiana that

makes it important to the United States

and I guess first and not foremost but

but important it must be remembered that

these wetlands on earth environmental

bases are truly international the

important area of the ecosystem and the

environment the Mississippi River is the

third largest watershed in the world and

it covers approximately 41 percent of

the United States and parts of two

Canadian provinces stretching from New

York State in the East to Utah in the

West and all of that water and all of

the stuff the sediment flows down

through the various tributaries into the

Mississippi River ultimately down

crossing in front of New Orleans and

down into the Gulf of Mexico

historically what happened is is that

South Louisiana as we know it and now

the Mississippi Delta which is an area

from about New Orleans and down further

was created by virtue of the fact of the

Mississippi River overflowing the

Mississippi River will distribute fresh

water and sediment and mud and clay and

it would build up a base of land and

very shallow bays and streams and from

that a massive ecosystem composed of

freshwater swamp that saltwater marsh

and forest soft forest the very

existence of that ecosystem is what has

protected those who have lived in this

part of the world for years because

they've acted just like land would as

major hurricanes would cross the

ecosystem is what is protected the

individuals who have lived about whether

they be Indians are those that live

there now from the impacts of hurricanes

and storms we live on little lynnium

lines of property honor that exists on

the other side of the former of pairs of

the Mississippi River and in-between

that there are these long swamps that

really go very deep into the southern

part of the state