The most-Googled questions on Iraq

these are the questions you have on Iraq

according to Google's autocomplete I'm

gonna try and give you the answers this

is the 101 Iraq who is Iraq's president

well that question might not be as

important as you think this guy followed

Massoud is president and protector of

the Constitution but not much else the

power in Iraq today is really held by

the Prime Minister and the military and

this is where things get interesting so

first some basic background he walked is

home to Sunnis Shias and Kurds they also

share power in the government the

president's usually occur dish the prime

minister Shia and the parliamentary

leader assuming now here's where it gets

tricky the former Prime Minister Nouri

al-maliki was very Pro Iran he invited

Iranian fighters into Iraq legalized the

Iranian militias and gathered them under

the banner of hashed ashabi in order to

fight armed Sunni insurgents and - aka

Isis things were a bit unbalanced now

the current prime minister haider

al-abadi doesn't have such close ties

with Iran but hashed ashabi is still

operating in the country and it's about

as powerful as the Rock's own army so

there's a military arm of Iran legally

operating in Iraq something that would

have been unimaginable before the US

invasion what IRRI what Iraq looks like

today well it's not the picture on the

ground which is the real story here the

US military left hundreds of tons of

depleted uranium and other toxic waste

throughout the country

and it's being linked to cancer genetic

mutations and birth defects in areas

where the US military was heavily

operating cancer rates have doubled

worst of all the legacy of depleted

uranium munitions can last for

generations and in Fallujah a study

found the highest rates of genetic

damage in any population ever studied

where is where is Iraq's oil going after

the US invasion many people expected

American companies to take the lion's

share of the industry but in 2009 when

Iraq finally auctioned off control

management and production of their oil

fields there were crickets from the US

market when the bidding started there

was just one US company at the table

Occidental Petroleum Corporation who was

quickly outbid it was till a verdict at

CNPC petronas hotel lobby started our

alliances there was Exxon you might be

making a deal with the Kurds who

controlled the oil fields in northern

Iraq when Iraq when did the Iraq war

start you may think it started with the

US invasion in 2000

but that's not quite right it actually

goes back to July 25th 1990 then

President Saddam Hussein met with US

ambassador April Class B and pretty much

said that he was gearing up to invade

his neighbor Kuwait Saddam actually

asked the US ambassador quote what is

the u.s. his opinion of this the u.s. is

response we have no opinion on your

arab-arab conflicts so Saddam invades

and immediately the u.s. changes its

tune and in fact the UN Security Council

revolution to use military means if Iraq

didn't pull out now here's where things

get ugly The Rock's army agreed to pull

out and was literally on the road back

home when the u.s. carpet bombed the

remote highway they were killing tens of

thousands of retreating Iraqi soldiers

why Iraq war

well if you're talking about the first

Iraq war some say Saddam had gotten too

strong for the u.s. his comfort zone and

so they let him believe that he was free

to invade Kuwait to put him on the spot

and when he actually agreed to retreat

with all of his forces intact

well that just couldn't happen from then

Iraq was put under harsh sanctions by

both the US and Britain and then invaded

in 2003 by the US under the false guise

of having weapons of mass destructions

and links to 9/11

how Iraq war created Isis after invading

the u.s. decided to disband the Iraqi

army that's right

overnight about half a million

well-trained Iraqi soldiers were

unemployed then the US did some things

like opened fire on peaceful protesters

in Fallujah torturing and killing Iraqis

and prisons like Abu Ghraib and using

violent private contractors like

Blackwater who have been accused of

countless crimes against civilians and

really quickly the u.s. went from being

seen as liberators to brutal invaders

and occupiers the last ingredient was

the u.s. detention of tens of thousands

of non-combatants together with

militants in places like Camp Bucca the

guy in charge commander James Skylar

gironde later said quote we created a

pressure cooker for extremism

that's where Abu Bakr al-baghdadi the

leader of daesh also known as Isis was

held and reportedly became radicalized

when he was released he joined up with

Abu Musab al-zarqawi is al Qaeda in Iraq

and used the u.s. as invasion and

illegal occupation as a rallying cry

then somehow under the nose of the

strongest military force on earth the

Islamic state in Iraq was formed they

swept through much of the northwest

gaining control of key oil fields and

much of Iraq's military equipment they

spilled into Syria and changed their

name to the Islamic state in Iraq and

Syria also known as Isis and the rest is