What Causes Sore Scalp? | How to Prevent Breakage at the Crown | CCCA

hey YouTube it's now I'm nappy and I'm

back for another tip Tuesday so this

week I want to talk about common causes

for hair loss and how to prevent it

especially for women of African descent

so my first time experiencing

crime-related hair loss from me started

about seven to eight years ago I talked

about it here in my hair loss story

which I tied up here for you guys and it

was due to my anemia my low iron levels

and so I share that story with you guys

and that's kind of what spurred me or

made me want to do this video for you

guys today to kind of talk about some of

the reasons and causes for crown hair

loss as well as some of the ways

prevented and possibly reversed it

before it is too late reports completely

gone alright so the most common form of

hair loss for African American women is

called central centrifugal to contribute

alopecia CCA I'm not gonna repeat it

again just CCA from here on out alright

so this is actually the most common form

of scarring related hair loss or

scarring related alopecia for

african-american women and I said the

crown area because it starts as like a

small circle and it works it's played

out okay so I'm gonna give you a little

brief history and then we're gonna go

right into some of the most common

causes of this all right so initially in

the 1960s before it became the CCA

it was initially called hot comb

alopecia because the only common cost

causes that they were aware of the time

with black women who are using the hot

comb and petrolatum

or petroleum to press their hair and

they were saying that the petroleum was

heating up and destroying the hair

follicle damage is heating up the scalp

and causing damage to the follicles

underneath and eventually

causing hair loss so wasn't until 1992

that they begin looking at other causes

a for african-american hair loss in

particular a study was done because

there was african-american women who

were showing up never used a hot comb

before with the same type of crime

related hair loss and they noticed that

it was hair loss that started again at

the root so they go to said a

degeneration at the root or the follicle

so that damage was gone and there was

once it's gone

there was no way to reverse it and they

believe during that time that this was

caused from too tight hairstyles it was

caused from chemicals or some type of

form of trauma to the scalp and to the

hair follicle tone now generally before

you start to become completely bald in

an area you may notice some other

symptoms other than pear shading and

that may be a sore or tender self right

in that crown area or maybe excess

itching or scratching scratching or a

tingling sensation or burning sensation

that you may not quite understand why

it's there now if you're experiencing a

neo is going to recommend of course the

purpose of this video that you should go

to your doctor or dermatologist if you

can find a black dermatologist I

recommend that to help you diagnose and

treat this issue before you get to a

point of where you can't reverse it okay

so I'm going to talk about so in this

video I want to talk about five of the

most common causes of CC 8 now the first

cause is allergies that leads to

dermatitis so a lot of us in the

springtime or in the fall time we know

our allergies start to act up or

sneezing or coughing we get that hay

fever or some of us are allergic to

other things other fruits other metals


and some of those things may be found in

our hair products all right and we're

using all-natural ingredients or

chemical synthetic ingredients they can

irritate the scalp so as you're

constantly putting them on your scalp

and using it you're constantly

scratching so your stop is becoming

inflamed and as you continue that

continue to scratch and continue to

damage the hair follicles okay so that

will then lead to thinning and then

possibly CC a hair loss over time so I'm

gonna recommend that if you notice a

trend like every time you get out of the

shower after wash day you notice you

scalp is really itchy still and you're

like I just wash my hair my hair should

not be this itchy or are you pulling one

product and you notice yourself it's

still again very itchy I think the best

thing to do is to try each product one

at a time to find out what is causing

your hair to itch or what is it maybe or

possibly allergic to and then remove

that from your regiment completely like

a lot of people I know say oh coconut

oil it makes my hair very itchy or makes

my hair very dry or whatever the case

stop using it use another oil you may

notice that you can't use nut oil so you

might need to use another type of oil

okay so just trying out different hair

products that your doesn't cause

itchiness or soreness in your scalp so

next up is genetic and now doctors don't

technically know the cause of CCA it

could possibly from too much DHT which

causes hair loss or they say if your

your mother hasn't your grandmother has

the more than likely you're gonna have

it it's just genetics but and this

allowed like to say is

is it genetics or is it possibly the

same hair practices that are passed down

from generation to generation that cause

the same type of balding or hair loss

and that leads me to my second point and

that is to type hairstyle now as black

women we love to do corals or braids or

possibly that high bun and I'm queen of

doing a good - but a lot of that causes

a lot of tension in the crown area and

that can really cause the follicles to

become inflamed and eventually die all

right so the best thing I can recommend

for you guys is to switch up your

hairstyles alright and don't always use

braids with me the extension at it don't

always use corals that are too tight if

you like to wear a bun switch up your

bun so would a high bun a low bun I'm

look for other low tension hairstyles

like this style that I have today I

posted it in my video yesterday if you

or two days ago your Tyrians this is a

very low tension hairstyle everything's

low and so there's no tension on my

crown areas so switching it up helps to

really produce a prevent fat crown

breakage additionally we want to look at

our washing practices we became so

programmed to section our hair into a

board right and then apply products and

wash your hair like that but that is a

lot of tension on that crown area as we

braid and twist and moisturize our pool

and full pull away causing causing

breakage and intention to that area

causing it to become inflamed which can

cause degeneration to the hair roots so

instead of wash that using four sections

I recommend adding maybe a fifth or

sixth section and instead of doing that

typical for you do the four and then

part one in the middle

self-defense section now a lot of people

may notice that their parent section is

actually a different porosity for the

rest of the hair so that will allow you

it allow you to get that section

personal treatment maybe it needs more

protein maybe you need to use a heavier

butter and sweat off or maybe you need

to use a heavier butter on that area to

help fill and lock in that moisture to

prevent that damage and that breakage

while washing its down on your hair so

next up I'm going to talk about is

hormones and vitamin deficiencies and

I'm going to put them together because

they both require you to go to a doctor

to find out what's going on so

hyperthyroidism is a very common

hormonal issue that relieves that that

leads to hair loss some of the symptoms

are extreme sweating rapid heartbeat

irritation you'll notice your hair is


you'll notice here it's spinning and

brittle and you definitely want to go to

the doctor to help to get diagnosed to

help find out what's going on and then

of course vitamin deficiency which is

very very important to me because it

happened to me all right so I was during

a period of time where I had a diet that

was low in protein and low in iron and I

became very anemic and I didn't know

what was going on I just kept thinking

I'll be fine and it wasn't until I went

to the doctor's and I was diagnosed that

I learned that my crown related hair

loss was due to my anemia so it can be

due to a number of other causes or by

other vitamin deficiencies such as

vitamin D vitamin D so you want to make

sure when you go to your doctor you get

that blood test whether that early book

biannually want whatever it is get

tested to find out so if you're

experiencing hair loss go to the doctor

okay now finally and this is gonna be it

for you guys is Brad

and UV damage we know that the town over

here is the highest point of our body

and it actually received the lowest

blood flow and we know blood flow is

important it delivers nutrients to that

area which helps to stimulate hair

growth so definitely massaging gently

massaging that area what helps reduce

blood flow and is also the reason why

inversion works now I'm not sitting here

telling you guys to do inversion because

I know certain people with medical

issues can not do inversions so if you

can't do inversion I recommend you

workout because that will also increase

blood flow and then do a stout personage

with oils now of course you know I'm

gonna throw that little caveat in there

because I love my oils and herbal oils

okay herb oils because some of the herbs

that I recommend to you guys help to

reduce inflammation in this town okay

such services ashwagandha Amla fenugreek

rosemary - Marie means all is contained

and possess anti-inflammatory properties

so when you use soap toes or you CIL's

and an herb or the herbal mass or over

oil and you decide your scalp with them

very gently okay because a lot of people

look if you massage too too rough you

can also make your exposures got very

sore as well that can also help to

reduce some of that information and help

your hair

we begin to fill itself again and

finally I'm going to go ahead and talk

about that UV damage because you guys

the Sun is very powerful and that is the

highest for the crowd is the highest

point of our head and receives the most

UV rays and the most damaging to our

hair follicles so we want to make sure

we are protecting our scalp whenever

it's really sunny out either with a hat

or particular perhaps with using some

oils and I'm gonna recommend what I know

off the top of my head is red raspberry

oil which has a very high SPF in it to

use that too or yourself if you know

you're going to be outside and then

protecting it

hats are something especially if you're

gonna be in the Sun for a long period of

time alright so that's it that all the

tips that I have for today if you are

experiencing hair loss and I'm gonna say

go to your doctor and and find out

what's going on and try to get that I

try to catch it early enough you guys

before it's completely gone

it's there there's no way to really

reverse it right now okay so don't

forget to check out my blog you guys

I'll have a lot more details a lot more

information on the blog for you guys

about this if you have any questions

please leave them down below if you know

anyone suffering from hair loss I

recommend you show me this video it's

time to go to the doctor that's it for

this week see you next time