Fun With Flags #11 - Mexico Flag

hey guys welcome to another video you

can tell by the title dad we're back to

flags today more specifically be Mexico

flag as usual we're going to be taking a

look at the history and the meaning of

the flag so first let's take a look at

Mexico's flag today a tricolor vertical

striped flag green white and red with an

eagle in its center before we talk about

the meaning of the colors and a symbol

let's travel back a few hundred years

and look at how the Mexican flag has

evolved throughout time before the

Spanish arrived and colonized the

territory the region of Mexico was

populated by natives the most well-known

would be the Aztecs but there were also

other tribes like the Mayans the zapotec

people or the yaki amongst many others

these people had their own symbols but

from what I could understand the use of

the flag as a symbol of identification

wasn't very common so we're going to use

the arrival of the Spanish and their

colonization of the Mexican territory as

our starting point for this video the

Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire

followed by the rest of Central America

and Mexico started in 1519 so from this

point onwards until the independence of

Mexico we can say that the official flag

flying over the Mexican territories was

the Spanish flag with a couple of

exceptions that we're going to look at

following the end of the conquest of the

Aztecs there were two flags flown

alongside the Spanish flag in Mexico

the flag of Hernan Cortes a red flag

with the image of the Virgin Mary and

the cavalry standard a swallow-tailed

red flag with a dove representing the

holy spirit so these two really

represent the Catholic influence that

the Spanish brought over to the new

world even though what they did to

conquered the territories wasn't exactly

very Catholic they tended to be quite

violent and massacred several thousands

of natives

the Spanish flag changed through our

time and had some evolutions if you want

to understand those check out my video

on a Spanish flag but what's important

for Mexico is the change which occurred

in 1810 in 1810 the New Spain

independence war began also known as the

mexican independence war it partially

coincides with the Napoleon invasion of

Spain in 1808 and it might have been one

of the causes the weakening of the

central region of the Empire in Spain

allowed for the fight for independence

of the colonies until 1815 with the war

waging on there was not an official

proposal for a flag instead each armed

group flew its own standard flag or

emblem one of the first independence

movement emblems was a banner of the

Virgin of Guadalupe interesting how

Cortes is flagged for colonization and

the independence movements flag had this

common symbol the Virgin Mary there were

also several other flags and banners in

use during the war in 1815 the first

official flag was proposed and confirmed

having three varieties the war flag the

flag of truce and the merchant flag the

war flag consisted of a mix of light

blue and white squares with the Mexican

symbol in its centre a more elaborate

version of the symbol in today's flag

the flag of troops was white with a

light blue border with a sword an olive

branch to symbolize peace and a laurel

crown the merchant flag was a flag of

Commerce a white cross on a field of

light blue the switch to the red white

and green colors only happened next this

flag was not a national flag but it

could be seen as the origin of this

color scheme it is the flag of the army

of the three guarantees which you could

say was the first official Mexican army

very important to the fight against the

Spanish and a consolidation of

Independence the three guarantees were

keeping the Roman Catholic Church

achieving independence under a liberal

monarchy and the equality between

Europeans and Americans fighting

alongside each other

for Mexican Independence so the first

meaning of the colors was the white

representing Catholic faith the green

representing independence and the red

representing the union between Europeans

and Americans the first official

national flag of Mexico to use these

colors was the flag of 1822 the flag of

Imperial Mexico despite having the full

symbol in its coat of arms the symbol on

the flag was merely a crowned eagle next

we have the Republican flag used on and

off through the 1800s

the only change was the removal of the

crown and the addition of the stone lake

and laurel for a short period in 1863 in

64 the state used the imperial court of

arms as its main symbol instead of the

flag because of the war between

Republicans and monarchists from 1864 to

67 the Imperial standard and the

Imperial flag took a more European style

in the coat of arms a color of the

Mexican Eagle Grand order and a scroll

with the words equity injustice was

added to the flag in 1867 Mexico

officially became a republic and all

imperial symbols were abolished the

Republican flag had a lot of changes but

it essentially stayed the same these

changes were merely the way that the

Eagle was shown on the flag so we arrive

at today's flag in use officially since

1968 the colors remain the same but

their meaning has slightly changed the

Green is now said to represent hope the

white represents purity and red

represents the blood of the heroes who

fought for independence very similar

meanings to the ones of the colors in

the Portuguese flag the central symbol

with the Eagle is based on the Aztec

symbol for an I'm gonna mispronounce

this Tanakh titling now Mexico City

according to legend the gods had advised

the Aztecs that the place where they

should settle would be identified when

he saw an eagle on a cactus pear tree

killing a serpent it is said that they

saw this eagle on top of a lake

on top of the tree now one of the

central squares in Mexico City so that

is the meaning and history of the

Mexican flag up to today's version of

the green white and red with an eagle in

its center sitting on a pear cactus tree

on top of a lake killing a serpent the

act of the ego killing the serpent could

mean the triumph of good over evil while

for Catholics also being a reference

that a serpent of the Garden of Eden

there's always a similarity with the

Italian flag but I found an animation

that shows the difference between the

two the shade of the colors the

dimensions and the symbol in the center

of the flag

so that is it the Mexican flag thank you

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