Here's Why The Mercedes G63 AMG Is Worth $154,000


this is the Mercedes g63 AMG a car

that's popular amongst NFL stars as well

as your average LA soccer mom the

g-wagen definitely makes a statement

originally it was produced out of the

suggestion of an Iranian monarch in 1979

that was a military vehicle and now of

course you can get them for the road but

why is it so damn expensive well to

start things off the G Wagon is made of

galvanized steel and it is not spot

welded like traditional automobile

manufacturing it is done 100% by hand

and the build quality absolutely shows

when you close the door it sounds like

you're shutting the safe to a vault full

of a bunch of illegal drug money and

that is satisfying the G Wagon is of

course all-wheel-drive but it also has

three independent locking differentials

in the front the middle and the rear now

a normal open differential allows the

outside wheel and the inside wheel to

spin at different rates let's say you're

going around to turn the outside wheel

has to travel farther and thus must bend

faster if they traveled at the same rate

you'd have a problem but when you're

off-roading that's not necessarily a

good thing imagine a scenario where one

of the wheels is on pavement and the

other is slipping in mud if they're

allowed to spin at different rates

chances are the one on the pavement

isn't going to move at all and the wheel

in the mud is going to spin and the

g-wagen isn't going to go anywhere but

with the locking differential they're

able to spin at the exact same speed

you're able to get traction and get out

of any situation chances are the only

situation you'll need to get out of is

the shopping mall but just in case you

do want to take your G Wagen off-road it

is very capable of course this is not

just a brute force machine it's

incredibly opulent in the interior as

well of course that helps bringing the

base price up and up you've got

beautiful quilted leather seats I love

the way the two-tone looks everything is

draped in leather the emergency brake to

shifter with the falter bak logo on it

you've got a heated steering wheel

heated and cooled seats a command screen

with an incredibly nice backup camera

you've got a Harman Kardon speaker

system the

- is leather even a handle for

passengers - hold on for dear life when

you have no idea what you're doing on

the offroad but you think hey I bought

one hundred and fifty thousand dollar

g-wagen might as well try that is draped

in leather as well if you want to go

absolutely crazy for twenty thousand

dollars the performance studio package

brings you 20-inch AMG wheels nappa

leather interior and a range of color

options that will absolutely blow your

mind how does alien green sound well

pretty weird but it actually who looks

kind of cool this is not a jeep with a

higher price tag amenities that come

standard on other higher-end Mercedes

are of course fitted on the g63 you've

got Park Assist this thing can park

itself you've got Distronic plus the car

can drive itself within the lanes on the

freeway adaptive cruise control blind

spot monitoring this is a full-on luxury

SUV that happens to look like a

refrigerator and cost a lot of money but

for that I kind of dig it the pricing

structure is a bit ridiculous with the

g-wagen if you want the peasant model

the g550 it starts at a lowly a hundred

and twenty-two thousand dollars a base

price of an SUV of one hundred and

twenty-two grand that is incredibly


now however you've got things like

rolls-royce coming out with a new SUV

that Bentley bent a go

so that price is rising up and up and

it's no longer out of the norm but still

one hundred and twenty two thousand

dollars for an absolutely stripped down

base g550

that is a lot of cash step up to the g63

you get a better engine 5.5 litre

twin-turbocharged v8 making 563

horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque

the crazy part is despite weighing 5700

pounds part this car is almost entirely

made out of steel it can do 60 miles an

hour in under five seconds that's pretty

incredible if you want to spend the most

ridiculous amount of money possible opt

for the g65 it's got the bide turbo v12

that makes seven hundred and

thirty-eight pound-feet of torque it

also starts at two hundred and twenty

thousand dollars holy crap of course

when you compare it to the eight hundred

thousand dollar 6x6

switch what do you really get an extra

set of wheels in a larger car I guess

this is somewhat of a bargain but for

normal people myself included this is

absurdly expensive why would you buy a G


well that's a question that you can

probably ask almost every housewife in

Los Angeles most likely it's because it

looks really really cool and you have so

much money to blow you might as well get

it people buy these cars as a status

symbol because of the way it looks and

because of the price tag not so much how

capable it actually is and that's a bit

sad it was based off a military vehicle

there's three locking differentials that

most users don't even know what these

buttons do on the car and probably will

press them at the wrong time luckily

we've got this giant annoying yellow

sticker that says do not activate the

locking differentials while you're on

pavement that sounds like a challenge

that I would like to accept but maybe

not on somebody else's car

Hyup that's fast Oh the g-wagen is

really really fast feels a bit all over

the place though because it is so tall

and so narrow at the same time but I

guess that is part of its charm it's a

hundred and fifty four thousand dollar

charm mercedes is able to do a magical

thing with their v8 engines turning just

a number of cylinders into a noise that

sounds like Jesus riding a Harley

Davidson into a garbage disposal I have

no idea what that means but it seems

pretty adequate in describing the berbil

II exhaust that shoots out of both sides

of the g-wagen if you haven't seen this

make sure to type in flame-throwing

g-wagen i don't know who made the video

but g wagons can shoot absolutely

ridiculous flames out the side and

that's pretty much the only thing that

can make this car more badass than it

already is

the interior doesn't just look cool it

takes a ridiculous amount of time to

create there's over 45,000 stitches in

the interior that's over a half mile of

stitching and somebody has to look over

every single stitch with their own eyes

not a computer to make sure that the

quality is up to par with mercedes-amg

that sounds like a horrible job the G

Wagon is ridiculously over-the-top it's

unnecessary it's unnecessarily powerful

it's unnecessarily expensive and it's

unnecessarily capable on the offroad for

everyone who buys this just to go to the

grocery store the G Wagon is one of the

most unique vehicles on the road the

driving position is like nothing else

you feel invincible and you also feel

like you're driving a giant middle

finger that just happens to be shaped

like a box down the road so with that I

hope you enjoyed this video like always

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