Is the media biased against Trump?

alright guys let's talk about this bring

in Gina Loudon Morgan ortega's and kevin

paul scott you know looks and obviously

Gina there's been more than one occasion

where the media who is just listening

for any small miscue possible has taken

Donald Trump's words out of context is

this one of them of course it is Charles

and we can expect it every single day

because the media is going to do

everything in their power to distract

and talk about what Donald Trump is

saying so they don't have to actually

talk about what Hillary Clinton has done

when we talk about the issue of Isis in

Hillary Clinton we all know topics like

Benghazi come up topics like what has

happened all around the world with

regime change in topics lekha is the

deal set the Clinton Foundation has made

with some of these rogue nations and how

she's personally profited from it and so

they don't want to talk about that

they'd rather talk about with Donald

Trump says which by the way isn't

dangerous it's what she does that's

dangerous no Morgan oh so they didn't

talk about Hillary Clinton's on more

than one occasion talking about how

Donald Trump is a great recruiter for

Isis it's not dissimilar from what

saying that someone's a founder of Isis

you know the amazing thing to me Charles

is that this election can be won if you

talk about the failed policies of Barack

Obama and Hillary Clinton you don't

actually need all in the theater and all

of the distractions I have been on your

show very critical of the policies of

this administration has pursued in Iraq

which did lead to the growth of Isis

which used to be al Qaeda in Iraq which

was decimated whenever this President

took office so it's kind of

mind-boggling to me that we continue to

have these ridiculous discussions this

election could easily be won by Donald

Trump or any Republican if they would

just focus on the failed policies of

this administration that the American

people are clearly incredibly frustrated

with Kevin that being said it takes two

to tangle you know Donald Trump

obviously in any of these appearances he

does talk about economy economics and

other things but the media will zero in

on any sort of gap or perceived gap and

that gap brother and that is the

headline for the next day yeah that

that's certain the media is obviously

going to focus on it but I agree with

what she was saying here's the reality

the policies of this administration

are so terrible especially when it comes

to foreign policy that there's no need

for hyperbole and by by using these

broad like oh he's the founder of Isis

it's I understand that it's sarcasm but

sometimes when you go so over-the-top

you take away from the real truth and

the reality is that that on almost every

foreign policy issue the Obama

administration has been really wrong

they created a more unstable world and

if we can focus i agree we got to focus

on these issues let's cut back on the

hyperbole so that we can focus on how

terrible it really all right you know

what do you make of that that there's

ways to bring all of these things up and

you got on your side of your Donald

Trump perfect so you don't really have

to be so hyperbolic about it it's it's a

thing though this is part of Donald

Trump's personality if they were

criticizing Hillary for the things that

she said that might be taken in a

different context or might be taken out

of context rather as I believe this was

you know but they don't do that and so

Donald Trump on Monday he's going to

give a speech on radical Islamic terror

he's going to state his entire policy in

that speech and we'll be hearing from

him then a very serious discussion but

this was at a rally where he's

identifying with his audience and you

can't expect him not to make jokes what

speeches have ever been given at rallies

without jokes I mean even when you intro

someone at a rally you're thinking about

what jokes are going to tell I think it

was trying to be funny and I think

that's a maybe we all need to laugh a

little bit more and start looking again

at actions instead of words you know I'm

going to tell you I don't know how much

any of us are going to be able to laugh

before the election and maybe even after

the election but thanks a lot guys