Media as "The Fourth Estate"

what is mass media it access watchdog of

Public Interest it acts as witness on

the activities of government on various

social and political institutions and

society at large as a Fourth Estate it

is as much a public institution it

cannot be a prisoner to private because

of publicness media cannot be seen as

business organization seeking value

maximization for their owners and

shareholders it molds public opinion

tastes values it cannot be allowed to be

captured by narrow interests of its

ownership it must be ensured that no

private interest is allowed to dominate

media rightful use of media is

unearthing scams fight against injustice

but there are many occasions when

freedom is misused to serve narrow

political interests that are not in

larger public good is very real

concentration of control has negative

impact on media diversity and plurality

thus it is essential to know independent

voices in the market to determine the

extent of plurality therefore it is

imperative to clearly define what is

ownership and control of the media here

is a clear distinction between the terms

ownership and control ownership implies

a pure economic interest in the form of

equity or shareholding in a company

control implies the ability to influence

decision-making in the company which is

of greater significance in a media

context as ownership of equity beyond

the threshold level can contribute to

control and influence over content