Jim Carrey Presents Best Movie, Comedy Award To "The Martian" | Golden Globe 2016

thank you

I am two-time Golden Globe winner Jim


you know when I go to sleep at night I'm

not just a guy going to sleep

I'm two-time Golden Globe winner Jim

Carrey going to get some well-needed


and when I dream I don't just dream any

old dream no sir I dream about being

three-time Golden Globe winning actor

Jim Carrey because then I would be


it would finally be true and I could

stop this this terrible search for what

I know ultimately won't fulfill me but

these are important these awards I don't

want you to think that just because if

you blew up our solar system alone you

wouldn't be able to find us or any of

human history with the naked eye but

from our perspective this is huge

one more time here are the nominees for

Best Motion Picture comedy and the

winner is Wow

you know once I say this it can't be


you can't not know who the winner is

once I say the name the Martian

coming to the stage and accepting the

Golden Globe tonight for the Martian his

director producer Ridley Scott

thank you very much

commenting but any are very grateful for

that um the count was already begun I

had prepared some kind of speech which I

have to do otherwise I ran more um but

thank you the Hollywood Foreign Press

and where have you been I was being you

think this is going to be posthumous

posthumous I'm honored to receive this

award safely when I look at the work of

my fellow nominees

they've been some excellent movie this

year and some that really raised the bar

so the box office this year was the

highest ever I think there's a few bombs

but actually we did great it's great for

the business and so it's terrific

I was just quietly enjoying the marcin's

cume when along came a juggernaut called

Star Wars and I was left in the dust

except we did pretty good and that put

everything into perspective because you

know at misses like sport and that kind

of success we had success then star was

a majestic success actually it it's

inspiring you got to stay hungry and

keep bouncing the ball that's me

Marsten began with a very smart book by

Andy weir and adapted to a brilliant

screenplay by drew got on a strip they

got a wonderful cast and a terrific

group of artists Matt Damon

brought his special brand of humor and

grace huge talent mark Watney thanks

about our enjoyed it I'm good I don't

care being say wrap up then the formal

on some of Jessica Christin Jeff Sean

Sebastian Axl Michael Kate your tell

Benedict Mackenzie shoe Donald screw you

okay y'all I like working with each and

every one of you and of course my team

and wait I mean the Battle of them a few


no ma Darius Arthur John T Pietro Harry

Greb Theresa Richard of course my

producer and son thanks always to 20th

Century Fox Jim Stacy Emma Steve Fred

John Ted and you all support me

my agents George and David we're nearly

done don't worry I want to thank my wife

Janina and Lulu who are being my life

support system and finally my brother

Tony would have been here tonight for

sure I don't know many of you knew and

loved them I miss you Tony