2021 March for Life | #whywemarch

hello everyone and welcome to this

virtual rally for the 48th annual march

for life

i am jeanne mancini and i'm proud to

serve as president of the march for life

the march and our movement is made up of

americans from

every racial and ethnic background every

walk of life

and every faith tradition we are mothers

fathers sons daughters

democrats republicans and independents

but despite these differences we are all

united by our common understanding

that every life from the moment of


is precious now we're going to begin our

rally in the same way that we do every

year with the national anthem

which will be performed this year by

matthew west

oh say can you see

by the dawn's early light

so proudly we hailed

at the twilight's last gleaming

who's brought stripes and bright stars

through the perilous fight

or the ramparts we

watched were so gallantly

streaming and the rockets red glare

the bombs bursting in

air gave proof

through the night that our flight

was still there

oh say does that star

spangled banner yet away

and the home of the



i pledge allegiance to the flag of the

united states of america

and to the republic for which it stands

one nation under god

indivisible with liberty and justice for


and so let us pray

almighty and eternal god we give you


for the great gift of human life while

you created us

individually and uniquely you also

created us to be in community with each


life unites us and you are the source

of all life we seek your blessings on

the vast

diverse and energetic pro-life movement

in our nation we lift up every single


joining in this virtual rally today

although separated by physical distance

together we are united in you

each of us has been given unique talents

passions and roles to play

in building a culture of life where the


and dignity of every person is valued

and protected

in these challenging times of pandemic


and new threats to human life

help us to seek peaceful solutions that


respect the lives of all people born

and unborn we especially lift up

any pregnant mother in need and those

who have been wounded by abortion

in unity and in solidarity

may we walk with them in their time of


almighty god please pour out your graces

on all our efforts and make us strong


united in life this we ask

in the name of our lord jesus christ

your son

who lives and reigns with you in the

holy spirit

one god forever and ever




the knights of columbus through

countless acts of charity affirms

the dignity of every person this service

is fundamental

to our principle of unity and nowhere

is our commitment more important than in

our stand

for the sanctity of unborn life


i pledge to you the knights of columbus

will stay

at the forefront of this noble cause

each year

we choose a theme for the march for life

upon which to build our message

the theme we choose is one that we hope

is needed

at that particular time in our history


all of the division and unrest with the

fear in our country

we felt strongly that this year's theme

should call for a time of

coming together a reminder that our

background and unique missions find

strength in the truth and in working

together to protect the voiceless

and so our theme for this year is

together strong

life unites our theme is meant not only

to highlight the unity of our cause

but to also highlight the destructive

and divisive

reality of abortion abortion divides a

mother from her child

the abortion industry has deceived women

into believing her pregnancy is a


that her motherhood means giving up her

dreams and that only abortion will solve

her problems

nothing could be further from the truth

abortion also divides a man from his


the industry attempts to remove men from

the picture through the my body my

choice narrative

in doing so abortion really

enables men to walk away from their


instead of instilling a sense of duty

to protect and care for his child

and her mother abortion divides the

world from love

every tiny child brings love into the


every life lost to abortion is a loss of

love in this world one of my favorite


is how can we possibly say there are too

many children

it is like saying there are too many


abortion divides us and our world from


calling a baby in its earliest stage as

a lifeless blob of tissue

doesn't make it so reality is not

arbitrary you can't change truth

the abortion industry denies a

scientific fact

that human life begins at fertilization

or conception

life on the other hand unites

as we enter the beginning of a new

presidential administration

one that has signaled they will make

divisive pro-abortion

pro-death policy decisions like forcing


to pay for abortions here and abroad

while also sending more government

funding to abortion

providers like planned parenthood we

ask president biden to consider unifying

pro-life policy decisions policies that

are supported by the clear

majority of americans like those three

quarters of americans who believe

abortion should be limited at most to

the first three months of pregnancy

not any time in pregnancy including up

until the moment of birth

and let me be clear that at the march

for life we know that

any abortion is one too many but our

laws in this land do not

even reflect what the common american

stands for

and like the nearly six in ten americans

who do not want their taxpayer dollars

being used to fund abortions here in the

united states

especially in our neighborhoods at

organizations like our nation's largest

abortion provider planned parenthood

and like those 77 percent of americans

who believe

taxpayer funds should not be used to

fund abortions in other countries

something allowed by rescinding the

protecting life in global health policy

which is popularly known as a mexico

city policy

instead we call on president biden to

unite america we call on the president

to enact

life-affirming unifying policies and i

invite you all of you participating in

the march virtually to join us

in calling on our new president to

protect the most vulnerable

by texting the word march m-a-r-c-h

to the number 73075 let me say that


text the word march m-a-r-c-a to 73075

in a few hours we will text you a link

through which you can directly contact

this new white house

and members of congress alongside

hundreds of thousands of pro-life


i really hope that you will take this

opportunity to use your voice in defense

of the unborn

we may not be together in person this

year folks but we can still send a

very powerful message to the white house

as they begin the earliest days of their

administration let's tell them that

every life matters from the moment of


please do that today mother teresa

reminded us

you can do what i cannot do i can do

what you cannot do and together we can


great things like our theme tells us

each of us has something

critical and irreplaceable to contribute

to the fight for life

everyone is desperately needed so please

join me in being together

strong because life unites

well hello everybody my name is matthew

west and i just want to start by saying

what an honor it is to be part

of the march for life i was so looking

forward to gathering with thousands of


in washington d.c but nothing's going to

stop us from still gathering

with this virtual rally and celebrating

the preciousness and sanctity

of life i want to sing a few songs and i

hope these songs will fire you up

i hope they're going to encourage you

and i wanted to pick some victory songs

and i want to start with a song called

hello my name is

this song is a reminder that discovering

who we are begins by discovering

whose we are and what our god says about

us first john chapter 3 verse 1

how great is the love the father has

lavished on us that we should be called

children of god and that is what we are

can i get an amen

this is hello my name is hello my name

is regret

i'm pretty sure we have met

every single day of your life

i'm the whisperer inside that won't let

you forget

hello my name is defeat

i know you recognize me

but just when you think you can win i'll

drag you right back down again

until you've lost our belief





hello brothers and sisters in the fight

for life it is such an honor to be part

of this global human rights movement

with you

the greatest global human rights

movement in history

together we are standing up against the

greatest injustice that our world has

ever seen

in the past four decades over 1.5

billion children have been killed

worldwide by the violence of abortion in

our nation alone

since 1973 in the last 48 years

over 62 million boys and girls sons and


have been killed we remember them we

will never forget them

and we will fight to secure a future

where every

child is safe there is hope there are

people who are

leaving the abortion industry there are

mothers and fathers who are rejecting

the abortions of their past

and standing up to speak out and

advocate for children of the future

in the last year during coveted

shutdowns and with the birth of my now

one-year-old son

i spent time thinking and praying as i

wrote my book fighting for life

i thought about the last 15 years of my

activism working with many of you

working with live action and i came to

this conclusion

our politics will not change until our

people change politics have been


disappointing the law is horribly

unjust and yet our political


our political successes will only be

short term

unless they are rooted in deep cultural


and this is actually the hope it is the

hope because

that cultural breakthrough is possible

if we

do the quiet and sometimes difficult

daily work

of service education and prayer and it's


many of you are working day in and day

out in your communities

serving women and families in need

serving children through foster care


and pregnancy resource centers many of

you are on the sidewalks of abortion

clinics praying

and advocating and witnessing many of

you are educating about sexuality

the dignity of the human person and the

atrocity of abortion

many of you are fighting for family for

mothers and fathers to come together in

marriage to serve

and serve each other and love each other

and their children

if we do this work together we can

transform our culture

and we can ultimately sustain the laws

that protect our children

thank you for fighting thank you for

standing with me

never give up keep the vision in your

heart and in your mind

the vision of what we are fighting for a

nation that embraces

every single life that sees every human

being as made in god's image and

likeness holy and sacred

god bless you all

did i ever think that this case would


28 years and go before the u.s supreme


not only once not only twice but three


and to be so important in the history of

protests in america


special thanks to judy mancini and the

entire march for life team

and thanks to all of you for virtually

attending the 2021 march for life

i and all pro-life members of congress

know that whether in person

or virtual we are together strong

life unites just like today

both presidents clinton and obama came

into office with democratic majorities

in both houses and sweeping plans to


all pro-life laws and policies

and there were significant pro-life

setbacks but you and i

absolutely refuse to quit or to go away

today we again face enormous challenges

and recommit

to persevere through prayer fasting and

good works

and respect including for those with

whom we

fundamentally disagree even when it's

not reciprocated

president biden in your inaugural speech

you claim that quote the dream of

justice for all will be deferred

no longer you spoke of a quote cry for


from the planet itself a cry that can't

be any more desperate

mr president the dream of justice for

all cannot be achieved

if a whole segment of society is legally

ignored and discriminated against and


against because of where they live

in their mother's wombs and how small

and defensive they are

we know you understand this you get it

or at least you once did

years ago you wrote a constituent

explaining that a law against funding

for abortion would quote

protect both the woman and her unborn


the science of human development has not

changed and thanks to ultrasound

the unborn babies are more visible than

ever before

mr president growing numbers of

americans are shocked

to learn that the methods of abortion

include dismemberment

of a child's fragile body including


and that drugs like ru 46 starve the

baby to death

before he or she is forcibly expelled

from the womb

the multi-billion dollar abortion

industry cleverly markets the

sophistry of choice while going to

extraordinary lengths to ignore

trivialize and cover up the battered


victim abortion violence mr president

must be replaced

with compassion and empathy for women

and for defenseless unborn babies in the

united states and around the world

we must love them both

more than 62 million babies have been

killed by abortion

in the united states since roe versus

wade a loss of children's lives that

equates with the entire

population of italy someday future

generations of americans will look back

on us

and wonder how and why a society that

prided itself on human rights

and empathy could have effectuated and


the loss of so many defenseless babies

mr president reversing the protecting

life in global health assistance

also known as mexico city policy forces

u.s taxpayers now

to fund organizations that promote lobby


or perform abortion on demand in foreign


yet americans overwhelmingly oppose

using u.s foreign aid

to subsidize abortion the marist poll

last year found that

quote more than three in four americans

76 percent

oppose using tax dollars to support


in other countries lives as you surely

know are saved by

the height amendment a domestic policy

ban on funding for abortion

you once supported more than 20

peer-reviewed studies show that

more than 2 million people are alive

today in the united states

because of the hyde amendment with about

sixty thousand children spared death

by abortion every year over two million

people who would have been aborted

instead survived because public funds

were unavailable

to effectuate their violent demise and

their mothers instead benefited

from maternal and prenatal health care

and support

by reason of their age dependency

immaturity and convenience or

unwantedness unborn babies have been


justice and legally rendered persona non


yet the cries for survival couldn't be

any more

desperate these children need the

president of the united states

to be their friend and advocate

not another powerful adversary in your


that the dream of justice for all will

be deferred no longer

or to have any true meaning the lives of

unborn children

must be included and their precious

lives must

be protected justice

demands it

hello world do you see me

so hidden i am here

waiting for the rest of my life to


soon i will arrive


or will i it's really not up to me

be my champion in the fight for my life

hello everybody i'm jim daly president

of focus on the family

like everyone else i wish so much that

we could be together in person

i've had the privilege of speaking

before lots of groups but there is

something wonderfully unique and


about the march for life yes it's always

a big crowd but more importantly

it's an even bigger cause and that's

because there is no greater injustice

today than the injustice being


on innocent pre-born life the years roll

on and the numbers grow

higher and higher in fact i'm afraid

many in our culture have grown numb

to the growing toll since 1973

more than 60 million babies have been

lost to abortion

to the world they're a number but to god

they each have a name

children who would grow up to achieve

great things

people who would have grown up and

discovered cures to deadly diseases

invented and pioneered new technologies

helped lead our nation

and improved neighborhoods loved others

and made the world a richer and happier


the writer john greenleaf whittier said

it best for

all sad words of tongue and pen the

saddest are these

it might have been many years ago the

late president ronald reagan observed

i've noticed that everyone who is for

abortion has already been born

and that is so true some time ago

i was being interviewed on television

and i was pitted against a woman

who believed strongly in the right to

abortion she was making her case for

choice and tossed out all kinds of

typical talking points that were untrue

and when it came my turn to respond i

simply said

i'm so glad your mother chose life for


she was flustered and didn't know what

to say and that's because life

is always the better choice i was

recently at a coffee shop and noticed

all the workers

had pictures of themselves with their

pets taped to the window

now i love dogs and i think it's great

that so many people love animals and

work to protect them

but i wondered if many of those same

people would spend as much energy and


protecting human life thankfully jeannie

mancini and the march for life team

happily spend every last ounce of energy

on behalf of the pre-born and the women

they fight for we're so grateful for


and they're making a wonderful

difference life is winning

here focus on the family it's a

privilege to partner with the march for

life along with pregnancy resource


around the country for over 15 years now

we've been placing ultrasound machines

in clinics and

high abortion areas and we know that

when an abortion-minded woman sees an

ultrasound of her baby she is much more

likely to carry that baby to

term and this ministry has helped save

almost a

half a million precious babies

and we need to support and pray for

abortion-minded women

and help them on their journey through

their pregnancy and well beyond

we need to work to make life so

attractive that people will one day

look back and see the era of roe as

something like a chilling chapter

out of the dark ages and as the apostle


urged us let us not become weary in

doing good

for at the proper time we will reap a


if we do not give up god bless you all


hi everyone my name is matthew west i'm

a contemporary christian

recording artist and songwriter i'm


here at the museum of the bible and i've

loved every chance that i've

had to come and visit this incredible

place i actually got to

visit the museum when the foundation was

being poured i had a hard hat

on and i got to see the beginnings of

what this has now

become it is an incredible place and it

needs to be

a stop that you put on your bucket list

i just can't encourage you enough

when you're on your way to dc you got to

make the museum of the bible

a stop and prepare to spend several

hours because it's just

it's just an incredible experience so

come and see us at the museum of the


you don't want to miss it

hey this next song's for anybody who's

ever felt like they've messed up

one too many times the lyrics in the

chorus say there's a war between

guilt and grace and they're fighting for

a sacred place

but i'm living proof that grace wins

every time

my prayer for all of us is that we will

be carriers of that message

of grace and we will speak grace and


over those who feel like they're too far

gone letting them know

there's no such thing when it comes to

how god sees us

in my weakest moment i see you

shaking your head in disgrace

i can read the disappointment

it's written all over your face

here come those whispers in my ears

telling me who do you think you are


looks like you're on your own from here

grace could never reach that far

i believe that life begins at conception

i believe that god knew us before he

formed us in the womb

these beliefs are an important part of

my christian faith

which guides my votes in the kentucky

legislature to protect unborn life

i'm proud that my state is a national

leader in legislation that protects the


i'm also a democrat and i serve in my

party's leadership as house minority


i was glad to be asked to speak today

because i believe in this year's theme

together strong life unites i believe we

need a bipartisan effort to end abortion

but not just by outlawing it but also by

eliminating the reasons women seek

abortions in the first place

when we make access to health care so


that only the wealthy get to be healthy

when we don't pay working mothers a

living wage

and when we don't support families

struggling with affordable child care

and preschool

when we don't adequately fund foster

care and adoption services

and social services we drive up the

number of women

who feel that they have no choice but to

seek an abortion i believe we should all

be pro-life

for the whole life so in the same way

that i found the

political courage to speak the pro-life

message as a democrat

i'm asking pro-life republican

legislators to find the courage to


not only anti-abortion legislation but

also pro babies and moms legislation

nationwide a third of democrats are


which amounts to about 21 million of us

if you're one of those consider joining

democrats for life organization

at democrats the

pro-life movement has had some success

in recent decades

but our work is far from over i want a


and a country where no woman feels she

has no choice but abortion

where everyone has a chance for a happy

and healthy life from the moment we're


until the lord calls us home that's what

pro-life means to me

i'm proud to take part in this year's

march for life rally and to continue

striving to live

and legislate believing that regardless

of political affiliation

together we are strong and that life

unites us

thank you hi i'm kristen wagner with

alliance defending freedom

for over 25 years adf has defended

unborn babies

their moms and pro-life advocates in

court we've represented pregnancy

centers sidewalk counselors

pro-life students and even the march for


we fully believe in this year's march

for life theme together strong

life unites adf couldn't do this vital

work without your support

thank you for standing up and speaking

out for those who can't yet stand

or speak up for themselves

hello this is benjamin and kirsten

watson though we're separated on this


confined to our individual dwelling

places and locations

we're together in spirit resolve and

commitment to protect the lives of

pre-born children

not only in america but around the globe

but although we are physically distant

let this time be a reminder that the

most important work to build a culture

of life

does not depend on us gathering on the


it begins in our homes overflows to our

places of worship

and employment and influences our local


which then impacts our nation

this collective desire to protect the

dignity of life

requires us to do justice our righteous

life-giving deeds must boldly address

the most pressing needs of the women

men and children in crisis we must

operate in kindness and mercy

understanding that death and life rest

in the power of the tongue

and we must engage with humility seeking

god's wisdom and favor for the days


never forget that the foundation of this

justice movement is the imago day we


that every man woman and child bears the

image of their creator

this truth endows all of us with

inherent value and dignity

from conception to the grave this truth

compels us to contend with those seeking

to devalue and exterminate life

for their own profit or purposes this


empowers us to stay the course

regardless of supreme court rulings

political turnover internal exhaustion

debilitating fear or the shadow of doubt

this truth confirms

the fact that this labor is not was not

and never will be

in vain unity is being quick to listen

slow to anger and even slower to label

make no mistake about it this time is

one of great conflict division

anger and pain but this time is also one

of great opportunity

not only to renew the vision but to

strengthen our existing bonds and expand

our partnerships

this is the time to push forward

creating the diverse coalition of

life-affirming people and groups

whose influence intellect and ingenuity

can be developed to usher in

a time of true justice for all as


it's imperative that we intentionally

teach our children about the value of

human life

not only with our words but with our

deeds let hospitality

generosity and respect flow from our

household so that the lives we are

charged with leading

our children will understand that life


even life that is from the other side of

the tracks

we will do this imperfectly but we

cannot expect our kids to be something

we are not striving to become

every day we are planting seeds that

will one day bear fruit

parents continue to teach them to engage

the culture

in conviction without compromise

but remember the way in which you engage


the book of proverbs speaks to us women

directly by declaring strength and

dignity are her clothing

and she smiles at the future she opens

her mouth in wisdom

and the teaching of kindness is on her


and young men older men fathers sons

it challenges us not to believe the lie

that this is not your issue

but instead it says speak up for those

who cannot speak for themselves

speak for the rights of all who are

destitute speak up

and judge fairly defend the rights of

the poor and the needy

life unites because the very breath we

breathe is not our own

and it takes each one of our lives


to end the unthinkable practice of

abortion in the united states

of america god bless you

you and i are

fighting for children whose rights are

being taken away because they're really


small really really young and live

inside their moms

convince your friends that loving life

and protecting human life is one of the

most important

things they can do be absolutely

fearless as you stand for life

hi there i'm congresswoman cat cammack

proudly representing florida's third

congressional district

the gator nation i'm so sorry that we

aren't able to celebrate in our nation's

capital today

as one but i'm proud to join you

virtually as we celebrate

life as the youngest republican woman

elected in congress my pro-life story is

a personal one

that has affected my entire life and has

made me who i

am today before i was born

my mother suffered a devastating

stroke just before giving birth to my


doctors told her then that future


would be extremely high risk

years later when she was pregnant with

me against the urging

of her doctors and even family she did

something incredible

she chose life her bravery and courage

in the face of this difficult decision

led to my passion for standing up for

the rights

of the innocent and the unborn

life is sacred the rights of unborn


are sacred and this movement to support

the right to life

is a critical one i vow to stand up for

the millions

of innocent lives across this country

and i'm proud to stand beside

this movement's passionate and

dedicated advocates your integrity

in choosing to stand up for this

population is often unpopular

with your peers your friends and even

your neighbors sometimes

but never lose faith advocates like you

who don't sit by when the rights of


are infringed are critical to ensuring

that we protect lives

for years to come thank you

for your passion thank you for your

conviction to do what's right

and thank you for allowing me to speak

with you today

i hope to join you next year in person

in our nation's capital as we celebrate

our most precious and vulnerable

and life thank you


good afternoon my name is elizabeth

eller and i am the student body

president at christendom college

i'm honored to be here today

representing all young people

as we stand for the unchanging truth

that life begins in the womb

while sidewalk counseling with my fellow

students at christendom college

i've experienced firsthand how young

women just like me

are lied to and abused by the abortion


since coming to understand how evil

abortion is i have seen it as my

responsibility as an american

and as a catholic to speak out for the

hundreds of thousands of boys and girls

who are murdered every year in america

women deserve better than abortion and

so do their babies

to my fellow young people a third of our

generation is missing

because they were not deemed worthy of

their very own lives

with this in mind i implore you do

everything you can to give a voice to

those who don't have their own

in the words of pope benedict the 16th

you were not made for comfort

you were made for greatness let's

continue to be uncomfortable

let's speak out for the most vulnerable

among us each and every day

we can and will be the generation that

sees the end of abortion if we take

responsibility and defend the unborn

millions of lives depend on our actions

as esther 4 14 says perhaps this is the

moment for which you have been created

we have been created to be the voice of

truth in this society of lies

united for life we are strong and each

step we take together gets us closer to

the end of abortion in america

thank you for your efforts today and

every day may god bless you

and may god bless america

prolove is a ministry that i founded

to primarily fill gaps in the pro-life


one of the things that was said to me by

my boss when i left planned parenthood

is that i had

made an enemy of one of the most

powerful organizations on the planet but

that's such a lie

because the most powerful organization

on the planet

is the church you can be

the deciding factor between life and


hey march for life and thanks again for

joining us today for the largest human

rights demonstration in the world

today hundreds of thousands of pro-life

advocates are joining together

virtually to celebrate the gift of life

and give witness to the greatest human

rights abuse of our time

abortion today is a day that all

pro-life americans come together and say


more to the violence of abortion and we

march for life

but we must continue marching for life


and the next day and every day until we

bring an

end to abortion so we're calling on you

to march on with us so pull out your

phones right

now and text march to 73075

and in the 30 seconds that it takes you

to text march to 73075

you are making the pledge to march for

life throughout the year

not only will we keep you up to date on

important pro-life issues

as they happen but we will also connect

you directly to your lawmakers so that

you can use your voice as a pro-life


so text in and let's end abortion

i worked at planned parenthood for eight

years i left after being sold

on this idea that abortion was helping

women and so

i started and then there were none and

it was like

just a storm of people contacting us and

wanting to leave

and so we're trying to pick them out one

by one until

there are none this is where we need you

to help us truly

change lives for the kingdom

aloha i hope you and your families are

all safe and well

now for those of you that have been to

hawaii or even if you haven't many of


know usually the first word that you

hear when you get off the plane is aloha

it's also probably the last word that

you'll hear when you leave

in fact many people mistakenly think

that aloha simply means hello and


actually the word aloha means something

much deeper it means love

compassion and caring for each other and

yes that means

loving and caring for each other from

the conception of life in the womb

to one's natural death one of the best

commentaries on the meaning of aloha

is by queen liliuokalani the last

sovereign monarch of the hawaiian


and i'd like to share that with you now


and wherever the native hawaiian went he

said aloha

in meeting or in parting aloha was a

recognition of life in another

if there was life there was mana

goodness and wisdom

and if there was goodness and wisdom

there was a god quality

one had to recognize the god of life in

another before saying

aloha but this was easy life was

everywhere in the trees the flowers the

ocean the fish the birds the pili grass

the rainbow the rock

in all the world was life was god

was aloha aloha in its gaity

joy happiness abundance because of aloha

one gave without thought of return

because of aloha

one had mana aloha had its own mana it

it never left the giver but flowed

freely and continuously

between giver and receiver aloha could

not be

thoughtlessly or indiscriminately spoken

for it carried its own power

no hawaiian could greet another with

aloha unless he felt it in his own heart

if he felt anger or hate in his heart he

had to cleanse himself before he said

aloha unquote in the hawaiian culture

mana is a spiritual energy and healing

power it can manifest in

places objects and people it can be

gained or lost

by one's actions so in keeping with this

year's theme

together strong life unites

in the spirit of aloha let us recognize

the mana the goodness and wisdom the god

quality in each of us

let us truly recognize the god of life

in one another

as 2021 unfolds we don't know what's in


none of us knows how the new normal will


to unfold but what we do know

is that we are on a lifelong mission

together and that it's our personal

responsibility our kuliana

to do our best at each and every moment

to preserve life and that means doing it

with aloha

love and compassion mahalo for inviting

me to share with you today

ke akua god bless you

the number one social issue facing this

nation today

is how this nation will treat the

unknown the greatest thing about this

country is

not about where you start it's about

where you meet

the real battle for life in america

happens at pregnancy centers

it happens eye to eye with a mother as a

counselor a worker through her pregnancy

to make sure that not only does that

light come into the world but that

mother and that child

has what they need to be


those successful for free social


caring services medical services

counseling services


and life wins

we can be for life we can restore the

sanctity of life back to the center of

american law and i believe with all of

my heart

in our lifetime we will


that's the real work that's happening

across this country

life will continue to win

hi my name is jd greer and i am the

president of the southern baptist


and pastor of the summit church in

raleigh north carolina

why do i march well let me attempt to

explain that through a story

a few years ago our church stopped as we

do each year on sanctity of life sunday


lament the tragic loss of life in


and to make clear its injustice to pray

that god would

deliver our nation speedily from this


and to offer the grace of jesus christ

to those

who've gone through it and offer

ourselves as a help and a resource to


in the midst of difficulty well

unbeknownst to me that day

in our congregation was a college

student who had just learned that she

was pregnant

and was scheduled to have an abortion

that afternoon

my words that day she said convinced her


to cancel the appointment to choose life

for her baby

and put that baby out for adoption the

first that i learned of this

this story was when the family who

adopted this precious little girl

walked in with her and told me that god

had used me that morning used the fact

that i said something

to save the life of their daughter and

as i got to hold that little girl that


i knew i knew that life was worth it

because we're not talking about a

political reality we're talking about


so why do i march i march because actual

lives are at stake

i march because our words matter and the

famous words of edmund burke the only

thing necessary for evil to triumph

is for good people to do nothing simply

speaking the truth that sunday

led to a life an individual life of

somebody made in the image of god

being saved do you want to protect the

innocent do you want to defend the


are you committed to social justice do

you want to

to fight systemic injustice well there

are a few places where where

dire urgency meets such moral clarity

and such clear opportunity as in the

cause of the protection of children in

the womb

speak up scripture says speak up for the


defend the cause of the poor and the

needy abortion is the greatest

moral tragedy of our day so maybe you're

listening in today and and you've had an


or you're considering it if you look to

him you're not going to find an angry

judge pointing a finger at you to

condemn you

you're going to find a compassionate

savior with with open arms ready to

receive you

and we're here too we don't condemn you

either because jesus didn't

he didn't run away from us and our

mistakes so we're not going to run away

from you and yours

but join us join us is our invitation

and a culture

that values and protects life

particularly that of the most vulnerable

choose justice choose compassion choose


the domain of a university is universal


universal knowledge about how men and

women are meant to live as human beings

how they're meant to be contributors to

society contributors to the culture

and our work at the university of mary

is to help our students

to be able to see that each of them have

that possibility to live fully to live


so that they're not just existing but

they're really living

that they're not just surviving but

they're thriving

university of mary for life

thank you jd we have only one speaker

left before we begin our small

march for life led by pro-life leaders

before we wrap up

we're going to hear from two-time

national champion

heisman trophy winner author baseball

player and leader of an anti-human

trafficking foundation

tim tebow and although tim is joining us

briefly right now for the rally i'd also

like to invite you to tune back in this

evening for our virtual rose dinner

where you'll be able to hear my in-depth

interview with tim as our keynote


you can still register for the rose

dinner on our website at

we're so grateful to tim for his witness

on this issue and are excited to hear

from him tim

welcome to the march for life

in 1986 a missionary

preaching in a remote village in the


before he went on stage god pricked his


and god started to put on his heart all

of the babies

around the world that were being aborted

and he began to weep uncontrollably

and god put in his heart and his head

that night

that even though he already had four


that he needed to have another one he

needed to have a fifth

and he needed to make him a preacher so

he went on stage and he preached that

night and

afterwards he made the long voyage home

to his wife and his four kids and

he told his wife honey i

i really feel like god put on my heart

that we need to have another baby

and his wife's like listen god didn't

put that on my heart

but a few days later god put it on his

wife's heart as well

and so the missionary and his wife and

their entire family all four kids

started to pray that she would

get pregnant and that they could have

another baby

a little while later she got pregnant

but the pregnancy was not easy

it was really hard and it was really

difficult actually in fact

they didn't even believe that she was

pregnant at first they actually thought

it was a tumor a mass

of fetal tissue but then they realized

that she was pregnant and she

and she did have a baby in her womb

but all the doctors said you need to

have an abortion

you need to get rid of him

you need to get rid of him but she

decided that

she was gonna trust god even when the

doctor said

it could and might cost her her life

she decided she was gonna trust god

and the pregnancy was so tough there

were so many setbacks and heartaches

but the whole time she continued to

trust god

then it came time to give birth

and a doctor who had been doing it over

35 years and this was his specialty

helping women give birth and

and he helped deliver that baby and in

over 35 years of doing it he looked at


and said of all my years

this is the greatest miracle that i have

ever seen

because i have no idea how he survived


placenta is not attached and there's so

many different issues and i don't know

how he had the nourishment and the food

to be able to survive

this is a miracle baby

here is your baby mrs tebow

and that day i got to meet my mom and

i'm so grateful that my mom gave me a

chance at life

because many times could she have

made the choice to do something


but because of her pro-life story

i now get to share my story

but it's only because my mom gave me a


and i'm so grateful that every single

one of you are here today

that you have made the choice to choose


that it matters to you because i do

believe every single life matters to god

you know who else i believe stood and

stands for life

is our savior jesus you know he said and


i came to give life and give life


see he had a mission that mission

was a rescue mission for us that mission

was to come down to this earth

and go to the cross and defeat death and

overcome the world

that was his mission see but he also had

a motivation

hebrews 12 2 tells us fixing our eyes on

jesus the author and perfecter of faith

who for the joy set before him

endured the cross despised his shame and

sat down at the right hand of the throne

of god

what was his motivation tells us right


for the joy set before him

when jesus was going to the cross what

was the joy set before him

it was you it was me

it was us being made right with his dad

it was us having life and life

abundantly in eternal life in heaven

that was the joy set before him see he

had a mission

and he accomplished it he had a


that's why he could endure it's why he

could despise the shameless why he could

go to the cross

because he loved you and me

so much he had a motivation you know

guys we throw out words like hyped and

and motivation and and even passion

and so many times in my life people have

even watched the way i've played games

and said oh you're very motivated you're

or you're very passionate but do we

really understand what these words mean


passion you see passion is a 12th

century latin word

that actually means to suffer and where

it comes from

is because when they were talking about

the passion of the christ

you see he cared so much for us he was

willing to go to the cross

even though he was going to suffer

you see when you're passionate about

something you're going to do it anyways

even if you're going to suffer

what are you really passionate about see

jesus was passionate about you

and he was passionate about me you know

i've given so much of my life for sports

and people might say i was passionate

about that

but that's for trophies that rust and

for praise

of people that are going to forget your


does that really matter i don't think so

but you see being passionate about jesus

and passionate about life and passionate

about people

and passionate about those that have

been thrown away and neglected and


that is worthy that is meaningful that

is real significance

do you have real passion for what really


do you care so much that you would be


to suffer you see it's also where we get

the word

compassion you see passion is you

you care so much for a cause you'll be

willing to suffer for it

compassion is you care so much for a


or a person that you're willing to

suffer with them let me ask you a


are you willing to suffer for and are

you willing to suffer with

jesus did that for us are we willing to

do that for humanity

but but not just for the unborn but for

all of life you see when you're pro-life

i believe that we're called to be

pro-life in every area for the unborn

for the hurting for the orphan for the

thrown away for the special needs for

the traffic

for all of humanity see i believe we got

to do a better job

of always being pro-life all the time

everywhere no matter what

you see jesus went on a rescue mission

to give us life and life abundantly

we need to live on a rescue mission of


loving people well you see that reminds

me of first corinthians 13 because when

we talk about love

everybody likes to throw first

corinthians chapter 13.

and nine times paul mentions love in

first corinthians chapter 13.

nine times but every single one of those

loves in the greek it's the word

agape because in the greek there are

four types of love but the most

admirable was agape

because it was god's love for us and the

best definition i've ever heard of that

is to choose the best interest of

another person and act on their behalf

it's exactly what jesus did for us and

it's what we're called to do for other


to choose their best interests and act

on their behalf one of my favorite


in that chapter is verse number seven

said love bears all things

believes all things hopes all things

endures all things

the same word endure we just read in


it's now here in first corinthians

chapter 13.

same word hupamino you see the love

jesus had for us

he endured he endured

paul is saying when we love people we're

going to be willing to endure

to remain under to remain in it actually

gives the visual

of a soldier that is not going to give

ground but he's going to stand

firm see jesus stood firm

for us defeated death and overcame the


i'm gonna ask you to stand firm to love


to bear all things believe all things

hope all things

endure all things

that's what we're called to do for

people because that's what real love

looks like that's what jesus did for us

that's what we're supposed to do for

people we're supposed to endure

all things for them stay in that fight

guys i believe that this fight is a hard


and it might even get harder but i'm

gonna ask you and challenge you to stay

in it that doesn't mean we're gonna be

perfect and we're not gonna have

bad days and and we're not to lose heart

at times

but we can choose the best interest of

other people

and we can act on their behalf and just

like jesus

chose our best interest and he endured

the cross

despised the shame finished his mission

and sat down at the right hand of the

throne of god

we can endure whatever hardships we face

because people because humanity because

loving people is worth it so i want to

thank you for being here today

i want to thank you for loving people

and loving them well

and i want to ask you and i want to

challenge you to remain

in the fight to endure to love people

well all people

no matter what background no matter what

religion no matter what color

no matter what has happened in them to

them or through them

we are called to love people see jesus

came on a rescue mission for us

we need to be on a rescue mission for

them thank you so much

and god bless


1974 the year we first started

at the footsteps of the capitol united

we stood

hand in hand we marched together for the

freedom of those who could not

and although much has changed throughout

the years our mission

and our hearts remain the same january

after january we come together

for the same cause to protect all life

through snowstorms miles of travel

pro-life and pro-abortion presidents

against many odds we always march on

this year is no different in fact now

more than ever we need to lean on each


and unite in our mission but the march

for life

doesn't begin or end in d.c it starts in


everyday ordinary lives there are


ways of loving and way of truly living

out the pro-life message

in all facets of our lives we always

march on not alone but together so

whether we are

marching in washington or our state

capitols or our neighborhoods or

in our daily actions we are together

we are strong because life unites


as we come to the end of our virtual

rally i want to thank all of you for

being with us today united in the cause

for life

normally at this time i'd be joined on

stage by dozens of pro-life


with whom we're blessed to work with

throughout the year on your screen now

are the names of some of those


together we work year-round to help

build a culture of life

and a nation where abortion becomes


from the bottom of my heart i want to

thank each of these friends and allies

who prove that we are stronger together

united together for the cause of life

in a moment i will be joining a small

group of leaders

representing many of these such


on our annual march to the supreme court

together we will represent

you the millions of pro-life americans

working every day

in the name of the tens of millions of

americans that we've lost to abortion

the annual march for life in washington

dc is a powerful

and a unitive demonstration for life but

our work to end abortion does not stop


recognizing how transformative the

experience of attending the march for

life is for so many

we have begun to bring state marches to

state capitals across the country

as hostility towards life in washington


these state-by-state efforts become even

more vital

for the success of our cause to end

abortion i can't emphasize

how important the grassroots activism at

these state levels

is and i invite you today to join us in

these efforts

by giving your support to the march for

life your gift of support today will

help fund not only the next

national march for life in january of

2022 but also these state marches

to give please click on the donate

button below or

go to donate

thank you for your generosity

and now here to close us out in prayer

is the lovely graham lynch

is the daughter of franklin graham

and the granddaughter of the late

reverend billy graham

she works as part of the billy graham

evangelistic association

and samaritan's purse in various

capacities she also hosts the podcast


with graham lynch we're so

happy to have you today

and i'm going to be leaving now and

joining our other pro-life leaders

as we march to the supreme court

last year i attended the march for life

for the very first time

and i left encouraged and forever

changed because i saw a generation being

led with grace

and with truth and with a passion to see

a heart of a nation

change will you join me in prayer

god we come to you today and we praise


we thank you god for blessing this

nation beyond our imagination far

greater than we deserve

and lord i thank you for march for life

and all those who have worked tirelessly

on the front lines

to advocate for every life and every

life has value

lord i also thank you for every

individual that has worked in a crisis

pregnancy center

or come along young mothers and young

fathers to know that they are loved

that they are cherished there's purpose

in their life and that there is

hope lord i pray for the church

that we would be united we would be

united with love we would be united with


to face this issue because this issue

breaks your heart

and i pray that as a church our heart

will be broken

by the things that break your heart lord

i pray for the current administration

and those who are working on policy that

their hearts would be softened

god for them to know that you've created

life that every life

is valued and a miracle lord lord

and i thank you that scripture says that

you are a god that sees us

that you're a god that's with us lord

that you do see you see those young

mothers you see the young fathers

that feel hopeless right now but lord i


that your mighty touch and your love

would embrace them

that they would know that there's hope

in you

that you would put somebody in their

life for them to know that you

love them and that you have purpose for

their life and you have purpose for

their child's life

lord i pray for this generation rising

up that they would continue

to be a voice for the voiceless lord

that you would give them

once again your grace your truth

to change the heart of a nation in jesus

name we pray


hey it's been such an honor to be part

of this special event and i want to sing

one final song

this was a song i was asked to write for

a movie a movie that was inspired by the

story of my friend abby johnson

and the movie's called unplanned i was

struck by her story in a powerful way

and was inspired to write these words

after reading the script

i hope as you listen to this song that

our conviction will be strengthened

and we will be reminded that as long as

our god holds the world in his hands

there's no such thing as unplanned i

hope this song speaks to your heart

thanks for letting me be part of this

special event i'm looking at a


i'm staring at a work of art

i'm listening to a symphony

in every beat of your tiny heart

you used to be a choice to make

now i think you've chosen me

cause i see ten fingers ten toes two


and i know this is meant to be

oh i don't believe in accidents

miracles they don't just happen by


as long as my god holds the world in his


i know that there's no such thing as


symphony in every beat of your

tiny heart

thank you all so much for letting me be

with you today keep up the good work

and welcome back to ewtn's complete

televised coverage of the

48th annual march for life i'm tracy

sable lead anchor for ewtn news nightly

and that was the virtual rally for the

march for life it was incredible it is a

unique year

for the march and the pro-life movement

with a combination of the coronavirus


and recent security threats in our

nation's capital

the march for life opted to be virtual

this year and now following that virtual

rally a

select group of pro-life leaders will

process through the streets of d.c

in solemn remembrance of the 1973

roe versus wade anniversary and as you

can see right there

they are marching right now in

washington d.c

and one of those pro-life leaders picked

to represent the pro-life movement

is our own catherine hedrow host and

managing editor

for ewtn pro-life weekly she will be

bringing us

inside access into the march for life

with fellow pro-life leaders and she

joins us now

with a pro-life interview catherine

hi tracy well yes as you can see the

march has officially just began

everyone here is holding a rose and i'm

joined now

by the president of the march for life

jeannie mancini jeannie hello we are


today the march for life tell us what's

going through your mind as we begin this


well it's very different than any march

we've had in the past

but it seems appropriate we're at such a

crossroads culturally right now

and i think this march will be a lot

more somber people are very quiet very


i think we're all considering where our

culture is where this new administration


and praying to bring in a culture of

life yeah absolutely

and as i mentioned we're all carrying a

rose here tell us the significance of


yes so the rose is our logo our march

for life logo if you look on our masks

you'll see a rose there

from its earliest days the rose was


to both pro-abortion and pro-life

politicians at the end of the march at

the capitol

after 9 11 we weren't able to actually

deliver them in person

but we thought that today it would be

great to get back to the basics and to

the most symbolic

you know part of this of course a rose

is also symbolic

of life the red is symbolic of the blood

that's been lost between the blood shed

and of course in our

culture we are in a culture of walking

wounded we've lost

over 62 million americans to abortion

since it was legalized in 1973. so if

there is such a grievous somber

you know experience here as we're

praying absolutely and you can feel that

like you said it's

much quieter we're used to that loud

joyful cheering crowds it's much quieter


and the theme that you chose is to

gather strong

lighting nights why is that so important

right now so we

we choose a different theme every year

we really try to pray and discern about

what can really serve as a springboard

for the most cutting edge culture of

life issues

so past these have included things like

adoption a noble decision

or pro-life is pro-science this year we

just sensed

that we needed to talk about unity and

the importance of

diversity creating unity so unity of

course isn't sameness it's recognizing

that we each have a unique gift

that we bring to the table and that we

when we lock arms we're so much stronger


wow that's so beautiful and like you


i feel like we need this message now

more than

ever well genie is there any other

message you'd like to share

with our viewers who are watching right

now well mostly i just want to say that

even though there are just a few of us

marching here today that we're all

symbolically marching and we're in

solidarity with each other

and the march is one day but it's really

about building a culture of life

all year round so please know that we're


in solidarity and please pray fast for a

culture of life especially at this

unique moment

in our country's history thank you

so much thanks for having me back to you

tracy okay thank you so much catherine

wonderful interview

all right i'm joined now in the studio

with star parker president and founder


center for urban renewal and education

star thanks so much for joining us we

appreciate it you're welcome you're

welcome and because you were first on my

calendar i was not out there with them

walking through the streets of

washington dc as one of the national

leaders who

find this a very special time for us to

unify ourselves as the body of christ

having those few represent all of those

that are home right now

thinking about us praying with us and

wish that they were here

and especially with the weather this

time i know there wasn't even blizzard

they were like oh man one time we got

caught in the snow this would have been

a perfect time to come

but i just commend the leaders of the

march for life to

uh think about the hour and to think

about uh

those that were questioning whether we

should gather

the tensions that were here in

washington we all know and we've

experienced them

to see our capital with bob wire rounded

and armed guards even as we're speaking

right now

this is a a good time for us to have a

quieter march with the leaders

kind of reminds me of nehemiah's time

where he was just weeping and then he

went to find those 12 leaders and said

will you help me build yeah you know i

want to talk about that you mentioned

about the theme for this year um let's

talk a little bit more about that and

how that's so important especially now

because our nation is really

unfortunately so divided how can we come

together on this life issue

you know i think that we have had

opportunities in our history

uh to gain wisdom and insight in

particular in american history uh during

the time of slavery when you had that


moral question the same question we're

dealing with today the question of


you know whose decision is this and


humanity is this and what we're finding

is those similarities

now are also in the movement so during

the time of slavery you had various

people doing various things

you had the harriet tubmans pulling them

out one by one which is like what our

pregnancy care centers are doing right


you have the elijah lovejoys those that

have their pen and pencil constantly

telling our society it may be legal but

it's not lawful in god's eyes and then

you had those that were working in the

legislative arenas in various places

uh to do reggie douglasses of the time

and many many others

even we can say abraham lincoln himself

trying to sort through sword

of course was much more vocal inside of

the apparatus

but these are similarities that we

should glean from and they found ways to

work together and i think that that's

what we're experiencing now because

it's a dark moment not as a roe v wade a

dark moment to remember in our history

but it's also a dark moment because now

we have an administration who is not

going to be friendly to the pro-life

message at all

yeah absolutely you know i want to go

back to you were talking about how this

year is different than

years past um but the message is still

the same can we talk about that

well the message is that it may be legal

but it's not lawful to kill what god

calls his reward

the message is that as they were just

expressing and as some of the

virtual ministers were expressing this

is life in the womb they're they're

they're they're a peep there there's

humanity at stake

not just for what that child may have

delivered in their adulthood to the rest

of us

but also for that mom and for that dad

and for that grandma and for our society

i mean someone is missing

we're talking numbers of 62 million

they're missing from our society so yes

the message is the same

it may be legal but it's not lawful in

god's eyes and we're going to do

everything we can

in as peaceful of an opportunity as we

can to see that this nation comes to its


and stops this horrible horrible crime

against humanity

did anything stick out to you as far as

the virtual reality or what we're seeing

today anything stuck out most in your


well one of the things that stuck out

most in my mind is how was i able to sit

through the makeup chair and let her put

this makeup on why they have me crying

in particular between the songs because

it's just so precious i know we talked

about that

you know this is this is a moment that

we can all say

look we've touched life you know those i

have two

grandchildren i mean some people know my

story i was just

out of control growing up i listen to

all the lies that we hear in our culture

and i believe them and my life spiraled

out of control

criminal activity drug activity sexual

activity that landed me in and out of

abortion clinic after clinic

fast forward that god saved me cleaned

me up i

had a child and i have grandchildren

we've touched life we know what we're

doing here

so what we have is a new opportunity to

come up out of this march

and this time after a season of 2020

to say lord let us put our priorities in

place let us put our perspectives back

in place

so that can we can remember that this is

an oh this is a miracle which is what

one of the songs was singing about

absolutely and you talked about that

being i'm a mom too having two kids

it does change you you know you just


we know we know and one of the things

that was mentioned jenny massini

mentioned that um

you know adoption has been one of the

themes for for time

so i think that having the leaders

representing each aspect of the movement

is really a clever idea because now we

have those that are saying

adoption is an option we can do that um


we can we can save you we can we can

help you if you decide to

keep your child we can actually minister

to the dads we have everything covered

in the pro-life movement so it is time

for us now

to bring all those elements together to

speak to the whole country

and actually to the world because one

thing we should be incredibly concerned


is that joe biden has already gone after


those stabilities that were put in place

to protect the innocent abroad as well

with his

you know getting rid of mexico city

policy so we've got a whole lot of work

to do so this is a time to

remember that god is still on the throne

and he cares about those little ones

absolutely so we're going to talk to you

a little bit later too

can't wait to talk more about that right

now we're going to head out to our own

katherine heydro host and managing

editor for ewtn pro-life weekly she is

out in the field catherine

hi tracy well we're continuing to make

our way down the d.c streets and i will

comment i've been to

previous march for life in the past this

one it's very quiet

people are not really talking but right

now i am joined by bishop joseph coffey

he's with

the military archdiocese but he is very


about the pro-life issue tell us about

that your excellency

well if you don't mind i'd like to just

first of all thank you for all

you've done for all these years for

pro-life i've been watching ewtn for

many many years and i watch your program

on sunday mornings

and i thank you for fighting for life

well thank you for your pro-life

leadership i know you're frequently

praying outside of planned parenthood

yes and as far as this march goes i

first started coming when i was in high


my father was a founding member of

physicians for life in philadelphia

and he told us about the roe v wade

decision my eight brothers and sisters

and me at the dinner table

that's when i became a pro-lifer i went

to this march

when i was in high school back in the

mid 70s and then all through college and

seminary and as a priest and i've been

going for many many years so

i've always been considered pro-life and


stand up for those who are the voiceless

and those who are

the sick the elderly i mean we get

accused all the time of being just

caring about the unborn babies

that's totally a lie i think most people

know that we care about all life

so we we march to promote the dignity

and the sanctity of all human life

and i've been going outside of planned

parenthood for many years also

to pray with the sidewalk counselors to

offer that help that is so readily


pro-lifers know that the crisis

pregnancy centers outnumber the abortion

clinics by a lot

so we're there to offer that help that

so many women do need and

they're caught in a situation where they

need help and we're there to

give that help i didn't realize you got

involved at such a young

age and being delved into the pro-life


and then you became a bishop how has


how has this commitment to life shaped

your pastoral work

well as a priest and as a seminarian

lay people have often said to me that

they get

inspired by a seminarian or a priest and

certainly a bishop that's out there with


and i tell them that they inspire us


we all are in this together the lady and

the clergy

fighting for this incredible important


so i i'd like to just use my

position as a bishop just to continue


the good news of jesus and the uh

the pro-life message so i tried to do

that as a seminarian

as a priest and now as a newly ordained

bishop with the military archdiocese

now you know we only have about a minute

left your excellency but what's your


to our viewers who are watching right

now and seeing the events of this day

well i know the pro-lifers all across

the country

like me look forward to this march every

year because it gives us a shot in the


and so there's a lot of disappointment

which is

understandable but i would say never


never give up and keep fighting to fight

the good fight

as we need to always remember absolutely

that's so

beautiful that's so well said and i will

say it continues to be really quiet

right now

it slowed down but starting to pick up

again here in the streets

i'll send it back to you tracy okay

thank you catherine i'm back here with

star parker star

i want to get your take on what we're

seeing out there you know on the streets

in the field right now

it's beautiful it's somber it is


and we're usually thousands and

thousands and thousands

and it is a shot and arm as was

mentioned by the bishop and we're

a little bit um more

clear that that we have to uh

recognize the moment we're in where i

think that that's something we should

take away from this time of not being

able to

come so quickly perhaps um it's also the

lord opening our eyes

to say well you know what maybe we when

you take something away from someone

they might appreciate a little bit more

had it become just a big party

maybe we should reassess where we are as

a movement

and especially now with the biden

administration yeah let's talk a little

bit more about that what are your

concerns when it comes to the buying

administration and kind of what we're up


oh we're up against evil and it's no

need of us pretending that we're not

we're at a very very dark

moment and what i've done personally and

knowing that this was our new reality


working here in washington d.c on on


issues on these poverty issues race

matters to

push out that the answer to poverty is

freedom is personal responsibility it's

not a welfare state

what they're going to do in terms of

life this is not good but what i did was

just said you know i'ma put my

heart in the head of those that went

before us in the movement i mentioned


we saw slavery in our nation imagine the


after the fugitive slave act they had

worked hard and all of a sudden they

have an act that caused people to say

you have a decision to make and in fact

fascinating story one of the

statues that the left tried to pull down

during their movement to then take over


nation's capital was the um lincoln

statues emancipation statute and has two

people has

one who is a former slave he was the

last slave

caught under the fugitive slave act the

day before he was supposed to return to

slavery is when

abraham lincoln signed the fugitive

slave act

and i mean abraham lincoln signed the


into into law so there's always hope

because he was going to go back into

slavery because of the fugitive slave


and then the emancipation and it freed

him so we have to remember these moments

in history we have to remember the dred

scott decision how did they feel

there was a horrible decision they got

down from the court but they were able

to pull themselves back together the

abolitionists and all those who knew

that god was on their side because they

were on the side of truth yeah

we have probably about a minute left

star but i want to ask you what can we


as pro-lifers

we pick our hill the same with nehemiah

you go to your

wall if you're a pregnancy care center

then go out and really

care if you're one that's supporting

life after abortion

then go out and find those that are

hurting if you are

a part to be a part of the legislative

process then be loud

be vigilant every aspect if you're one

called to adoption go adopt

if you're one just call the love go

volunteer go give

we do more it's what we do we do more we

do what they

what uh but frederick douglass at a

certain point you got to get up from

your prayer

seat and get up and go to work so we go

to work absolutely

star thank you so much for being with us

really a blessing to be here with you

and thank you for what you do we really

appreciate it thank you so much

we're gonna go back out now to catherine

heydro out in the field hey catherine

hi tracy so i'll just give you an update

as we're making our way through it looks

as if

other pro-lifers have tried you know

meeting up with this very small event

they were you know chanting and we're

just kind of reminded this is a really

supposed to be a prayerful presence

right now so you can hear some singing

right now

and joining me is marjorie dannenfelster

president of the susan b anthony list

marjorie what's going through your mind

right now well i'm looking around and

hearing these beautiful prayers

and we see a sparse group of people

because they're the leaders of the

pro-life movement but it is absolutely

no reflection

of the strength of this pro-life

movement right now

and that pro-life movement is at the

strongest point that it has ever been

it's not the usual tick-tock of

presidency to presidency executive

orders back and forth

we have the courts in such a strong

position and we also

have laws coming up to challenge roe

versus wade from all over the country


very strong where it matters in the


so that is my message of hope and what's

exactly where susan b anthony list will

be operating

in the next couple years i feel like you

always have that optimism

hope that defines us really in our faith

and our catholic faith

marjorie can you speak to the

significance of this march happening the


after president biden rescinded the

mexico city policy you're such an expert

on policy

well i mean one thing america is really

good at

is responding politically when

when there is a challenge and and this

is how we get things right

this president has just passed down

overturning the mexico city policy which

70 70 of america opposes

and well over 50 percent uh hate uh

taxpayer funding of abortion as they

should regardless of whether their

pro-choice are pro-life

so i think the contrast between

yesterday totally out of sync with


and today completely in sync with real


it's a beautiful thing and i'm glad

we're second i'm glad we're coming right

after it

you know marge i'm just thinking here we

are we're holding a rose

you know this is not typical to the more

recent march for life what are your

thoughts on

this different tone the march for life

is taking on today

well this march is unstoppable and

but it did feel like we were faltering

this year until now

i mean this is a throwback to a long

time ago uh 48 years ago when i used to

bring roses into

congress to hand out to legislators so i

feel like it's so circle

coming back to the beginning of the

pro-life moment at a time where i really

believe we're at a brand new pro-life


we're at the stage of the movement where

we're actually coming into the wind

and it doesn't feel like that sometimes

walking here yeah except as you look

around you see where the power comes


it comes from our faith and it comes

from our dogginess to never stop

never stop not until every every baby is


i know we only have one minute left

audrey but you spoke about you know

where this all comes from and we share

that catholic faith can you speak about

how your faith informs your work

yeah you know god is never overwhelmed

and we live in d.c where it's been kind

of an overwhelming time

families are overwhelmed all over the

country cities and towns but god is

never overwhelmed

he will waste nothing none of this he

knows exactly what's happening he knows

how to use this we just need to allow

ourselves to be used and we'll save


and with that message tracy back to you

all right thank you so much catherine

and joining me now is david b wright he

is the founder of beautiful

he's the founder and former ceo of 40

days for life

this year's march is a little bit

different um david first off thank you

so much for joining us we appreciate it

to be here

thank you so much tracy it's a blessing

to have you um obviously this year's

march is a little bit different as we


uh disempowered disappointed for it but

you know the message is still the same

for those who maybe wanted to go

really wanted to go and participate

couldn't do that what would be your

message to them yeah

well i share their disappointment

because there's something special about

coming together

in person and being there to stand

united as a pro-life movement and then

to be recharged to go back home

but the first thing i would say is to

understand that the board of directors

and jeanne mancini and her team they

were really prayerful and discerning


this year's march and they had to make a

tough decision that none of us would

want to have to make but yet they did it

looking out for protecting life which is

what the march for life is all about

but the most important thing we may be

disappointed we can't be together in

person but we're gathered virtually and

there is still this small march

representing us but

what happens at the march for life is

really to set the stage for the rest of

the year

this day prepares us for the next 364.

and even the mission of the march for

life is to unite to educate and to


pro-life people in the public square to

help end abortion so what it's meant to

do is to galvanize us to go and do

things in our community to save lives

and we can do that and today we should

redouble our commitment to save more

lives than ever before

to work harder than ever before until

that time when we can be back together

to celebrate the progress that god is

making through the pro-life movement

that's so true

i want to get your take on the events so

far this year

obviously as we mentioned a little

different you're used to being there

what are your thoughts on things so far

yeah as i look at the events that are

happening the rally and i look at the

small march and i realize that

though it looks different this year it's

a march for life but something that was

really surreal and i was talking this

morning to jeannie mancini about it

the president of the march for life and

i said you know in a way

this year a lot of what we've had to go

through with the pandemic and all these

other things is go back to basics

christmas was much simpler for most of

us this year but we could get back to

the basics

of jesus christ the reason for christmas

and in the same way

when the march for life was founded in

1974 when nellie gray and others came

forward they said we need to memorialize

the tragic grow versus wade decision

and we need to make sure to come

together to mourn and memorialize those

lives that have been lost

and in a way watching that solemn

procession it really brings us back to

the basics of what the march for life is


so in a way it brings forward that which

is core and essential to the mission of

the march

and that which we all need to do is

recognize the 62 million lives have been

lost to abortion

and we need to solemnly remember those

who have been lost but also recommit to

do something

to protect those who are at risk even

right now absolutely you know we have

probably about a minute left in this


but yeah i do want to talk about this

you know as you mentioned the march for

life is always

peaceful and it's always prayerful and i

know you founded 40 days

on life largely on the idea of a

peaceful and prayerful presence let's

talk about that why it's so important

in advancing our pro-life mission

absolutely well

violence never cures the problem of

violence and we recognize not only the

injustice of abortion but the violence

of abortion

it violently destroys the life of a

child but the solution to that violence

is not more violence and we look at

social reformers throughout history dr

martin luther king

he always raised attention around the

injustice and the violence that was

being perpetrated against african


but he always pointed people towards the

non-violent solution

and as pro-lifers we respect the dignity

of every human wife and therefore we

must be peaceful

but also as people of faith who

recognize that every human life is made

in god's image and likeness fearfully

wonderfully made we have to do it

prayerfully because ending abortion on

our own

we can't do it but with god all things

are possible

oh absolutely well david thank you so

much we appreciate it

appreciate it all right here with us now

is katrina gallick director of

development for the march for life

katrina thanks so much for joining us

again um

i understand that you first got involved

with the march for life when you were

just a college student and you spoke

at the march for life rally tell us

about that

yes so i had the opportunity when i was

in college at the university of mary

which is in

bismarck north dakota to be part of

leading the march for life that year

that was uh back in 2017 which feels

like so long ago

we had the chance to carry the banner

which this year is being held by

a few pro-life leaders but typically

during normal years

a college or a high school has the

opportunity to

represent the pro-life youth and to

carry that banner and so

as as part of that school i had the

opportunity to speak

at the rally on behalf of pro-life young

people i know you heard from

a student from christendom college this

year at the rally not too long ago and


i just was really blessed by the

opportunity to be able to

represent the pearl of young people who

are the future of the pro-life movement

yeah and katrina i know that you've been

really open about your journey with


can you share how that specific aspect

of your life

ultimately led you closer to god yes yes

so when i was in high school

uh i had a medical issue kind of come up

out of the blue that

that left uh left me paralyzed for for a

big chunk of time

and uh it was it was in that that i

really was invited to

to question my faith uh i've been raised

in a very pro-life

very catholic family big big catholic


where a relationship with jesus was

something that was talked about very


but it was in this experience of

paralysis where i had to question for


is it true is he really there does he

really love me

in that moment what i felt was his

absence and so it was going through this


that i learned how to how to look for

christ especially in those moments where

he didn't seem to be to be there and i

think in many ways it

prepared me for the work that i'm doing

now with the march for life

to always look for christ always look

for where where is god moving and what

is we called to do next

even when the road ahead looks so grim

so many of

the guests already today have spoken

about the the biden and harris

administration and what that means for

the pro-life movement

and so it's another opportunity to

really look and see all right lord

where are you calling us to work now

what does this new era of the pro-life

movement look like and to be open to

especially if that's not

you know what we had in mind before

absolutely and thank you so much for

sharing that story

with us uh what do you want to say to

maybe a young person who may be watching


you know their heart feels moved to get

involved with a pro-life movement

yeah so i would say first of all to

recognize that

this is your movement too that uh the

pro-life movement

will only go forward when we have young

people really take responsibility

for this you know you mentioned that

there's over 63 million

unborn babies that have been killed by

abortion and that's many people in my


and in the generations younger than me

and so for the young people to recognize

that we need you

we need you in this fight and so look at

what opportunities you have around you

maybe there's a student for life chapter

at your school

if not consider starting one consider

getting involved very actively

now and not just waiting in the future

for for someone to ask but instead take

that initiative

for for the unborn that this is this is

your movement too

absolutely great advice thank you so

much katrina for joining us again we

really appreciate it

all right now we're going to head back

out to catherine hedrow out in the field

for us

catherine hi tracy joining me now is

former nfl star and super bowl champion

benjamin watson you might recognize him

he was in that virtual rally with his

wife kirsten

and he's walking here in the streets of

d.c benjamin what's going through your

mind right now

a lot of peace there's a lot of peace

right now it's quiet i think that uh

jeannie jeannie kind of set it up really

well he said you know this is a time of


time of reflection remembering why we're

walking and who we're walking for

and even as we you know think about

where we are as a nation

and our opportunity to change some of

the things that

we want to see and also tom just of

togetherness and encouragement


you know this year's theme for the march

for life is together strong life unites

i think you speak really beautifully


that need for unity your thoughts on the

importance of this year's theme

i love the theme i remember when i heard

it when genie told me about the theme


specifically after what we've gone

through in 2020 look we're in the middle

of a pandemic

we've had economic upheaval we've had

political turnover

we've had a racial unrest so many

different things

have have shaken the bible says in psalm

16 8

david says i've continually set the lord

before me

with him at my right hand i will not be


and right now we're shaking and so the

idea of uniting

and that sort of collective force i

think is very very important to

reinforce i mean

you know when it comes to life there are

so many

justice issues that we need to address

and they all

kind of converge and come together when

we think about the life

of image bearers of god no matter what

ethnicity they are no matter what gender

no matter where they're from we all have

a role

in fighting for each other in that way

amen you know benjamin your talk in the

virtual rally was with your wife carson

you also have a podcast

together you have a big beautiful family


tell us about speaking about building up

a culture of life with your own wife

well the you know you look back in the

book of genesis and obviously god makes

man and woman and he puts them together

and the two become one flesh and ever

since then satan has tried to do

everything he can to destroy the family

and so part of us doing our podcast

laura why not

is talking about you know really the

importance of family the importance of

parents speaking

to their children about issues such as

abortion such as

justice issues poverty whatever it may

be how do we address our children

as responsible god-fearing parents

who care about our families how do we as

husband and wife say you know what

we don't get this thing right all the

time we've done podcasts and we've been

an argument

but you know what part of that is

working through that relationship

and being vulnerable and showing just

how god can

can use a man and a woman who aren't

perfect but who want to try to submit

themselves to him

i'm so grateful for your leadership

thank you thank you for

the beautiful talk during the virtual

rally you know tracy right now

it's very quiet here it's very purple


walking slowly it's nothing like i've

seen before at the march for life

but again i think it really points us to

the tragedy of why we are marching we

are marching because the tragedy

of abortion we'll talk to you again soon


from the streets of dc okay thank you

catherine thank you for all you do too

i'm back here in the studio with david b

wright and david i know that you're

a convert to catholicism you even

discussed your story

with catherine we're gonna go right now

and take a look at that interview

there were three things that really led

to my ultimately feeling led to enter

into the catholic church number one was

hearing god calling me consistently

particularly through an hour of


the second thing was the faithful

witness that my catholic wife and

catholic children lived out right before

my eyes which attracted me

and third was getting to work alongside

so many catholic christians who make up

the pro-life movement

and watching their witness and their

example and i wanted what they had i'd

love to hear that

tell us a little bit more about your

reasons for conversion

well i have been blessed my whole life

to have been raised in a wonderful

christian home

my parents loved the lord my dad was

actually a presbyterian pastor and i

went to church every sunday

in college i was involved in a bible

church but then i met

a beautiful girl and isn't that how

stories usually go and my now wife best


of 28 years my wife margaret and

margaret was a lifelong catholic and our

second date together was to mass

and so watching margaret live out this

dynamic catholic faith as i described in

that segment

was profound and even as our children

were baptized and raised in the church

and the life they lead i mean

my daughter is a novice with the

nashville dominicans today and

my son loves the lord and is involved

with the campus ministry at george mason

with the focus missionaries but

as i mentioned in that segment the

pro-life movement is made up of the many

parts of the body of christ but it is

largely led by those of catholic

christian faith and as i worked

alongside them and i saw the depth of

conviction that they had their

faithfulness but also a church that

for 2000 years has never wavered in her


about the sanctity of human life that

all catholic social teaching is built on

the bedrock

principle of the dignity of the human

person and i saw regrettably some

christian denominations that have veered

away from that foundational truth that


biblical scriptural but it's been there

since jesus walked on the earth it's

been there for all time since god


life but i started to realize that that

was the truth so

it wasn't in a and leaving where i came

from it was adding to

and has been such a grace and such a

gift to be received in 2018 into the


and to now have all those extra

blessings of being a catholic christian

that's so wonderful

um i want to talk about the name that

you chose for your confirmation it's one

of my favorite sayings i don't want to

tell everybody so i want you to tell


why you chose a saint well one of the

advantages of being a more recent person

to come into full community at the

church is i had the blessing of being

able to select

saint john paul ii as my confirmation

saint and as i've

followed his life long before i felt

called to come into the catholic church

i always admired

what he went through in poland what he

went through during world war ii what he

went through under godless atheistic


and then as god rose him up as the

leader for the time

and how he influenced the whole world

but always did it with love

always did it with compassion always

working to bring about justice and peace

and to do it christ in a christ-like way

and recognizing that dignity the person

at the center

of his entire pontificate i was so

inspired by his life

and to have been able to witness in my

lifetime his life

that really inspired me to want to say

yes that's who i would like is my

confirmation saying

i love it and and you know it makes me

think about what we're going through

right now

um with the administration right now and

the challenges that we're up against can

we talk

a little bit more about that yeah it

i've met a lot of people who are very

frustrated despairing discouraged right

now because yes there's been a change in

washington dc but

what i always want to remind them is

it's not most important what happens in

the white house

what's most important is what happens in

your house because it's up to each of us

to pray

ask god what he wants us to do and then

to act to respond

if we help a mother in an unexpected

pregnancy right now if we help her to

choose life and we're there to support

her through that pregnancy and after her

baby is born

we just ended abortion for that mother

and for that child

and so rather than despair we've been

through tough times some of the greatest

growth of the pro-life movement the

biggest explosive growth of 40 days for

life when i was there

was during the obama administration and

certainly that administration was very

hostile to the cause of

life but i think for all of us to

recognize yes look at the examples of

great saints like john paul but also to

look to the

heroic people the ordinary people who

are out on the front lines of the

pro-life movement

they're praying they're sidewalk

counseling they're working at pregnancy

centers we can do that too

and if we have that kind of

extraordinary faith god can use us

ordinary people

to do amazing things to save lives so

each of us has a role

and with god all things are possible

regardless of who occupies the white


absolutely i want to talk about you

going back to your

the organization that you started 40

days for life tell us why you did it and

give us a little bit more background for

those who who may not you know be


so i was living in college station texas

there was a local planned parenthood

abortion center that had opened a few

years earlier

and we had tried a lot of different

things as a pro-life community and i had

left my job in the business world to run

this little local pro-life group but it

seemed like everything we were doing

wasn't enough

the abortion numbers were going up it

seemed like the christian participation

was going down

and out of desperation we did what we

should have done the beginning we prayed

and a group of four of us sat around a

wooden table and for an hour

two college students one named sean

another one named emily

another woman who just graduated from

college mary lisa and we prayed for an

hour and just said god what do you want

us to do

and it was during that prayer that we

felt convicted around the 40-day time

frame that god uses to transform

throughout biblical history we see

transformation happening in the world

but we feel that we needed to pray and

fast because with god all things are


we need to have a peaceful prayer vigil

outside of the planned parenthood 24

hours a day

and community outreach spreading the

pro-life message to everyone around us

little did we know at the end of that

hour of prayer what we would launch in

that one community it would galvanize a

thousand people

but then it would spread to hundreds of

cities across all 50 states and dozens

of nations

and we've seen now hundreds of thousands

of volunteers participate

18 000 lives saved 107 abortion clinics

closing and 211 workers

leave the abortion industry including

abby johnson who's walking down the

streets of washington dc

as a part of this march for life god is

so much bigger

than we are and he has plans that are so

much more exciting

than we have and through him we can

change the world but we have to do it

with him

through him absolutely i'm wondering do

you have a message for our young people

uh who want to get involved or who


involved you know what would you say to

them and what are the challenges they


and how can they overcome it it's a

great question last night i was speaking

to a youth event at all saints parish in

manassas virginia and it was

150 kids that were there and what i said

to them

is you can change the world one person

god can use and i give story after story

example after example

of people that i've been blessed to meet

and work alongside many of them are

walking down the streets of washington

dc today

but in every case it was somebody that

devoted themselves to god and to his


and then they acted upon it and that's

my message to every young person

is don't think you have to have

experience or titles or degrees

you can make a profound difference you

can save a life

you can change a community you can

change the world because with god all

things are possible so

rely upon him ask him to show you your

place and then act upon it

and you'll see amazing things happen

absolutely i love it so much thank you

so much for that message and god bless

you thank you for what you do david it's

a tremendous blessing

thank you all right we're going to head

back out to catherine heydro who is live

in the field for us hey catherine

hi tracy yes we're continuing to make

our way through the route in downtown

d.c and joining me now

is lauren murse of live action lauren

you've been to many march for life

what's going through your mind right now

in this very unique

one that we're at it is very unique um

it's actually

encouraging that we're still doing it

i'm glad that the march for life took

the initiative to organize something

that was small

and reserved and i'm super hopeful for

next year that we'll have the biggest

march ever yes

yes i i agree now for our viewers who

are not aware

tell us about your work with live action

and live action

specific mission sure so live action has

the largest social media following for

the entire collection

and we have the largest digital

footprint for the pro-life movement so

we create videos articles and graphics

that are educating on the humanity of

the pre-born child

and the horror of abortion every single

day online and that's so

important to reach young people isn't it

to do it through that digital medium and

young people do have an important role

in the pro-life movement

critical role so the pro-life movement

will not continue unless the youth often

stand up and take a greater stance than

ever before

this generation is the most

compassionate and they can be

the most um human rights justice

warriors right so our whole

our whole this generation the upcoming

generation has this

drive to really stand for social justice

and we cannot have

a true social justice we cannot have

human rights unless they begin in the

move first

absolutely you know lauren for viewers

at home who did not travel

to washington dc cannot be here for this

march for life this year

how can they still be involved in the

pro-life movement i feel like i get that

question a lot how can i

be involved that is a great question so

there's a multiple different ways of


one of the best one awesome way is to

get up you know every weekend if you can

and go pray outside abortion facilities

in your own town

that is a great way to witness a

beautiful way to peacefully protest

outside abortion facilities

you can also donate to awesome pro-life

organizations there's many of them

and they're not able to do their work

without donations and there's also so

many great organizations to become


so become an ambassador with live action

is a great way

and just start digging look for ways

that you find passionate where you can

put your skills and your voice to use in

your own community

absolutely tracy i just want to kind of

comment to you as we're continuing to


you can see the presence of the national

guard surrounding here it's really

surreal to see all these fences and to

see this militarized presence here

we're starting to see some louder

pro-lifers who have met up with

our group here as we continue to make

our way down for the march for life

lauren can you just share we only have a

minute left but just a message for our

viewers especially as

we're entering this new administration

and a lot of people are very concerned

yeah i think the concern is real but i

also think that sometimes when it feels

darkest is when the light can shine the


so now is the time more than ever that

our voices can be louder

stronger and that we can really make a

huge difference so

don't give up keep building a culture of

life starting with ourselves our

families our friends

and keep the culture of life starting

from the group

that's beautiful thank you so much tracy

back to you

okay thank you so much catherine we just

saw kathryn out in the field

uh we were talking about youth young

people getting involved in the movement

let's talk a little about you know what

we saw there

uh with catherine and your thoughts on

that oh well first of all

catherine is amazing just watching how

god has worked through her here at ewtn

warren and live action and just


you know what an example to young people

if they say well

i look and you know i see a gray-haired

guy david now that i may not relate to

that but they can look at the young

people out on the streets they can look

at those who are leading the way kristen

hawkins students for life

so many other young leaders katrina and

the various team members the march for


so look to those who are going before

you but also

chart your own course find your unique

role but what an inspiration what a role

model and example we have in both of

those ladies we were just hearing from

yeah absolutely another thing catherine

had mentioned

was you know there's a different

presence this year

things dc does look a little different

um can we talk about that your thoughts

on that

yeah it's been a very difficult time for

all of us even as my wife and i were

coming around

to to come here and looking at the

barbed wire on the fences in the

national guard and

it reminds us that we're in a very dark

time culturally but i think going back

to the point that warren was just making

when the darkness is the darkest that's

when the light shines where cinnabons

grace abounds all the more

so if ever there were a time that our

culture needs to see something that the

reason we have those wires

and the fence is the national guard is

because of division because of anger

because of hatred

and the beautiful thing about the gift

of life our theme this year together

strong life unites

abortion divides a mother and her child

abortion divides a culture

life unites a mother and her child it

unites community it unites the many

different parts of the body of christ it

unites republicans democrats people who

are independent

it is the cause that can bring us

together so if we want to look for where

is there hope in the midst of this


where is their hope in the midst of the

tensions in washington dc

we're seeing it of those peacefully

walking up the street to memorialize

those who've been lost but to encourage


to save lives and make a difference

right where we live oh 100

and i think it's still it's a beautiful

testament the people are still

out there and they're marching you know

what would be your advice to folks when

we talk about uniting

uniting for this cause any advice to

folks right now who may be watching

yeah i think when times seem to be going

our way let's say we have the person we

want in the white house or we have the

right majority in the right

legislative body we kind of put our

hopes sometimes too much there

and when we suddenly realize that's no

longer there we have to put our hope

back in god which we should have had all


time along and i'm guilty of this as

well but also we have to recognize that

we cannot allow division

amongst our movement to separate us that

is where satan comes in

through division so we have to find

unity i last night was doing an event

with democrats for life and the lady who

was introducing me

she is an atheist she's a vegan she is a


and i'm sitting here thinking the world

would say we should be enemies because

i'm a catholic christian

i like a steak and you know i have more

often voted for political people on the

other side because the cause of life but

yet this cause of life

unites us and together we can be

stronger life united

my entire pro-life movement the theme

throughout it has always been as a

volunteer running a local group starting

and building 40 days for life

collaboration because together we are

stronger absolutely david thank you so

much for the message

thank you for being here with us today

such a blessing to have you and god

bless you and all you do

thank you so very much thank you all

right we're going to check in again

with katrina gallagher katrina thanks so

much for joining us again we appreciate

it i want to get your thoughts so far

on what we are seeing in the march yes

as so many people have have said already


march looks different it is uh more

solemn than in marches in the past and

much more uh small just having leaders

uh representing us but it is also a time

to to recommit ourselves to the cause of

life you know

we're marching against something that's

terrible abortion but we're marching


something that is very beautiful and

that is life and that is the joy of life

and so even though we're connected

virtually this year there still is a

call for each of us to go

and to do great things for life and so

it's it's really beautiful to see the

leaders uh representing all of us and

and again it's a call for us to to

continue that march all year long

absolutely katrina i want to ask you and

i want to get your take on this

why is it important for the young people

to get involved in this movement and


would be your advice to them yes so

the pro-life youth really are the the

backbone of

of the movement we actually see by going

through different studies that

that young people are actually the

demographic most likely to be pro-life

and to be changing their opinion towards

life and so

we see that the pro-life movement really

is winning the hearts and the minds

of of young people so my advice to to

pro-life young people is to not be

afraid to use your voice

uh especially on college campuses it can

feel so hostile

uh that there aren't other people that

agree with you

but so many times we see that young

people are

are pro-life do believe in this but

maybe just aren't familiar with

with what abortion is and then also

sometimes have a fear of speaking out

and so

i i encourage young people to to really

be bold in this way

and to educate yourself and then be bold

about educating

your peers too about what abortion is

and and about the gift of life

great advice i love that katrina um one

last question before i let you go you

know we mentioned it seems like we're in

such a dark time right now

but there is hope let's talk about that

and how we can unite together yes well

there is always

always hope we know that that in the end

life will be

victorious and so we can have this

joyful anticipation

of victory in the end and so we can keep

that hope and

and as we said earlier so beautifully

but in the darkest times the light


the brightest and so i think we can whom

we can keep in that hope

and also to know that there's a marist

poll that was just released

this week that showed that life is

winning in the court of public opinion

and that

a majority of americans do not support

the extreme

abortion legislation that we're seeing

coming from from capitol hill

and now from the white house that that

pro-life americans

support life uh at growing more and more

uh every day and so that gives a lot of

hope too that

that uh there is is change that is is


and now is the time to to continue to


absolutely katrina thank you so much i'm

glad you brought that up but we really

appreciate you and all that you do thank

you again all right we're gonna check in

with catherine heydro who

is out there in the field for us


hi tracy joining me now is sister

virginia joy as you can see from her

beautiful habit she is with the sisters

of life

sister so good to meet with you and

speak with you

can you tell our viewers about the

sisters of life sure

so um the sisters of life we're a

religious community where we take a

fourth vow

to protect and enhance the sacredness of

all human life

we were founded in 1991 by john cardinal


and we so we vow ourselves to the

charism of life

this desire that everyone knows that

they are good that they are a wonder

unrepeatable irreplaceable gift

we work with women who are pregnant and

in need

some of them come in liverpool i fight

in the eucharist

and we had one baby who lived whose mom

lives with us who delivered yesterday

and then we also have sister school time

working with women who are suffering the

effects of abortion

in their life so we call that our hope

and healing mission

you know sister as you said to me

earlier in conversation there really are

the walking wounded right now

how can we as catholics as pro-lifers

really care

for women who are wounded from abortion

yeah i think it's so

important even for my own story it was

really hearing the witness of a woman

who had suffered and which was so

convicting to my own heart

about yeah it's a hidden grief

that we see and i think we have to be

really careful just about how we talk


life and i think that's important you

know because

often these women are really suffering

uh what we call a hidden grief

and so they're in your they're in your

churches they're in your schools they're

your co-workers

and so we have to talk about the life

issues in a really

compassionate way you know a way where

there's always hope

you know that there's always new life

god can bring out of anything

you know something i've just been

thinking about is this has been a really

tough past year it's been a really tough

past month um a lot of people feel


um even on the abortion front you know

especially on the abortion front

considering of pro-abortion policies


you know we're seeing um can you just

speak though but god is here and god has

a plan and god is in control

i mean i think it's okay to recognize

there is like a there certainly is a

somber tone even here today and um

amongst all of us and i think it's a i

think back to john paul ii we're in the

25th year of

evangelium vitae and he says

the heart of the tragedy being

experienced by modern man

is a loss of the sense of god

and so like all of us our role is to

recommit ourselves

to our faith

what what foundation are we standing on

he says i am and his mother then yeah we

are going to be on shaky ground



be his pilgrim creature

really to fight the good fight and i and

we have to

yeah and this is part of this even

though the mark for life looks different

this year this is part of our fight

against that building up the culture of


sister virginia joy thank you so much

god bless you catherine god bless you

tracy back to you okay thank you so much

catherine and joining me now is michael


chairman of the board and ceo of ewtn

michael thank you so much for

being with us right now we are so

grateful um

as you know of course ewtn has been a

long supporter of the march for life

even when other networks really should

wouldn't show up for it

um we found a clip from back in 1994

uh when march for life founder nelly

gray joined mother angelica

really highlighting that relationship so

let's take a look

she's president of march for life

and the march for life if you remember

how you see that march

every january 22nd

and last year she went against great


because of the weather but being the

determined woman she is

they marched even in the freezing cold

i think that manifested something to the

nation that a beautiful day wouldn't


these people care for god

and his life in us it was so great

seeing uh that let's get your i want to

get your take on that and

and really what the march meant to

mother angelica sure well

you know it's great to see that i i

remember that show actually uh you know


two great women amazing women um

you know and and mother mother had just

an amazing commitment to life which she

expressed time and time again through

the years on

on her live show you know it wasn't just

something that

she talked about every january around

the march for life

it was something that was a part of her

show you know

day in day out week after week year

after year

and so i think the association between

ewtn and the march for life

uh you know is is something that's been

incredibly important was incredibly

important to mother it's it's incredibly

important to all of us now who carry on

the mission after mother

um you know our association with the

march for life

really goes back to its very earliest


and and nelly gray was a a frequent


uh over the years from the founding of


uh and and was frequently there with

mother angelica promoting and talking

about the life issues and talking about

the march for life

i recall even as late as the or as early


as the late 1980s you know ewtn was


the vigil for life and the masses

surrounding the

march for life and many of those other

events and then

ultimately that grew into our commitment


televising the march each year and the

rallies and everything that surrounds

this this really

significant annual event and we've been

talking obviously

the march is taking on a different look

this year that being said

um i know still very important to the

network to cover this can you talk about


sure absolutely uh like everything in in

this past

year uh you know it's just

everything is different and so we're all

adjusting to that but

uh but what is not different is the

commitment to life

and the commitment to this cause and so

even though the circumstances this year

because of both covid and the other


around security and so forth because

those circumstances changed the the way

the march looks does not

in any way diminish our commitment and

the commitment to

the march for life and the cause of life

and presenting this event

i think that despite these times and

despite the challenges of these times

it's incredibly important for us to

continue that witness to life that that

we have made

year in year out and that so many uh who

are involved in the march for life have

have done throughout these these decades

yeah speaking of challenges

um i want to talk about the challenges

we're facing right now with a new


um can you talk about that and our role

as a network in building that culture of


sure well uh i i think if you talk in

terms of the mission of ewtn

uh you know our mission statement is

very clear you know

that we exist uh for the advancement of


um and the advancement of truth is

defined by the magisterium of the roman

catholic church so

there is no time uh i think more

appropriate for the mission of ewtn than

these times that

we're living in whether that's you know

the challenges that we all face from

the covid issues uh to the challenges

that we now face

in secular and civil society with uh

the new administration uh and and

this shift that's now occurring uh in in


in the civil space with regard to the

issues of life

and it's clearly a a significant issue

at a time when you have a president who

campaigned throughout on being a devout


who's whose staff and who's whose

representatives still refer to him as

being a devout catholic

and who presents himself in that way yet

on the preeminent issue

of life you know president biden

unfortunately is not in alignment with

church teaching and is is completely

opposite church teaching and so i think

it's important for us as a network as we

have always done

throughout our 40 years to witness to

the truth to speak the truth

to help people to understand what the

church teaches about

these critical issues of life and and to

inform people about

what the problems are with with some of

the stances and some of the things we're


that are coming out of the

administration and the government uh

in these in these times yeah we're going

to talk a little bit more

about that in just a bit we're going to

go right out now to catherine hedro who

is out in the field for us hey catherine

hi tracy yes here i am with congressman

chris smith he's the co-chair of the

bipartisan pro-life

congressional committee and you can hear

god bless america behind us here at the

supreme court

congressman you put out a really strong

statement in response to president biden

rescinding the mexico city policy

yesterday can you just address the

significance of that sure

unfortunately the pro-abortion

organizations are working overtime

around the world

to do just what the supreme court did in

1973 legalize abortion on demand

right up until birth with no conscience

clause no anything all over the world

and unfortunately under

joe biden he reversed trump's

enhanced mexico city policy it's called


protecting life and global health

assistance policy

which means that we will be giving money

to planned parenthood and all of these

organizations all over the world

whose mission is to legalize abortion on


i mean it's it's just such a

terrible terrible thing that he did just


and you know he used to understand

that abortion was the taking of human

life it used to be against

funding and i put that into my statement

before the march for life

but now 180 degrees you've got the most

powerful man in the world now the

abortion president joe biden

against the innocent unborn child who is

defenseless and needs an advocate not an


the significance is striking that that

happened yesterday here we are today

remembering the tragedy of roe versus

wade hearing about this very solid

march for life you've been to many march

for life

can you just speak to the unique nature

of this year's march for life oh

the unity here is amazing the unity in

the pro-life movement

is extraordinary we've been here before

you know when both obama

and clinton became president they had

pro-life majorities in the house and the


and they got some gains for the culture

of death

which we then reversed we just have to

be double down

and pray fast and work very hard

in these coming days weeks and months

and again i couldn't be more


in biden you read his previous

statements what he wrote to some of his

constituents way back he was against

funding he said he said he was against


and now he is the abortion president and


is catholic you are a catholic

congressman that makes it all the more


well i listened very carefully to the

archbishop of naomi's

wonderful speech at the the sermon

and he made it very clear that you know

that it is a gross disconnect

between saying you're a catholic and

someone because it's a tenet of our

faith but it's also above all a human

rights issue

people have no faith at all can be

pro-life and should be pro-life

birth is an event that happens to all of

us it's not the beginning of life

and if you look at the methods of

abortion dismemberment decapitation

these are horrific acts of violence and

they stay concealed

they stay cloaked and now it has to be


you know and i do believe you know this

the people here

are the leaders of the pro-life movement

around the country

they all they're significant sacrifices

in what they do in trying to defend life

uh but it's all about selflessness

caring for the weak and the most

vulnerable and thank you for that

reminder that we need to fast we need to


congressman christmas god bless you

thank you for your pro-life leadership


tracy back to you okay thank you so much

catherine um

michael i'd like to get your thoughts on

catherine's interview with congressman

smith and what he had to say

sure i think one of the things that

stood out for me was when the

congressman was talking about

the unity of the pro-life community and

and the unity of those who support life

i mean

uh over these past many weeks now we've

heard unity

unity unity um in fact i wrote

a piece in the national catholic

register uh

recently about the issue of unity and

and the idea that

um we hear the president in his

inaugural address talking about unity we


from the congress we hear from virtually

every corner of society

we need to come together there needs to

be unity

and that's a wonderful sentiment and

it's a wonderful

goal for us to try to achieve that unity

but unity cannot come

at the expense of compromising our most

deeply held beliefs and principles

if if by unity someone means

well you need to give up what you

believe and come

on board with me otherwise you know we

we're not we're not

you know there's no unit um

well that's not true unity that's not

true unity and i and i

and so i think uh that's a word we hear

so much of these days it's a word we're

going to continue to hear

but i think we have to be very careful

about uh about that

and i thought congressman smith's

statement about the unity within the

pro-life community

is very important because that's that's

absolutely true

um within the pro-life cause and within

the pro-life uh community

uh people are unified there there is

unity and

and there is a commitment uh to the


and that no matter how difficult the

circumstances might be no matter how

tough the battle might get i think the

pro-life community

is committed to the cause and the the

issue of life you know i i think often


that phrase that's attributed to you

know mother teresa that

uh god doesn't ask us to be successful

he asks us to be faithful

you know and i and i think that's

important for all of us in the pro-life

community and all of us who are

uh engaged particularly in the work that

we do

of evangelization uh you know

god is calling us to be faithful and we

need to remain faithful and we need to

remain faithful and committed

to these principles and and to the

principle of life

absolutely we are definitely stronger

together uh i want to ask you

kind of jumping off of that let's talk

about our mission here at ewtn

and and really now during this time how

important it really is

absolutely it's certainly uh since the

pandemic began

it has been really amazing to me and

very humbling to me to see

the reactions that we've had from people

all over the world

who have turned ewtn during this time

um you know first and initially perhaps


they could no longer go to mass in their

in their church and so they

they they came to us seeking mass on

sunday or

daily and devotions and and that's built

as the as the time has gone on and so

virtually every platform that ewtn has


here in the united states and all around

the world has seen this exponential

increase of people turning to us for the


that we provide um and and telling us

how much of you know

solace it's been and how much of an

anchor it's been for them in these

in these difficult times and certainly

for us in the united states

as we went into the presidential

election cycle and

and everything that's happened uh

through that and and

recently these are very very unsettling

times very very dark times as

others before me have talked about but i

think ewtn has remained

for so many people and so many more


around the world that beacon of light

that that

beacon of hope that people need in these

very very difficult times

and that's our mission i think i think

you could you could say in many respects

you know that ewtn was

was created by god for time such as this


absolutely and you know i love when we

get those emails on a personal note and

seeing those emails

from viewers and what they have to say

even people just watching maybe for the

first time

exactly no exactly and yeah mother

angelico was took great delight

in hearing those stories of you know

people in the most unusual of

circumstances who

perhaps stumbled upon uh her live show


who stumble upon one of our programs

today and and that becomes a spark

uh and god uses that moment to bring

about you know this incredible

conversion and change

of life and that's the grace of god and


how he's used dwtn for these four

decades absolutely you're blessed to be


for sure all right we're now going to go

back out to catherine pedro who really

has been our eyes and ears for us on the


in dc catherine how are you um

you know i'm curious what stood out to

you about this year's march for life and

what do you think that you'll hold on to

the most

well i mean tracy here we are at the

supreme court and

totally fenced off unlike any other year

that i've been to the march for life

what's going to stand out is the fact

that it had a completely different tone

i'm so used to the packed streets tons

of young people

lots of singing and chanting this year

it was very quiet

i feel like the interviews i was doing

was often times the only conversation on

the street so frequently

it was so strong it was so prayerful i'm

hearing prayers to my left

singing to my right right now um people

here this year in particular

seem to really be thinking about and

praying about and mourning the tragedy

of abortion so that's just what is going

to stay with me there was one moment

very early on shortly after we started

marching the

small group of pro-life leaders where a

bigger group of pro-lifers joined us

and they started singing and chanting

and i thought okay is this going to

disrupt what you know was envisioned for


but then they quieted down and it

continued to be very solemn and reverent

for the remainder of the march well

catherine you know i also want to find


what did it feel like for you to be out

there as one of the pro-life leaders

really representing the moment and i

want to tell you we are all so proud of


well i've been listening to the program

in my ear tracing what a beautiful

broadcast and i will say the broadcast

changed a lot of times as this

announcement from the march for life


two weeks ago that it was becoming

virtual but in regards to today

what an honor this has got to be the

greatest honor of my time at

ewtn pro-life weekly to be here on this

very significant

and historic march for life in its own

right and just as you and

mr michael warsaw we're just discussing

right now the mission

of ewtn and mother angelica's vision

this is an honor for me but it's really

an honor for the network

the representation for the contributions

this network has done

in building up a culture of life in the

pro-life movement

absolutely catherine it really is an

honor and a blessing um

you know we mentioned this before things

really do look different in dc this year

uh there was increased security that was

one of the changes

did it change anything at all for the


you know i will say i felt i did end up

feeling completely safe throughout the

entire march there were a big presence

of knights of columbus

guarding us throughout there was police

presence in the front and in the back

and even just in walking through

washington dc as i was saying earlier

towards the beginning of the broadcast

it really is a militarized presence i

mean it was pretty uh

surreal to see so many national guard

soldiers standing on the sides of the

streets and again here we are

at the supreme court and it's fenced off

and we're not at the front of the

supreme court like we typically

are every year for the march for life so

it definitely

felt different this year but i

fortunately did feel

safe and secure and i think it was

benjamin watson who said

you know everyone you could feel the

unity among the pro-life leaders

congressman smith said that as well but

there was this great sense of unity

among the pro-life movement here

and also recognizing the significance of

this day yeah

catherine we have probably about a

minute or so left a little more

um how do you think the 2021 march for

life will be remembered how will you

remember it

well you know i think this is one that's

going to stand out this is the 48th


march for life but this one there will

always be that footnote there will

always be an asterisk

about this was the year the march for

life went virtual i don't think this is

going to be the case next year i really

don't you know the march for life

they were disappointed it went virtual

as well they worked so hard all year to

put together a big rally and big event

but that's what the circumstances

required this year

so i think this is going to be a unique

year that stands out on its own

in a way here i am holding this rose

that was alluded to earlier in the very

beginning of the march for life years

they would carry roses and bring them to

the members on capitol hill

this rose is a symbol for the unborn


the red represents the tragedy of

abortion but also the joy of life

so i think this will be one for the

history books tracing it was an honor to

be here

oh catherine then thank you so much

thank you for what you do

uh we really appreciate it catherine

hager host and managing editor

of ewtn pro-life weekly thank you again

god bless all right michael thank you so

much for joining me today really my


my pleasure thank you and and my thanks

to katherine as well for

not just today but for the ongoing

witness to life that both of you exhibit

in your programs on ewt oh thank you

michael it's an honor and a blessing and

we're blessed to be here for sure

and thank all of you for watching we

really appreciate it that concludes

ewtn's complete televised coverage

of the 48th annual march for life now

even though the march for life really

did look a little bit different this


ewtn was still here and that's because

the tragedy of abortion cannot be


on behalf of everyone here at ewtn thank

you so much for watching

i'll be back later on tonight on ewtn

news nightly with complete coverage

of today's march for life events until

then we leave you with a scene

of the supreme court from today's march

for life god bless you all