Why The Mandalorian Works Better than the Movies (Opinion)



hey what's up it's Brian and Jeremy from

IGN and this has been a fantastic big

giant loud month for live-action Star

Wars stuff we get right the end of the

Skywalker saga with episode 9 where as

the Skywalker and also the Mandalorians

wrapping up and so this has been like a

really cool time to be a Star Wars fan

that's before I even count the games and

everything everything else yeah but

invariably we have to debate things here

in in the space of nerdom and I think

the more we think about it I think we're

both starting to realize that the

Mandalorian and stuff like it might be a

better storytelling device for the Star

Wars universe than these giant movies

what do you think Jeremy yeah I

definitely think that that's the case

and so a lot of our friends here have

been sort of split on the Mandalorian

about whether or not it's it's corny and

whether or not it lives up to like it's

it's got a pretty high budget but

sometimes it looks like a Stargate or

something it does feel like a Stargate

or like a Xena Warrior Princess I think

it's because they're using a combination

of digital sets and some some props and

stuff like that but there's also like

they're they're going for more of a TV

feel there's less sort of like

star-studded side characters one of the

big complaints is that a lot of this

sort of like secondary actors aren't

great but writing isn't that great but

that sort of feels like 70s Star Wars of

the rich and watch them it's not like

the performances are oscar-worthy know

especially in a new hope half of them

were embarrassed by it yeah now we all

loved it because it had so much charm to

it I think you were talking about the

the toaster yeah yeah just sort of like

I think that like being scrappier with a

budget is what Star Wars is sort of

built on it was George Lucas with the

confines of the restraints of the having

not endless amount of money but he

basically had to say like well how do we

make this robot using garbage cannon and

he's got a producer like for sure going

like you can't you just can't you can't

I have this robot I don't have money for

this robot yeah whereas the new movies

have endless budget and can show you


they're also juggling a billion more

characters they have all these like

loose ends and plots they have to tie up

whereas a Mandalorian can basically

focus and let scenes sort of cook and


simmer a little bit because they'll just

they'll work with like three or four

characters an episode it's also like

with the approach to Mandalorian which I

think people have slowly realized is

like not so quietly a fringe x-files

style monster-of-the-week show right

that has basically like one big bad per

episode and then somewhere kind of

hovering underneath is like this

through-line narrative that will be

stretched across the end it's almost

like a video game yeah you have little

mini bosses on your way you're building

a party you're also like you're

upgrading your armor are you getting

like missiles and stuff like that like

it's totally video gaming which I

actually really dig but yeah I think

that really feels like much more in line

with the original trilogy than the new

movies which you know frankly they're

too sophisticated yes they're too slick

there's too much exposition it's trying

to it's it's painted itself into a

corner that the Mandalorian just doesn't

have to yeah and you're kind of touching

on a couple of things here that I think

are very interesting one is you know

working within the constraints of a

budget that's that's four or five times

less than what the movie would be they

have to be a little bit more creative

yeah right and if you're told like hey

you got to make a robot out of putting a

toaster on a broomstick and walking them

around like it's some really charming

about that and I think growing up we are

all like hey that's great yeah good job

you did it one of people's favorite Star

Wars characters well really big to Star

Wars nerds as favorite Star Wars

characters it's this guy named will ro

hood it was seen in the back of one shot

holding an ice cream maker and this is

in the original trilogy and they gave

him the name they gave him a backstory

and everything and that ice cream maker

appears in the Mandalorian as basically

the container for all the best car steel

which is a super interesting nod but

some of the best art in history has been

created under the restraints and

constraints of not only budget but time

and everything if every if a small group

of people have to work together really

closely you know they tend to put a

little bit more love and care into like

each individual like monster and

creature and jeroid you know they all

have a whether this is true or not we

were kind of raised to believe that

every single character you saw had a

backstory yep it was like motivated yeah

you know and

and and they get you know but the movies

linger on them yeah so that's the thing

we're not gonna spoil anything in the

new in the rise of Skywalker movie but

you probably by now seen a lot of this

sort of running narrative from the

audience saying it's a very busy movie

it is incredibly cluttered in terms of

like it doesn't really allow a lot of

scenes to breather cook I just move

through everything yeah quickly like

it's it's basically the the main

difference being when you see a monster

an alien or a robot in these new movies

it's it's you know designed by a

committee of 20 or 30 you know art

design executives who are making three

hundred and fifty thousand dollars each

and have unlimited budget and like

they're just like here's the here it is

yep and and you seen for half a second

yeah yeah where's like the second

episode of the mandalorian was basically

a boss fight it was just him being like

I got to get this egg from this big

beast this Rhino cow and then bring it

back to the Jawas but everything about

it you know in a Mandalorian is it is a

little bit corny because they're using

puppets yep and you know makeup and

costumes and all this stuff and it's

very it's it's realistic and visceral

but scrapping it you can see this yeah

you know the guy the damn armored suit

that he's wearing he can't even walk

like a normal person in it he's always

just like yeah you know no it works

really well of that like it feels like

it feels like a real tactile thing as

opposed to you know just all of the fake

visual effects that we see in the 90s

prequels and also in these new movies I

totally agree it's also TV as a medium

to sort of book in this conversation I

think it's like a fantastic vessel for

narratives like this because you can

allow things to stretch out and cook you

can Evan flow in terms of how long you

want something to be this movie the new

movie could have been three hours or

four hours or five hours but on a TV

show you can basically say hey the first

seasons 8 episode the second season is

12 and each one's 50 minutes why not it

can be whenever it wants to yeah and and

it gives you it gives your characters a

lot of room to breathe and your story is

a space to grow you can also sort of

adapt to where the audience is going a

lot of TV shows in history have famously

latched on to like characters that

people have really connected with

something like Breaking Bad I wouldn't

you yeah Breaking Bad originally wanted

to kill Jesse off early

and people connected with him the

writers loved him and all of a sudden

you can't imagine that show without him

and then El Camino which you know is the

epilogue to that entire saga is entirely

focused on hims has yeah it's his film

and so I think you have that opportunity

with television with the mandalorian

with with Boba Fett the you know the

obi-wan Kenobi show coming out I think

you have a great opportunity there to

tell story is that the movies don't

really allow right now at least in a

trilogy strong that's another really

good point that you're making is you

know we have now become really

accustomed to viewing the thing we're

living in a peak television moment yeah

the television shows that we're getting

right now are just like head and

shoulders above anything we've ever seen

before and I think movies are struggling

to find a way to tell stories that have

anywhere near the amount of depth that

like a Fargo would oh god yeah or

something like this and and they

struggle with it in the best movies mmm

to me seem to be recently the ones that

just don't even try to do that and they

instead just pick two or three

characters to focus on like right or you

look at like the MCU which has been

incredibly phenomenal it's sort of

nailing the cadence of this large

sweeping narrative but that is like sort

of like we're Altima tunneling in the

theaters to watch four or five TV show

episodes a year and there are huge

blockbuster TV shows but those are TV

shows like those are like something like

Avengers endgame felt like a co

metallically embrace it yeah and I love

them for that and the Star Wars seems to

be able to do yeah I totally agree

because the Star Wars movies have become

this sort of event and now they have so

much stuff 42 years of films have to fit

into one where as a TV show can kind of

like Michelle in this in the context of

Star Wars though doesn't it really just

come down to the puppets I think so in

the end and the little seats in every

yeah like every time I see a person

holding the baby Yoda puppet yep it's

just like it's so clearly a puppet yeah

it's so much I love that yeah he's got a

so ridiculous doing it but it but it's

more real than if they were pretending

to do that with like a CG character

they're holding like a green egg with

dots on it or something some of my

favorite art has been created through

constraints like that like I was telling

you before we started shooting this

video that Super Mario the entire reason

he has a mustache is because in 8-bit

they tried to give him a mouth and it

looked terrifying so they like put a

mustache there and

you cannot imagine that character

without it in fact when you see photo

shops of him missing it and you feel

deeply unsettled it's not it's not okay

yeah I don't want to see that yeah Xbox

Live Arcade but famously had an

incredibly small file size when strained

developers and for limited they had to

have within a certain file size had to

do wizardry to make it fit into this

tiny little thing and now all bets are

off you will download a game that's like

150 gigs and it they don't you know it

doesn't matter now it's hard to know

even what to focus on yeah what's good

it's like if everything was too much

yeah to let us know do you think the

mandalorian works for being sort of like

corny and hokey and a little like

shoestring at times or do you think

movies are ultimately the best way to

tell these gigantic sweeping saga

stories across generations I think it's

a mix of both but I'm leaning towards TV

these two leather daddies are for TVs

thank you so much for watching and for

all things Star Wars may the force be

with you right here on IGN