How to watch The Magicians on Netflix?


hello there would you like to watch The

Magicians on Netflix magicians is a

sci-fi show and well the fourth season

has just ended in the United States but

what can you do if you want to watch it

on Netflix if I search for the

magician's well I don't find anything at


and you know what you can find the

magicians in one single Netflix region

and that is on Netflix in the United

States now what does that help you well

it will help you a lot because now I

will tell you how you can get access to

it if you see the link in the movie

description on YouTube on the Premio you

see there is a link to the north ppm if

you click that link you will be taken to

the North VPN website given a great

discount so sign up for one of the

packages the longer your subscription

the better the value and then you

download their application here I have

the application on my computer and what

I will do now is that I will search for

the United States and I will just

connect to a server in the United States

this will give me an American IP address

and not only can I use this to gain

access to American Netflix but later you

can also use Nord VPN to get access to

English Netflix Canadian Netflix

Japanese Netflix and some more Netflix

regions I can also use it to unblock

other streaming services but now you see

I'm connected do you know what I'll do

now I'll just restart this page reload

and you know why because suddenly I'm on

American Netflix and here you have the

magician's as you can see here I have

the first three seasons here at the

moment a season three was added on

December 24th 2018 so it's probably

coming in December 2019 that is when the

fourth season of the magician's will

come but until then you can watch season

one two and three on Netflix in the

United States so click the nori p.m.

link in the movie description sign up

for their services download their client

and you will be ready to watch The

Magicians on Netflix in a few minutes

from now okay I hope you found this

useful give the movie a like if you

liked it

subscribe to the channel sign up for no

VPN and thank you for watching have a

nice day