Has Anyone Told You WHY The Mad Hatter Went Mad?


hey guys it's Jessie V and today we're

basically going to be continuing our

series talking about the creepy origins

behind your favorite Disney characters

and movies last time we talked about

Snow White Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty

Little Mermaid all those awesome movies

and old folk tales that started from

some pretty creepy stuff a lot of people

don't know that Disney has taken creepy

old folktales and turn them into


princess movies that we all know now so

the very first character we're gonna be

talking about is the mad hatter so we're

gonna talk about the Disney version of

them and then we're gonna talk about the

real version of them the Mad Hatter is a

character from Disney's 1951 animated

film Alice in Wonderland he's known for

his insane personality and oversized

green top hat Alice encounters him at

the Mad Tea Party in Wonderland the

Hatter and his best friend the March

Hare are known for throwing frequent tea

parties and celebration of their unbirth


everybody knows the unbirthday song

right a very merry unbirthday do you do

you I just dropped my phone so let's go

back into history all the way back to

the 1800s the term as mad as a hatter

was actually used a lot back then and

for a very sad reason it was referring

to the men that used to make hats back

in the day that actually lost their

minds due to the chemicals they were

using to make these hats the felt hats

these men were making were actually

filled with mercury which is a very very

toxic chemical and when people were

exposed too much to this chemical their

behavior would become erratic hyper and

just overall insane so the way they

did was actually similar to the actual

Mad Hatter character in Alice in

Wonderland and that is actually where he

was inspired from which is kind of sad I

mean these real people who are making

the hats back in the 1800s really

suffered so it's just so strange going

back and watching Alice in Wonderland

knowing that the Mad Hatter character

came from such a horrible time all right

let's move on to Beauty and the Beast

the Disney film tells the story of a

prince who is transformed into a beast

and a young woman named Belle whom he

imprisons in his castle to become a

prince again the Beast must learn to

love Belle and win her love in return

before the last petal falls from the

enchanted rose or he will remain a beast

forever this is definitely one of my

favorite Disney movies I love it so so

much so when I heard the actual dark

history of this I was not very happy so

in the original story Belle convinces

the beast to let her visit her sisters

for a week which is so strange because

there's no mention of Belle sisters in

the actual movie but in the novel Belle

does have sisters and she really wants

to go see them so the Beast lets her now

when she goes to see them they get

really jealous because she has jewelry

and she's wearing a gorgeous dress that

the Beast gave her her hair was all dyed

and up nicely so her sisters were like

wow this beast is really giving you all

the luxury so they really want what

Belle has so they try to convince Belle

to stay longer with the intention that

her delay staying with her sisters would

drive the Beast mad missing her because

she wasn't coming home and then when she

actually got back the Beast would be so

insane that he would devour her so

Belle's sisters were hoping the Beast

would eat her all because they were

jealous of her nice clothes and her

jewelry which is so so crazy it kind of

reminds me of Cinderella and her wicked

stepsisters and I'm really glad they did

not put that in the movie all right

let's move on to the Hunchback of Notre

Dame the plot centers on Quasimodo the

deformed bellringer of notre-dame and

his struggle to gain acceptance

to society he ends up standing up to his

tyrant Guardian in a bid to help

Esmeralda a gypsy girl and everything

sort of turns out happy just like in all

Disney movies well in the original novel

Quasimodo actually isn't able to save

Esmeralda and she dies and the next part

is so so sad

Esmeralda is buried and Quasimodo goes

to her grave where he stays there until

he starves to death so he literally does

not want to leave Esmeralda's grave he

loves her that much and years later when

as morale does grave is opened they find

both their skeletons and when they try

to separate them they turn to dust so

they were together even in death and

it's just so so sad and I'm just also

glad they didn't put that in the movie I

just want to know why people who are

writing such sad stories back in the day

I mean all of these fairy tales and

Disney movie origins are horrible

alright let's move on to Pinocchio the

film stars a puppet brought to life by a

fairy who tries to earn his right to

become a real boy as he faces the

challenges and dangers of a dark hostile

world of crooks villains and monsters

and I mean even in this Disney movie if

you have seen it it is really dark

already to be honest it is one of the

darker Disney movies misbehaving boys

are basically brought to this place

called Pleasure Island where they are

transformed into donkeys and then sold

into slavery BRR

what the heck I remember watching this

movie as a little kid at my grandma's

house and thinking oh my gosh if I'm bad

I'm gonna turn into a donkey so let's

talk about the original story in the old

tale Pinocchio is actually not very nice

at all he behaves badly he steals things

and his father Geppetto actually calls

him a wretched lad which is crazy

because in the Disney movie his father

loves him so much they have like a great

connection but in the book not so much

and you know how in the movie Jiminy

Cricket like hums and helps out

Pinocchio and gives him good advice well

in the book when Geppetto the cricket

comes to give Pinocchio

vais Pinocchio squashes him yeah and

then the book ends with Pinocchio

actually dying a cat and a fox kidnaps

him skills his money and then hangs him

from a tree and watches him die which is

extremely bizarre

I have heard like different endings to

the Pinocchio story so that is one of

them but like what the heck all right

let's move on to Peter Pan which I have

done a whole video about so we're kind

of just gonna go through this quickly

and this Disney animated film Wendy and

her two brothers are amazed when a

magical boy named Peter Pan flies into

their bedrooms supposedly in pursuit of

his rebellious shadow he and his fairy

friend Tinkerbell come from a far-off

place called Neverland where children

stay perpetually young enchanted the

kids follow him back but when Pan's

nemesis the pirate Captain Hook causes

trouble the kids began to miss their old

life so in the old book as you guys

might have known Peter Pan is not good

at all

in fact he's very much like a villain he

actually hates adults so much that he

actually kills off the Lost Boys when

they get older so basically if you're

too old to be a Neverland Peter Pan gets

rid of you it literally says in the book

when they seem to be growing up which is

against the rules

Peter fins them out fins them out what

do you think that means he can heats rid

of them and in this other scene in the

book which I've also talked about before

he intentionally takes these quick short

breaths because apparently in Neverland

every time you breathe a grown-up dies

so Peter Pan wants to like get rid of as

many as possible so breathing faster

does the job I mean it's just so so

messed up I can't even believe it anyway

so guys those are all of the Disney

movie backstories we're gonna be talking

about today there are definitely so many

more I can cover so if you like this

kind of video definitely give this video

a thumbs up but I hope you have an

awesome rest of your day and I will

you in my next video