Dryer Vent had wet lint in it 😳

what's the PDS crew I have an

interesting dryer that too

as you can see

very dark the majority of it you got

some some pieces that are dry

they always wet

there's a link that's leading into there

rather than duct

and so that's what's causing restriction

and she was wondering why her stuff was

taking forever to dry when she has a

dryer that's barely a month or so old so

this is the cause right here

moisture getting into the dryer vent

duct is causing this to get impacted and

heavier so

maybe now at the top we're supposed to

you know eat the majority of it

so it didn't even start to really drop

down and talk about

the way into it scrubbing it out

I want to show this to you guys as

the cause of why the dryer pay attention

doing its job

have you got restricted air flow

for the moisture and error

passed through

what's happening

to get it checked on the roof because

there was previous roof damage I guess

from the last

dryer right cleaner

they went on the roof and

it's raining

so that was a big issue but my guess is

it still

thinking through

this drywall here was redone because the

damage made its weight


this is the cause

right here most pleasantly but I

instructed her to check absolutely come

up and check the rough to make sure that

is all fine

- obviously vacuuming all this

the rest their job

clean the back of the dryer

so you guys this Russia they can see

potentially one reason why your dryer

may not be working properly so thank you

so much for watching and I want to black

down the services our BES crew wanted to

show you guys one with one more thing

here is I so

when I first sent it through I sent it

with this brush and got that first pile

to come out so the reason why did the

smaller brushes because impacted like


I wanted to send the smaller brush a


a little easier

being pushed further up in this case


and the second time around

through all the way

pop it back

more out so that ended up working out

really well so I just want to show you

guys that

second pass-through made a big


so I always let it drop like this

because clients can't see what's

actually in there and I want to be able

to show them that it's the issues

within the dryer

I'm out their actual gyrus especially in

this case because it's brand-new

other thing i did that i cleaned

I cleaned throughout there I sent my

line through there and described it

before I sent my big brush through here

I scrub the backside of that with a


and then also

while I had my vacuum hooked up to the

back of the dryer I sent this and

scrubbed the lint trap and pushed

everything downward that way I can suck

all that crap into the vacuum and that

made a huge huge difference - if it's

backed up you can't get your fingers in

there so this helps push it down in

there and scrub it out a little bit

well that was it for this next part I'm

going to show you guys the filter when I

get all done that media screw it is time

to do the nasty reveal so you saw all

that stuff I vacuumed up put this filter

on to capture all that especially since

it's wet 90% of it was wet and all

connected together so this filter will

help pick it all up and not let it get

into my system or I should see my waste

tank because then I gotta clean out the

waste tank so look at that oh all that

wet lint some of it stuck in the port

that's covered so that's what we got

thank you guys for watching this is a

dryer vent clean of course and yeah went

through it twice using my vacuum from my

machine here two different brush sizes

to scrub it out as you can see that made

a big difference

starting up the small one to get the

compacted stuff loose and then send in

the second one let's larger to get the

remaining remaining stuff out and again

it was mostly stuck at the top so there

there dryer is I believe it's a small

window there so right up above if you

could see it that cover there is where

it's supposed to come out and some kind

of water is getting into it so that's no

good so we want to be able to figure

that out so I suggested to her to have

have it looked at because once I cleaned

out the back of the dryer all of the

little lint that was stuck in the back

of the dryer out spout it was all dry so

it's not coming from the dryer at all so

it's from a different source so that's

just information I can tell her so

you can kind of direct a contractor to

take a look at it so yeah that's why I

went through all these steps because

this was a special situation only the

second time I've had and wet compacted

Lent in a duct so that could be one of

the reasons why your dryer isn't working

right so always consider that as an

option for your problems here and then

have the dryer cleaned out accordingly

let them know that and then they could

better serve you so thank you guys so

much for watching no no black diamond