Delroy Lindo dares white news reporter to say the N-word

what's that family a clip from the sixth

season of the second episode of the CBS

show the good fight has gone viral in

their clip after Delroy Lindo gives it

back to a couple of guys who really

really really I mean really want to use

the n-word the episode was titled day

443 Delroy is a guest panelist at a news

channel they are having a discussion

about racism

the topic is titled is racism a two-way

street so there or patiently listens to

these guys talk about the use of the

n-word and how racism how white people

experience racism also and how it is

hypocritical for black people to use the

word and they can't use it and so he's

just sitting there patiently trying not

to be the angry black guy and the guys

are like well you know he's

african-americans rappers are using the

word Caucasians can't you know so family

they're always like okay when you see do

that what you mean say use it usually

word say the word well I'm not saying I

want to say the word I'm just saying I

can't they said no no no you won't say

say say I'll help you mm-hm

you know you give them the first




it's only a TV show but it's funny as

hell because it's very realistic it was

so realistic that at first I thought it

was real because I'd never saw the show

before and never seen the show before so

I thought it was real but you know I did

my research I was like okay this looks

like it could be polished a little too

polished so I looked it up and sure

enough it's from a TV series but it's

very real because I heard a number of

white people complain about not being

able to use the word at least without

consequences on polite company right

just recently I talked about how what's

they got a tiger King Joe exotic what

went on a rant a few years ago talking

about he can't use the n-word which by

the way I do not see what black people

see in watching that show actually I

don't really see what any decent person

see and watching the show I don't like

Tigers that much you did what I'm saying

to Pat the pockets of somebody like him

we're moving on there are some way

people out there who really wants to use

that word publicly and I say publicly

because you know what they want to use

it that bad they use it already

you did what I'm saying but they want to

be able to use it publicly they want to

be able to using publicly without

consequences and I don't think that

wherever going to reach that moment in

history I just don't see it I know that

there are some way people who have black

friends and they get to sit around their

black friends one of these days they're

going to say

around somebody else they're gonna be

out of pocket and it probably won't get

the noodles not because it's just one of

those words it's the type of word that

just has it's a trigger word it's one of

the greatest trigger words of all time I

don't see that changing and I personally

believe that if it means that much to

you to say it just saying cuz that's

what I do if I feel like doing something

as much as some of these people really

want to say the N word publicly I'd do

it I just stand in a fight come with I'd

be the one white person walking around

just saying the word I don't care if I

get attacked I'd be ready to fight back

what else you know I just say that's

real conviction that's how I'm built but

I'm not in the business of going around

offending people so I don't care to use

any words that much if a group of people

say we don't like that word that's a bad

term that's a derogatory term against us

then even if I use it maybe I didn't


but once they educate me then I just

leave it alone I don't care to offend

people that much but some of these

people man they really really enjoy the

use of that word it's uh it's like in

it's just like spinach to Papa you know

it's really like it use them it's like

oxygen for some people it it's

empowering why why is it so important

for white people in America specifically

the inability to use the n-word without

consequences should give them some ends

say on what it must be like for black

people every day in America to walk

around and not be able to do the things

that they see others do and get away

with it

no more Tom