Tutorial-How To Fix a Red Light Issue on Your PS4 Contoller Preventing You to Access Safe Mode!

hey everybody its happy gaming studios

and today I'm actually going to show you

what did I can find a difference to

something actually wrong with your

controller a lot of people don't really

pay attention to it because they don't

pay attention to this light but this

light can actually be a very very big

importance for your console especially

not really for your console but more the

controller because you need to control

and control your ps4 now a lot of people

like controllers like no it's much more

cheaper to spend for parts than buying a

whole new controller you're saving a

whole lot of 65 bucks and I spent on

that one part for 99 cents but that was

case so I'm going to show you how to how

to actually fix this issue and this does

require money to repair sometimes

doesn't depending on the issue so we're

going to go through those of you things

what you're going to first do is go to

your controller and you're going to when

you go in the game if it's red if it

shows red or for example when you turn

the thing on when you turn the

controller on it turns like a purplish

and turns purplish and then it turns red

and then it turns and then and then one

step the system boots up I'll turn blue

red is actually a bad sign and I might

explain to you why red is an actual bad

sign red and purple can actually mean a

few couple things and I'm gonna explain

to you why recently in this controller

was having a little issues it would

actually function as normal to me

nothing with a I could charge it

everything like that but however there

was a simple problem when I tried to

access recovery when you actually had

access recovery it would get tell me red

and then it would tell me and then it

will tell me up blue so what we're going

to do we're going to go into the ps4

we're going to turn off the ps4 you can

hold down a press and hold down the

power button and I'm going to show you

an how to know that if your controller

is and it's easily repairable

now I'm okay I was turning off now what

we're going to do is we're going to show

you that if it's red there's two

possible things that this can go on with

the controller one the controller

something in the controller maybe

screwed up most likely is just a ribbon

because most likely it's a ribbon issue

because everything is in turn with the

ribbon equal to USB to access the repair

remote and exit receta so what how can

you tell if you know your controller is

when you open the controller

which is this course there are four

designated some spots to unscrew you're

going to see this thing

this is actually my old ribbon this

ribbon is all up

right here on this side it's perfectly

normal I know you guys can't see it's

not perfectly focused like you see it's

profuse now but they on the other side

it's all messed up let me focus this as

you can see it's all messed up and it's

all scratched up it's because this is

because I've cleaned the controller once

a month and at the time you do if you

keep like forcing it in this is what

happens and you know this is what causes

the issue of having the red and unable

to actually access recovery so right now

we're going to go to the pier ps4 and

we're going to tell where we're going to

do is we're going to put on the pitch

with autofocus just for a minute when I

go to the PS bed and press and hold and

tell me the first another beat

there we go now you can see in safe mode

now what you're going to do is you're

going to take your USB and we're going

to put it into this controller with an

fixed one because I'm going to replace

you just demonstrate differences just

too much what we're going to do is

you're going to plug and then next thing

you know you should see a large orange

kind of yellowish light then press then

what you're going to do is you're going

to press it and it should automatically

turn a light blue almost like a light

bluish color and then this means that

your controller actually works now

before if you if you try to do this and

it's actually turned purplish and then

it turns red and then it turns off

this means that something for with the

controller and needs to be supposed to

be solved has nothing to do with your

console Yukons is perfectly fine it just

needs me needs work and that's how it is

so what you do what how do you actually

take this how do you how do you fix this

now there are two things that can be

possible that this could happen the

controller can be fine and the carribean

can be fine but there can be something

wrong with you USB cord so you want to

check with my your USB cord because when

every place that we've been on this one

I had this USB cord check it out

I had this USB cord right here and this

this this one as you can see is all

messed up because I actually sometimes

trip over it I don't know why and what

happens is that when you actually when

you actually after a while that stops

working so I actually when I tried to

put it into recovery it didn't work a

gaming gave me a green give me a red

sign but it did touch the control just

shut off by itself so when I actually

switched USBs USB cords it worked so

that could be one of the prop main

problems that this could be happening to

you if we're having act I'm trouble

action to recovery and actually changing

some settings or updating or etc etc

format in your console etc etc or trying

to install a little hard drive that's

can be an issue

now there's the second issue which which

is my mate was my a main issue was

of an urban issue this is what is called

a ribbon and a lot of people don't

understand what the hell is ribbon it

this is what a ribbon it's an old kind

of fashion style um ribbon where they

use till today in major devices that

connects from one to another

PCB and this is what's connect from the

controller to the top main board to the

actual USB in the back so and it also

controls the lighting so without this

you can't see the thing you can't see

the light and you can't charge the

controller as well there's another

sensor that's for two and back there but

uh you don't wanna you just you just

want to take care of your controller if

you have an issue this is only nine nine

cents on the eBay you can get like comes

it came with like a week so it's

actually really worth it the one I

haven't hit really worth it really

longer than this one but it's pretty

much all you're worth it and it's it's

basically achieve what you need actually

to replace this is you need a 12 pin

ribbon and to count the ribbons what you

have to do is go on two lines let me

focus this you can go in two lines and

come in each one and see how much

ribbons how much terminals are there

that will tell you your your amount that

you need what kind of you need there are

nine pin 13 prints and there's 12 pins

but what you do actually need is

actually a 12 a pin ribbon for the ps4

controller that's compatible with the

ps4 controller and that's how you've

actually fix the problem I can't show

you on how to actually install this but

you can actually view other videos ah I

don't know when I will be able to do the

next attack again are we going to do it

but there was too many things to do and

this is the only way that I could do it

so I hope you guys enjoy this just

remember to take caution into viewing

your colors of your controller you don't

want to ignore it because something can

make happen badly and we don't know I

first I thought it was just a ps4 sync

issue but it wasn't the case it was more

of this issue because when I actually

replaced it it actually worked and and I

guess it was this issue at the most but

when you want to figure out something

insured to test every your controller

out on recovery and see if if it works

or not and check your USB cords if it's


or not because sometimes yours can go

bad or break and you know that can cause

you issues making you think that the

control is and that may be the

case as well the only problem with the

deals and repairs control with the

ribbon is that it does cost money it's

only costs 99 cents to get to get and

you do need a parent or guardian to

actually order this on ebay if you have

your if you have your own credit card or

on own personal money or shadow son and

your parents know you know don't care

what the hell you do with your own

because you work for it then it doesn't

really matter but if you're trying to

get one of these reeds replacement

remember it's a 12 pin doesn't matter at

length and you and it's only 99 cents on

ebay um be sure when you actually go on

ebay you look for ones that I have

numbers available because if you pick

one that doesn't have XA 0.0 or anything

doesn't have anything available don't

why you're being scammed and that's

pretty much it I hope you guys did enjoy

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I'll see you guys next time in the next

tutorial on how to fix issues with your


see ya