What Should the Legal Drinking Age Be? | 16 | 18 | 21 | British Vs. American Drinking Age | US | UK

everyone was just gonna do it anyway

people are not increasing it to 21

they'll be a lot more underage drinking

going on eating okay just leave it as it

is I don't think that the legal drinking

age should increase the 21 because I

think a lot of people nowadays a

drinking underage anyway so I think

increasing it to 21 they'll be a lot

more underage drinking going on if you

change if you keep this up and so it's

just never gonna be enough for people

never gonna change and that's another

doing to Frank I do not believe it

should be increased to 21 because at the

end of the day anyone everyone's just

gonna do it anyway like I've done it

like I've drunk and I'm 16 that sounds

bad but like I think it should be

lowered obviously like the legal age

should have sex is 16 you can get

married with parent consent at 16 I

think it should be you can drink with

parents consent

stay 21 because well people are dumb and

when they drink they drink to get drunk

so when they're drunk they're not in

their right minds a lot of times they'll

drive home which means a lot more

accidents can happen and they'll

probably happen a lot more if younger

people are the ones doing the drinking

if you can avoid at 18 and you can join

the military and do all these things I

do think that you should be able to make

your own choices about drinking I think

it's five merit is twenty one's a bit

over the top because I 18 you can easily

make your own decisions 21 is just too

late to be fair on to a teens they still

drink that we all know so I don't really

think it matters I don't think that the

drinking age should be increased I just

think there should be more education

around drinking and there should be less

of a stigma around it and it's we talked

about in schools and how drinking is not

necessarily a bad thing when done in

moderation I think

21 because most teams are responsible

and also

US citizens are not very responsible

eighteens a good year you know what

you're doing you can make your own

decisions I think that's more important

anyway rules are kind of subjective like

whenever you make rules people always do

the reverse of it or they try and break

it so you're making it 21 people even

younger than 18 are gonna start drinking

and I don't think that's gonna help in

any way just leave it as it is we should

change the drinking age even good people

drink anyway and that's not good because

if you have under 20 aren't allowed to

drink drinking then it won't be

regulated won't be safe it won't be

around someone responsible so it would

be very very hazardous could result in a

lot of drunk teenagers and a lot more

people in a in a dude probably change

the drinking age not say 18 but probably

like 19 or 20 because a lot of those

people are like so high school at 18 and

there wouldn't be good to be drinking

and getting drunk in high school should

be raised to 21 because not only a

people typically more mature at that age

think more clearly also scientists and

researchers have shown that when the age

gets raised for drinking the under a

theme of underage drinkers also

decreases I think it should stay at 21

because 18 years just becoming an adult

and every teenager becoming an adult

it's gonna want to drink and drink and

drink so if they have a couple more

years of adulthood and at 21 they could

handle it more seriously 18 is a good

age because when you're 18 you come an

adult and I think then you should be

responsible enough to start drinking

should not be reduced because alcohol is

not good for you and if you go out on

the road do anything in regards to it

and it doesn't come out with a positive

effect of course it does make you happy

but for a short span of time so no I

don't think the US should

me or my friends I know and even though

it's not good but they're fun ways of

getting alcohol if they change it to 21

I feel like they'll still do this and

they could find something that not safe

but keeping at 18 and then they can just

got by reliable 18 that's not okay

because I'm 16 right now and there's not

really much it is between 16 and 18

there's not that much harm and drinking

at this age and underage drinking is

just so common anyways so it's happen I

want to increase it to 21 because I

think by the end of around 15 16 you're

already in that mindset of drinking it's

just a natural thing where you have the

the urge to go up high and drink enjoy

yourself so I think if they increased it

even higher then it would just encourage

people to be more Italian and go against

the idea of the law also a lot of people

go to university or 18 and the

university culture is kind of based

around drinking games and stuff so do i

power a lot of memories at 18 you are

considered an adult and you're fair for

capable of making your own choices

and I think just because there are 18

year olds out there you are

drink-driving and just being stupid in

general that doesn't mean we should

penalize the other 18 year olds who

drink sensibly and don't do stupid

things if we raise the legal drinking

age to 21 I think it would cause the

harm than good