Is It Normal For One Boob To Be Bigger Than The Other? | PeopleTV

I'm 18 weeks pregnant can I jog 2 miles

today this new guy I'm sleeping with

isn't circumsized is that a problem

do my boobs look like two different

sizes to you this one came with a photo


as a gynecologist I am getting texts for

my friends all the time asking their

gynecology questions about whether or

not something's normal and so I'd like

to help you answer that question too is

it normal for one breast to be bigger

than the other actually totally

basically all women's breasts are

different sizes and and about half of

women it's actually measurably different

so if you notice that one breast is

bigger than the other it's totally


there are a couple of instances when

it's probably something that you should

talk to a doctor about it

you think your breasts used to be the

same size and suddenly you noticed a

mass in one side that's making it a

different size then definitely see a

doctor if it's in a child that's just

going through puberty and it seems like

one side is very different than the

other it could be a very rare condition

so in that case go see your doctor if

you've had one breasts bigger than the

other for as long as you can remember no

need to worry but if you notice suddenly

that there's a change you should go see

your doctor