Disney+ European Launch Issues Including Quality Restrictions & French Delay | Disney Plus News

hi everyone Roger here firm watts on

Disney plus comma quick needs update for

you guys all about how the European

launch a Disney class isn't quite going

according to plan so before we go any

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latest Disney plus news so Disney Plus

is set to launch in a number of European

countries including the UK Ireland

Germany Italy Spain Austria and

Switzerland on a Tuesday March 24th and

also France was set to get permit Disney

Plus on the same day however Disney I've

had to announce this evening that that's

not gonna be happening straightaway

they've had to delay the launch of

Disney Plus it'll now be launching on a

Tuesday the 7th of April the reason for

this is currently with the issues going

on in France with the virus it means

that they feel like the Internet

basically is not up to the idea of a big

streaming platform like Disney Plus or

launching so they want it to be held

back and lay a little bit because

there's so many people at home they're

in complete lockdown at the minute and

so therefore they don't want this extra

stress onto their servers now this is

not the only thing that is going to be

affecting Europe because there going to

be something even much bigger than that

because the European Commissioner has

also asked Disney Plus and also other

streaming services including Netflix to

try and reduce down the quality of the

content that they are providing he's

basically saying he doesn't want

anything to be watched in HD he wants

everything in standard definition I

would argue that you never got a big TV

you did kind of want an HD I could see

the drop down from 4k down to HD that

could make a little more sense obviously

I can see a reason for this because so

many people in Europe right now are set

at home no longer able to go to work or

trying to stay home from school etc and

therefore there's a lot more stress on

the internet as people are obviously

watching more things they're browsing

doing bits and pieces and in order to

make sure that the infrastructure stays

in place he kind of wants this to be

reduced the reason for that is video

makes up the largest proportion of

internet use and I think Netflix and

YouTube are nearly like 26% between the

two of them let alone other streaming

services so what's happened is Netflix

Amazon and also YouTube have agreed to

to try and bring down their band

by about 25% so that means if we're

watching it there we might notice it a

slightly lower resolution they over

doing some wizardry at the backing panel

making them a little bit smaller files

and stuff hopefully we won't notice too

much of a difference

Disney Plus has also confirmed that

they're going to be doing the same thing

Kevin Maher the chairman of

direct-to-consumer International has

said that in line with Disney's

long-standing commitments act

responsibly they're gonna I'm responding

to the request of the European

Commissioner to work together to ensure

a smooth functioning of the broadband

infrastructure in anticipation of high

consumer demand for Disney bus we are

proactively making measures to lower our

overall bandwidth utilization by at

least 25% in all markets launching

Disney Plus on March 24

so obviously that includes all countries

and UK will be part of that and I think

this is a good move this is only gonna

be temporary it's not be a long-term

thing it's literally just to make sure

that the Internet is stable when there's

gonna be less issues everyone jumping in

and downloading this there's gonna be

millions of people jumping in it's gonna

be a massive thing to do so definitely

want to kind of keep an eye on that I do

think it's a good idea that there may be

just try and bring down the compression

rates or just maybe don't offer 4k or

something on those lines that'll

probably make the most sense throughout

the beta's

remove 4k now they've been advertising

it but it's only gonna be temporary

until this issue is over and obviously

right now a number of countries are in

full lockdown in Europe yeah it's just a

whole lot of things going on right now

I'm every other country seem to be on

place to launch that it seems to be just

France because they've had a Pacific

request from the government there I

don't think it's gonna be happening

anywhere else and business is still kind

of carrying on in a number of different

countries I know tonight what I've been

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