iPad On-Screen Keyboard Tip - How Adjust Keyboard Position

good afternoon everyone Daniel here I

just wanted to show you a quick tip on

the iPad this happens to be the iPad air

and I've been used to the iPad Mini for

quite a while now and it's pretty easy

to hold on to and now that I've upgraded

to this larger size

it feels really uncomfortable to hold in

portrait mode and work the keyboard the

on-screen keyboard I just I just feel

like the thing is going to fall out of

my hand and hit the floor if I'm not

careful even with a case on it and so

everyone knows the the tip or you can

put your fingers in the middle of the

on-screen keyboard and separate everyone

knows that but what I just learned

tonight and forgive me this may be the

most newbie thing to realize but I'm

glad that this feature exists because

you can put your thumb at the base of

the keyboard and adjust it almost

anywhere on the screen and so you can

you can now adjust the keyboard where

you need it to be and you can

comfortably and securely hold the iPad

and do all your typing and so I'm really

thankful that I discovered this feature

and I hope that this video helps someone

else out as well thanks for watching