How To Fish The Kenai River, Klutina River, And Ships Creek! Alaska Salmon Fishing!!!

hey guys it's the Fisher bread and I'm

Erin with a cape fish charters and today

we're going to fish the mighty Coquina

River in Alaska or giant king salmon so

today we're going to be wrapped in 15

miles of class three and four white

water on the Catena River in Alaska and

we're going to be using my 14-foot Gary

King raft it's all manpower we're going

to be using oars they look mild from

here there's six there's six footers

there's six-foot all right

it's a bear you're going to get your

money's worth right now hold on guys

stay in the boat


in today's video I'm using a pen spin

fish reel one of the biggest sizes they

have as well as a landing class x11 this

is a pretty common rod about an eight

foot six rod you want a decent length

but when battling salmon you also want

to stick it in when the fish goes to run

downstream with the fast current so

we're using salmon roe for bait and

these eggs are fresh out of this river

and I cure them with a special recipe

what's nice hook you got their seven off

now red is that just for a reason

because it's the same at Kings Kings

like red team's like brand yep she's in

our lace lace it through

once you got at least all the way

through you take your egg loop that you

tie it on there go around your egg sack

tighten it up

trim off all your excess make sure

you're not one of the scumbags that's

leaving all your trash all over the

river put that in your pocket the line

you are using today for our reel is

eighty pound power Pro main line we are

also using a forty pound monofilament

leader as well as Corky bobbers to keep

our ski bag off the bottom of the river

fish fish

there with a king discharge I'd like to

say big things to ache a fish turns for

inviting all the gear used in today's

video to book your trip you can call 907

seven nine nine four five six nine or

click the link in the description below


yep 48 or bigger


is there fish fish fish fish fish fish


neither know how to even stress

fish fish fish fish fish first cast



we're right here we got a radio tagged

fish dude yeah that means they were

watching him


you just catch and release and only he's






I think I snagged a fish because it

feels like it's pulling hooks up then

okay it's not moving those are head

shakes not tail shakes

yeah oh yeah


can you hold this like get a close-up of

accents so rolling right now gorgeous


fish fish fish fish business big one oh


hey a bit like three Dodgers I did it I

thought yeah

it's close right to us yep



okay yep

Klunk like that

oh is that is it yeah yeah yeah yeah

you bet

no he had a way out there

alright guys I'd like to say a big

thanks to a Kei fish charters for

allowing me to go out there and fish

with them he ended up having a Facebook

giveaway where you share this post and

you're entered for a chance to win and I

was the lucky winner I am super excited

I got to go out and real some awesome

fish now I'm not just saying guys he's a

good guy just because he gave me a free

trip I ended up being an experienced

angler myself hooked up over 22 times on

this trip and landed nine of them

he even got someone that was an

unexperienced angler hooked up on a

bunch of fish and landed a couple as

well now that I went over the Klutina

River I'm gonna go over a brief area of

ships Creek next so for ships Creek I

love fishing the high tide and I'm going

to show you what I use now right here

guys it's gonna be the golden ticket

I'll be using today to catch lots of

pink salmon and also coho salmon right

here is the size 5 with orange and right

here is the orange bling with the orange

body in the size 6 I highly recommend

running both these blue fox spinners

when the water is super high you can

also throw pixie spoons to catch lots

and lots of sand


nice fish guys

first kogo ever caught size six with the

orange enriched way I'm gonna keep this

one so I am gonna take it out with water

all right guys

nod I went over the Klutina River and

ships Creek I'm gonna go over the key

knife so the best fate you guys can get

for the Kenai is flies for fishing the

Kenai River my favorite setup is using a

fly rod right here is my nine-foot fly

rod it's a nine weight and it's also a

four piece it is super long and super

sensitive to feel every Nick off the

bottom of the river while fishing the

Kenai you're gonna want to run


flies in the daytime and move to darker

colored flies in the evening right here

guys is the biggest size so you guys can

have I totally recommend going to a fly

shop to find out what exact cook size

you guys can use so you don't use the

wrong hooks for the rest of the rig all

you really need is some split shot you

take your mainline put some split shots

on the mainline put a barrel swivel and

then there's tie a leader line you can

use mono or fluorocarbon I use plural

carbon while I was up there and then

just attach your fly to about while

using fly rod you can run about like a

five foot leader and to finish off all

your pretty much doing it is just

drifting it in the current so you just

throw it down there

keep your rod tip high and slowly let

the current take your fly and wait for a

fish to bite all right guys that's gonna

wrap it up for this video I'll be

posting more Alaskan river fishing for

salmon videos coming soon but this is

just my first video of my combined trip

total just giving you guys a bunch of

information on how to fish for them

you'd like this video I'd really

appreciate your giving a like comment

and subscribe have great day guys