The Karvonen Formula for Target Heart Rate Calculation

In this video we're going to talk about the Karvone and formula to calculate target heart rate

Hi, welcome back to physio to dose the carvone formula is a simple formula that you can use to calculate the target heart rate during


The target heart rate is a percentage of an individual's maximum heart rates

the center of Disease Control defines 50 to 70 percent of the maximum heart rate as

Moderate-intensity and everything above 70 percent is characterized as vigorous intensity

To calculate the target heart rate. You will need the resting heart rate and the age of the individual

The resting heart rate is ideally measured upon waking up in the morning

alternatively half the patient lie down for 30 minutes breathing or in a relaxed way and

Not talking then take the pulse

In order to be able to calculate the target heart rate using the carbonyl formula. We need several components

first we need the maximal heart rate, which is

Calculated by subtracting

the age of the individual from



Maximum heart rate

Is 220

Minus age

So in my case, that would be 220


24 and that equals

196 second of all, we need the resting heart rate

I use an activity tracker and it gives me a resting heart rate of 45

Second of all, we need an intensity that we want the individual to work at so in our case we're just going to use


Okay, now that we have these components the formula goes as follows

take the maximum heart rate for your individual and


the resting heart rate

Then you're gonna multiply that by

The intensity that you have chosen in our case that's 60%

And add the resting heart rate, which is 45

Which is gonna give you a target heart rate of


Beats per minute

All right

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