Why is My Snapchat Camera Zoomed In and Blurry on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max & 11 Pro Max in iOS 13.4?

hi everyone welcome to a project page

today I will show you how to fix

snapchat camera zooming and blurry issue

on iphone solution one is clear catch if

a snapchat open snapchat app on your

iPhone now tap on your profile icon at

left top of the screen then tap on

settings icon at right up of the screen

scroll down the screen and tap on clear

catchy now tap on clear on again tap and

clear to confirm this process constant

and check it

solution to is arrested your iPhone Ilan

settings now scroll down the screen to

find general and up on it next tap on

shadow and bottom then drag the slider

to turn off wait for a minute

and turn on your device by pressing the

power button until you see the Apple

logo solution trees update snapchat app

open App Store on your iPhone next tap

on your profile icon at right above the

screen if update is available for

snapchat then update it to do that

simply tap on update button next to the

snapchat solution forest check for

software update connectivity base to

Wi-Fi and go to Settings app now tap on


next tap on software update if a brit is

available for your iphone tap on

download and install to starting the

process thanks for watching do like

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