CHEAP iPhone X eBay Unboxing Review (2020)

hey guys techno mentor you with the

exciting video for you guys today I'm

going to be unboxing the iPhone next and

I bought off eBay so this is a used

phone I believe it was under

manufacturer refurbish condition some

minutes unbox it free I so you guys can

see what condition iPhones can get for a

really good deal on eBay and what the

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to enter the contest so let's go ahead

and start unboxing this for you guys so

it took I think about to arrive just

pretty fast shipping and it was free

shipping too in this one the price and

then you have to pay taxes on for so

came on for 20th time because our state

taxes brown generic box from eBay make

sure a seller has lots of positive

feedback and make sure the positive

feedback that at least 95 percent or

higher the next thing you want to note

is that the seller has at least a 30-day

return policy some do offer 60 days so

if there's any issue with it you can

return it next thing you want to check

is the condition that it's listed under

you want to buy from conditions that are

used sell or refurbish manufacturer

Parrish pre-owned in that open box and

of course knew I wouldn't buy anything

that's for parts because on eBay they do

allow sellers to sell for parts avoid

those because you can't return those and

then the next thing that I look at is

how many listings of units have been

sold on that listing so under the

quantity you'll see if a fellow selling

a lot of them which will list X amount

has been sold easily those are good

because that seller is selling a lot and

they have a lot in stock and then the

next thing you want to do is thoroughly

read the description to make sure you

know what's gonna be included with the

phone also check to make sure the phone

is compatible with your carrier if you

were buying a phone that's carrier

specific that only for work for that

carrier and its sub carriers but if you

buy an unlock one like a GSM I'm not

gonna work for any carrier that's GSM

unlock and then if you buy one that's a

fully unlock you should work on both GSM

network and CDMA network if you don't

know what all that means just reach out

to your carrier to see what kind of

carrier they are or you can even google

it see if a phone would be compatible

lastly you can always contact the seller

if you have issues or you have questions

about compatibility and they should be

able to answer that so let's go ahead

with this unboxing video for you guys as

you saw hearing damage air box was

included are these two Chargers here I

believe these are probably generic

charges I'll put that aside and then

here's actual phone so this is the the

silver version of the iPhone X and you

see here so I'm gonna go ahead and start

and you can look at the condition for

you guys as you see here right now the

back looks flawless no issues there

the first screen no scratches or damages

at all and all these phones are fully

functional as well so they do test

everything for you guys when you buy

used phones you have to worry about the

phone being in bad condition or

something not working because these

sellers are testing everything for us so

the side looks fine as well so let's go

ahead and power this on here hopefully

it does have charger okay sometimes when

you buy phones don't get worried or

nervous if it doesn't power on right

away because these phones are in stock

for a long time they might not power

power up right away so you'll do have to

give some time for it to power up so so

far so good as you see here it's

powering off we got to the hello screen

here which is a good sign also these

phones that are you know pre-owned use

they're already wiped out of previous

use so all the data that someone else

use argon is factory reset for you guys

so no worries there so I'm gonna quickly

connect it to our Wi-Fi here so that I

can show you guys that you can get onto

these phones these phones aren't iCloud

lock which means someone's previous

account isn't on there that's the one

thing you have to be careful when you're

buying phone I film specially that that

they aren't iCloud lock which means the

previous person's account is logged in

and that person hasn't signed out which

is bad because that's that kind of

prevents you from getting onto the phone

without knowing that person's password

or unless that person signs in and signs

out so that's one thing to note as you

see your face I deal with iPhone X they

don't have the fingerprint touch it's

the face ID so you're gonna have to set

that up for our purposes we're just

gonna skip all this setup for

which you can also do later in the

settings and this is just putting a

passcode of course you want to do that

when you're setting up your phone you

can back up your data from iCloud or

iTunes check out our other videos where

we explain all of this in details this

is up why you need to put that in to get

all those services then skip through all

of this here if you don't have one you

can also create one for free or if you

forgot your password you can reset your

password terms and condition we're just

gonna go with all Express settings here

because I wanted to show you guys that

the phone is fully functional as well

and there's no issues with the camera or

anything like that so as you just saw I

was able to get to the home screen no

issue whatsoever and we have our on the

home screen so the first thing usually

you test is the Apple stone will tell us

of a phone is real or fake if it can't

get to the Apple Store you know that

phone is fake because a lot of the

faithful will take you to the Android

store so that's a good sign so the phone

is legit you can also go into settings

and check out there's no iCloud lock

here as you see you can also take this

go to general and then about and then

take the phone serial number so and put

it in Apple's website for them to verify

also that the phone is legit so there

you go it is a legit phone don't worry

that it's fake or anything you just were

able to check that out let's go to check

out the battery condition here the

battery here is 86% which is great still

because this phone is almost I believe

two three years now so that's not a big

deal because you're getting almost

one-third the price so that's still a

great battery take a look at the camera

as well the back camera you know as you

see works fine the front camera here

take a look at that looks fine as well

no issues there like I said these are

fully functional

look at the volume up and volume down

that works so silent but it works just

fine and that all I would have to do is

put a sim card in this is on Lok phones

all I do is put a SIM card and I'm set

to go no issues there so and then the

next thing I usually check on this phone

would be this thing where you would 20

put your SIM card and you'll see the

service come up as well so you won't

have any issues there usually the other

thing I would like to check is how to

start making calls and then texting to

make sure that works but since I don't

have a SIM card I wouldn't be able to do

it the good thing is we're in the Wi-Fi

so I can go ahead and check the internet

out here if I go to Apple aside you see

you load it up without a any issue that

means the Wi-Fi connectivity is good

there so there you have it for a review

if you guys are looking for cheap phones

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